The most unusual sports

All original and exciting people come up with the game is not like the ones we are used to (football, basketball, hockey). And here is a small selection of sports that are collected from all over the world. A creative approach to the sport will not leave you indifferent.

Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake

Every year in the picturesque Cotswold Hills held a game in which the crowd daredevils running down the hill in pursuit of a Double Gloucester cheese head. People from all over the world come to the hill Cooper to see and even take part in this dangerous, but very fun contests.


Can you imagine a combination of football, baseball and hockey? In Ireland there is already a game called hurling, which perfectly fits this description. Outfit Player-hёrlera consists of football shape, a protective helmet and a wooden stick. The aim of this game is to earn as many points scoring balls in the opponent.

Finnish jogging wives

In Finland, it held one very funny competition in which men have to overcome the obstacle with their wives, located on the shoulders of the men in the strange position upside down and his head down. And to further complicate the task, 250-meter obstacle course there are two barriers, and the pit with water. The main prize - an amount equal to the weight of the wife of the winner.


The national sport of Afghanistan, in which players being on a horse, a goat carcass must grab and hold her up until they reach the goal line. Buzkashi reminds shirt without a stick and a ball, but rudeness of being compared to American football, as in Buzkashi is not without bumps, kicking and even shooting.

Eton Wall Game

Traditional sports game, which takes place exclusively for students of Eton College in England. Some have compared it to rugby or football, but it's a mistake, because the Eton Wall Game - a completely different game in which the playing field is a wall. Players move along the wall and piled on each other in the fight for the ball. If the player is close enough to the edge of the wall, it obtains the right to punch the ball at the target, which may be a tree or a door. This game is not as simple as it seems, if we consider that the last time the goal was scored in the distant 1909.


Jai-alai is regarded as a mixture of sports fans badminton and handball. Usually it is played by one or in pairs. The aim of the game is to racket-like scoop, toss the ball into the wall, standing in the zone of the opponent. A rival, in turn, has to catch the ball in the air or on the first bounce off the wall. Otherwise, the player or the team lose points.


Imagine the scene: chess, rook move on foot and boxing gloves and boxer sitting on a chair and think how to beat an opponent in chess. Strange, is not it? You'd be surprised, but already there is a Finnish game where chess and boxing go hand in hand. Chessboxing not like any sport that you know. First, players play chess round, then boxing and so on for 11 rounds.

Swim through the swamp on a mountain bike

Sincere surprise is the fact that a sport that involves riding a mountain bike, being waist-deep in dirty and disgusting stinking water became insanely popular worldwide. In it involved not only the locals, but also contestants from different countries. What can I say - it even for the World Cup is carried out. To win you have to drive through the pit with marsh muck there and back in the shortest time.


This is an interesting game begins with the fact that one team sends "invaders" into enemy territory. If an invader touches any of the opposing team and runs on its own territory, it earns a point. But if the invader touched up or he was caught before he could escape, the point goes to the opponents. Any player who touched up, out of the game. And so on until one of the teams will not lose all the participants.

Royal pancake football

Can you imagine a football match, which involved the whole city with a population of several thousand people, where even women and children reach for the ball, forgetting everything in the world? This is how you can describe the royal Pancake football, which is carried out in a small English town of Eschborn.

Championship kicks in the shins

This is a severe competition quite popular in the Cotswolds, the same place where the race is held Cotswold cheese. The essence of the game is simple as its name. It should be kicked in the shins to the opponent as long as he does not fall. The victory is yours, if you will take the upper hand in two of the three rounds.


Many of those who play beach volleyball, I would like jumping high over the net, perform powerful striker hit. And though it seems that such a complex element only by professionals, but any player, even an amateur can do this by playing a variety of Brazilian beach volleyball - bossabol. In this sport, especially for offensive players, created a special inflatable playground with trampolines.


This unusual sport will have the liking of fans of extreme sports, which have not reached much success in roller skating, or skateboarding. For jibbing you only need a pair of shoes with a special recess to slide on the rails. This trick is so popular that used the characters of video games such as Sonic and Taydus from Final Fantasy X.

Throwing towels

In this game, participants are divided into two teams: "Meta" and "girdle". Team "meta" choose one player, around which the competitors are going to dance. Meta has to get a towel dipped in any of the round dance. If the thrower falls, then a point is awarded to the "meta." But if it misses - a certain number of drinks. The game ends when all four rounds played, or when no one is able to stand on his feet.


Hornussen is positioned as a game for the farmer. It combines the features of hockey and baseball. One team starts with a flexible rod rubber ball called "hornuss." In order to earn points their opponents must hit the ball a special racket, like a huge poster. Otherwise, the point is given to the serving team.


Throughout the winter snowboarding and skiing give us a lot of fun and thrills, but for beginners skating on such mad speeds can lead to very unpleasant and even dangerous health consequences. However, if you're a fan of winter extreme sports, then skibob not leave you indifferent. Unlike other winter sports in one: instead of skiing and snowboarding you will be like a bicycle.

Camel fights

Surely you have heard about the cockfighting, fighting pit bulls, and even bull fights. All of the above fights extremely brutal and usually end with the death of one of the animals. But fighting camels, which are held in Turkey, fortunately do without the blood and sacrifice. The fight ends when one of the camels or escapes or falls to the ground.

Extreme ironing

The essence of the sport is very simple: you need to take iron, ironing board and pat something in the most unexpected place. There is already a pure flight of fantasy begins. You can drive the iron on the board during a parachute jump or calmly stroking thing, being on the top of Mount Everest. Unfortunately, Extreme Ironing is no special sports events, but continues to be the world Gladilschikov next crazy ways pat things.

Racing on the river Todd

Did you ever race on the Dragon Boats, which do not move in the water and on land? By the way, this is a fun competition called Race on Todd River, which is carried out in Australia, in the town of Alice Springs. More than 20 teams are fighting for the victory, including glimpses of the famous names of corporations. All Dragon Boats no bottom, so the players have to run so as to reach the finish line, never falling.

Playing in the "Trivia»

Who would have thought that Winnie the Pooh will be able to inspire people to create a new sport? As strange as it may, the Trivia game has become so popular in some parts of Europe, that it began to carry out even the world championships. Your task - along with other members of the bridge to throw a stick. The winner will be the one whose stick first seem out of the opposite side of the bridge.

"This beer storm»

If you think that a simple bicycle race quiet noon, then you are very much mistaken. All is well as long as these guys go straight and hold the steering wheel firmly. By the way, in the framework of the annual beer festival in the Central Wales held no ordinary cycling race. At the checkpoints, each participant is obliged to drink a certain amount of hard liquor. The problem is that the riders to get to the finish line, being able to stay on the bike. It is obvious that people with high resistance to strong drinks increased chances to win.

The competition for the "Enchanting" worms

In Britain Charming worms is an official sport. It is so popular that each year in Cheshire passes World Championship Charming worms. The rules are pretty simple. You are given a 3x3 meter plot of land and you have to coax out of the ground and collect as many worms in 30 minutes. I bet that this sport is ideal for those who want a cheap bait for fish.

Game konker

World Championship konkeru held every October in the small British village of Ashton, located in Northamptonshire, where from around the world gather in konker players, the number of which exceeds three hundred. The goal - to beat the opponent konker. "And what is this konkery?" - You ask. It is the fruit of the horse chestnut, which is suspended on a string. And the player has to be quick and nimble, otherwise it will be split konker.

Racing beds

Back in 1965 the race on the beds arranged only the US military, but over time, this is a fun game became more popular. To win, you need first to cross the finish line. But there are certain rules that must be followed. First, the bed in which there is only one person should push the six participants. And secondly, the bed should stay on the water, as the last stage of the race - the crossing of the river. Although it is often the last step is neglected.



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