Invasion of the jellyfish (18 photos)

The unusual phenomenon occurred early this spring in the Bay of Balaclava, that at Sevastopol. The entire water area was filled with jellyfish.
A boat, boats and yachts standing near the shore, as if they are in the white jelly. Scientists say that the phenomenon is caused by wind and general trends.
Also served as a side factor is quite high temperature (20 degrees Celsius) and water (14 degrees).
Incidentally, this is not the first such invasion in Balaklava and other Sevastopol bay.

Aurelia or long-eared jellyfish - one of the most common species of jellyfish found in the Black Sea

Throwing a first look at the water in the bay, you do not notice anything unusual. Did you notice large clumps of white jellyfish. But looking back on the sides ...

... See that they are everywhere

And the closer you come to the pier and moored boats, the greater the number of jellyfish around notice


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