The revolutionary technology in the sport

The world of sports technology is changing rapidly and since the 1980s technology has become an integral part of team sports. In this collection you will learn 10 revolutionary innovations that dramatically changed the world of sports.

Camera PhantomНезависимо the speed of the game, in any sport always is important to be able to watch slow motion replay. Camera Ghost (Phantom), manufactured by Vision Research created using the latest technologies. Phantom only beginning to be applied in the disney sports center Wide World of Sports. This particular camera has the astounding ability to slow down the action captured on camera. This was possible because of the 5,000 frames that the camera can capture in just 1 second. Standard camera in slow motion captures only 380 fps, much less Phantom. This technology will be much easier to make decisions in baseball, hockey and other active sports. Phantom in the same way used in football, showing the key moments in slow motion.

The electronic system CyclopsЕсли you are not a tennis fan, you probably have not heard about the electronic system of Cyclops. Tennis fans know the "Cyclops" as a loud beeping sound at the moment when the tennis player hits the ball in the net. Basically, Cyclops is a small box located on the edge of the court. It projects five or six horizontal light beams across the court. When the ball breaks one of the lines, audible noise "beep". It's a great technology when it comes to the game of tennis. As players move faster and faster, it can be difficult to determine whether the net ball at the time of filing. With Cyclops as the judges are not having such problems.

Graphics 1st and 10Регби is the Central product of American and canadian football tradition. Graphics 1st and 10 has fundamentally changed the way in which the audience is watching these sports. Initially to watch the game on TV, it was quite difficult, as it was not always possible to follow the lines and markers. This graphic system has made life much easier for the fans. She was able to project images and graphics on the flow in real time. This is the first graphics system, which uses the “yellow line” as a marker, as well as a number of other lines and colors.

Sports timerosal technology is evolving, information is becoming more accessible. Significantly alleviate the situation in this case is the sports Ticker. First used for news in the Northern part of the United States in the 1980s, the Ticker was adopted in the world of sports during the same decade. ESPN scored the Ticker, which was called “update :28/:58” — he showed a news line on the screen at the beginning and end of each hour. In the 1990s, the sports Ticker has become a news source that ran continuously. ESPN2 has presented this round-the-clock Ticker and called it "End line". Since then, the whole group of networks ESPN took the bottom row and uses the clock cycle. Consumers now don't have to switch from sports to news. Instead, you can just look at the Ticker below.

Football headphones-shemalesfree direct line of communication with the quarterback is common these days thanks to advanced technology. When the football game began, the coach and the quarterback were not able to share instructions in a direct mode, which delayed the game. In 1994 the decision was coined, perfect for coaches and players. Was a football earphone for quarterback (and some other players) that have made their lives much easier. They can communicate directly with the coach and not to spend time on the interpretation of the hand signals the trainer (although it is still common practice in football). Players who wear headphones on the field marked by a green dot on the helmet.

Camera Hawk-Eweta technology has become very important and is used in various sports, including cricket, tennis and football. Camera Hawk-Eye is used for tracking a small object at high speeds (tennis and cricket), changing these sports. Basically, hawk-eye is a group of cameras placed around the court. They are located in different places and track the trajectory of the ball. How is this done? Each camera has its own view of the court, and the computer assembles all the angles and breaks into triangles precise movement of the ball. This system monitors the landing area of the ball with perfect accuracy, where the possibility of error is simply not possible.

Tracebit pitch Tracker (Spy for filing) is unique in that many versions of this technology exist and are used by everyone from professional teams to TV networks. However, the idea of technology is common to all. System Pitch Tracker monitors abandoned the submission and actually shows them on the screen. This technology quickly evolved over the years. At first she just followed the gear. Then the technical staff added “hot and cold zones” and a number of other useful information. Today, many channels constantly show the Pitch Tracker. This allows you to more deeply involve the viewer in a viewing of the match.

Modelirovaniem computer modeling is used by many companies in their research. Modeling helps to track the possible scenarios and directions of the market. In sports, simulations play a similar role. They help to decide how events will unfold when the players are placed in certain situations. The computer simulation takes into account a number of statistical data, the accuracy is fairly thorough (although not 100% because nobody can predict the unpredictable). These computer programs allowed for a new way to look at sports and statistics.

System opreparing sports adopted, in some form, the system contestation. It looks like the following: If a situation arises where the judge cannot decide definitely, or there are some controversies, players may require a revision of the moment. Football was one of the first major sports that have implemented a system of challenge to determine the position of the ball on the field. Nowadays this technology has expanded to a variety of sports, even baseball.

Videopovtora system protests mentioned above, there should be video evidence for analysis. And it repeat plays here an important role. The replay has affected all areas of sports. In its earliest implementation, the snooze has been designed exclusively for bored viewers. As advanced technology, sports teams began to see the replay to analyse their actions and to make plans for the game (from the point of view of the player's actions, mechanics, etc.), the replay is now important in all aspects of the sports world, including system revisions. Currently, it is point number one in sports technology.



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