Strange world of sports

While all photographers illuminate press the traditional sports competitions, Sol Neeleman rides in the mountains of Idaho to see greyhound racing with kegami and Skijoring - skiing with a horse in harness. The route does not include the National Football League game or a tour of the Association of professional golfers, but visit every eccentric competitions just for him.
Visiting Mr. Nilmanom unusual sporting events began with the fact that in 2007 he resigned from the newspaper «The Oregonian newspaper», and very inspired by the ability to shoot for fun. Since then, he visits unusual sporting events like hockey underwater football in their underwear or fight on pencils. Let's see what he has left over the years.

1. The principle of chess boxing is very simple - after each enemy moves in chess, the next round of boxing, and so on, until one of the players will not win by KO or obscenities. Photo: Sol Neelman

2. Gryazebol, competitions which are held in Swine Coliseum in North Conway, New Hampshire, named the cleanest sport of all, who play in the mud. Photo: Sol Neelman

3. Assembly of the Highlanders. People with Scottish roots are going to find out where their ancestors. Photo: Sol Neelman

4. Drive along the wall of death at festival «Evel Knievel days» in honor of Robert Craig "Iweala" Knivela in Butte, Montana. Photo: Sol Neelman

5. Training camp for the mascots of sports teams in Pennsylvania, where pupils and students learn "the craft mascot" and improve their skills. Photo: Sol Neelman

6. Golfers take to the streets to mark the World Day of urban golf balls for tennis .... Photo: Sol Neelman

7. Leap stomach in a puddle of mud is the culmination of the Summer Games in East Dublin, redneck, GA. Photo: Sol Neelman

8. Underwater hockey was invented in 1954 by four British divers who wish to stay in shape during the winter months, when the sea is too cold. Photo: Sol Neelman

9. The League Duelists on cardboard tube on the "battlefield" in the Park Gas Works Park in Seattle. The winner will receive made to special order the tube. Photo: Sol Neelman

10. Competitors Wrestling (modern version of the show wrestling) wear colorful masks during the performances, trying to be like animals, gods, ancient heroes, and other personalities. Photo: Sol Neelman

11. Race "Big Wheel" in San Francisco. Photo: Sol Neelman

12. Race "Pig and Ford" is held at the county fair Tillamook, Oregon, and it appeared in 1925, when a couple of farmers at the fair pig ran away and they caught up with her in the car Ford Model T. Photo: Sol Neelman

13. Engineer in everyday life, Brandy Rettig - Bouncer team's roller derby. Photo: Sol Neelman

14. The biggest game in the knock-out in Manhattan, which was attended by 712 people from 600 balls. Photo: Sol Neelman

15. Game «Tough Guy» takes place in late January in England. Includes a cross on the road and obstacle course. The danger of cuts, scrapes, burns, dehydration, hypothermia, altitude, closed spaces, sprains and fractures. Photo: Sol Neelman

16. "Dirty Race" is an obstacle course where, according to the organizers, the children's dreams come true about the military camp. The first obstacle is a somewhat slippery nearly 2-meter walls. Photo: Sol Neelman

17. Participants in the race "Day pancake" running down the street, tossing pancakes in Liberal, Kansas. This is a friendly competition with the city of Olney, England. Photo: Sol Neelman

18. «Crashed ice» is a sport that includes ice hockey, downhill and cross-country snowboarding. Photo: Sol Neelman

19. The annual race in toilet cubicles in the suburbs of Washington. Photo: Sol Neelman



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