South Korea is very original country

South Korea is very unique country and its history is replete with moments of dramatic and abrupt changes. Until the 60s of the last century the Republic of Korea are among the poorest countries in the world. According to 1959 almost every tenth citizen of the country has been suffering from tuberculosis, and every hundredth - leprosy. In a country where there was a little water, and 90% of the population used water from rivers and public wells. But just a few years in South Korea began a period of rapid economic growth, and if in 1963 the gross national product per capita was about $ 100, today it is over 31 000 $.

Rapid economic growth has led to an equally violent orientation of the whole lifestyle to Western standards, receiving sometimes almost grotesque. Yet many traditions have been preserved and are still striking features unique image of South Korea.


Alcohol - a longtime enemy of South Korea, and the level of alcoholism country ranks 7th in the world. Korean drunkenness has its own characteristics. Almost all Koreans work once a month, and many of them every weekend, satisfied with his colleagues feast, accompanied by copious libations. Such events are called hoesik ("hoesik") and during these feasts is required to comply with many rules. For example, if the elder pours the drink, the youngest must hold the glass with both hands necessarily. If a junior elder pours, the bottle must also keep both hands. One hand is allowed to use only pensioners and people, rebuking the government. Toasts during "hoesik" follow one another, and must all be sure to drink. Because of these traditions "corporate culture" South Korea ranks 13th in the world in alcohol consumption per capita, and in terms of pure alcohol on every citizen comes in a year of almost 15 liters. Among the Asian countries - an absolute record.

Red ink

Every nation has its amusing superstitions. For example, for residents of South Korea to write in red ink - it's like that for the Russians to meet someone with an empty bucket. Many Koreans believe that if you write someone's name in red ink, then that person will inevitably there will be something very bad. Red ink written the names of the dead on special flags during the funeral ceremony. It is believed that because the dead can be protected from the demons, but for live red ink - it is not protection, but rather a curse.


In order not to be considered rude or seem ridiculous, shake hands in Korea need to follow local regulations. So, people of the same social status and close friends for a handshake using only one hand. But if the handshake exchanged superiors and subordinates, or if there is a big age difference, the older stretches one arm and shakes her youngest sure both hands.

Relations between Korea and Japan

Relations between South Korea and Japan had special affection did not differ. More precisely, they are either horribly bad or bad. In the past between Korea and Japan are not just armed conflicts take place, and in 1910, Japan and Korea all won and began actively to impose their language, which, incidentally, has nothing to do with Korea. During World War II, Japan invaded Korea again, and still had to apologize for those horrible in its cruelty and magnitude of the crimes that have been committed by its military.

Today the tension continues to persist because of the group of islands, which Koreans call Dokdo and consider their territory, and the Japanese call Takeshima and they also consider their own. After World War II the island moved to Korea, but Japan persists in challenging their sovereignty.

Drinking skirts

South Korea remains in many ways a very conservative country. But clothing is absolutely not concerned. Today, any woman can easily wear a miniskirt and no fear of persecution or oblique views. But until 1979 in South Korea women's clothing was controlled very tightly. Regulated not only the length of the skirts, which were not to be above the knee, and even the length of the hair.

Recently, when the government tried a little limited in the freedom of choice of costumes media workers who often look very much frivolous society it caused such a stir that many even began to argue that the government is trying to bring back the old, hated all orders.

Park toilets

In South Korea, a lot of different theme parks. And the theme could be the most incredible. For example, in the city of Suwon, where the office of the corporation Samsung Electronics, an entertainment park, whose theme chosen toilets. It was opened in 2012 in honor of the former mayor of Sim Jae Duk, who was also the organizer and chairman of the World Organization of the toilets. For work of this organization in 2007, Sim Jae Duk even built a special building, shaped toilet. After his death in 2009 in an unusual building of the museum was organized.

The Park toilets works exhibition, the exhibition is presented Toiletries different eras and different nations, as well as many statues depicting people doing what no one can do for them. The park entrance is completely free.

Plastic surgery

In South Korea for plastic surgery are so quiet that no one in the head does not come to do the operation secret. Passion for "plasticity" is so massive that the statistics of 2009 states that every fifth Korean woman doing themselves a particular plastic surgery. Many parents presented their daughters to have cosmetic surgery as a gift on the occasion of graduation. Most often, this operation changes the shape of the eyes, to make it more like a European. The popularity of such operations fueled by the popular reality show in which former "Ugly Betty" and "ugly" as they did not hesitate to name all the participants after the operation turned into "beauty", receiving universal approval.


Bullfighting in Korea has its own specifics. Here the battle is conducted only between bulls who have been specially selected. Bulls appropriate body sent to special farms, where they are undergoing training and receive a special sports diet, which in addition to the grass and hay, and even included fish, snakes and octopuses.

Before the fight bulls allowed to drink an alcoholic beverage, add them aggressiveness. Fights in the arena may continue for a few seconds and a few hours, but they are very rarely fatal. Loser bull instinctively, just embarking on the heels of a stronger enemy, and the battle is considered complete. The winner is paid a good prize.

Termination for jellyfish

Increased proliferation of jellyfish in our time is the real problem faced by many countries. Huge clusters of these creatures may interfere with fishing, and when swarms of jellyfish swim in the resort areas, for the locals it turns into this financial disaster, as tourists flee from jellyfish like fire. In Sweden, jellyfish, filling pipes that supplied water to the cooling system led to an emergency shutdown of nuclear power plants.

Trying to control the population of jellyfish in the Korea Institute of Science and Technology are developing special robots, which gave the name JEROS. Robots have to swim in the ocean, jellyfish, and seek to destroy them. It is planned that JEROS will kill up to 900 kg per hour. With this performance the sea off the beaches will always be free of the stinging jellyfish.



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