Inexplicable events

Here I give a lot of examples of events to explain that no one has. Maybe you will have ideas?

The Mystery of the lighthouse Eileen Mur

Eileen Moore lighthouse was built in 1895 on the islands Flannan (UK). Put into operation on December 7th 1899.
Its main task was to help mariners in traversing the Hebrides and the west coast of Scotland. Managed lighthouse duty team of two people, which is always held in reserve was the third, in case of illness or other force majeure.

The first warning sign 15 December 1900 Then, on arrival in Leith, the captain of the ship Arktor reported that the lighthouse Eileen Moore shows no signal. But reacted to the news without much importance, and the weather these days is not conducive to swimming.
Serving the lighthouse ship "Hesperus" came to the island only at noon on December 26.
On board was Joseph Moore, superintendent Flannan Islands. He could not explain the cause of the malfunction of the lighthouse. But he personally knew the team responsible for keeping watch - Thomas Marshall, Donald and James MacArthur Dukat, spoke of them as experienced and skilled inspector. Joseph saw them the last time about a month ago, and then they all looked quite healthy to now talk about the possibility of their illness, which prevented their work. Only then did he realize that there was something more strange than the mysterious disease.
On the ship's siren signals nobody answered. Moore first noticed something was wrong. On the quay was seen naked flagpole, empty boxes of supplies were missing, arrived nobody met ...
Otpravishis exploration, Joseph Moore found a locked gate not only lighthouse Eileen Moore, but all the doors. When he opened them, he saw that the bed is not tucked caretakers, and the clock on the wall stopped. Moore opened the logbook and was surprised to find that on the night of December 14 lighthouse keepers recorded storm. It seemed strange to him, because that's the day the weather in the area was calm and began to deteriorate until the next day. The last entry made by James Dukat December 15: "The storm stopped, the sea, thank God, has calmed down."

Reporting back on the strange situation skipper "Hesperus" Moore with three sailors began to carefully examine small island. But neither the rangers themselves, nor any reason for their disappearance team never found.
Joseph Moore stayed on the island. He built a few months guesswork. He could not believe that a team of three people could carry out a wave during a storm. And he did not believe in myself storm. But the log entry was. And when ye knew these people personally, Moore was sure that they would be unable to prevent such inaccuracy and indicate invalid data.

The fact that there was one - the whole team has completely disappeared.
Having stayed at Flannan until January 1901, Joseph later told about the strange feelings he experienced while there: "Unnatural oppressive atmosphere seemed to have enveloped the whole island." And what is the strangest thing, then the superintendent often heard distant, as if the wind denunciations voice of Thomas Marshall, Donald and James MacArthur Dukat, who called him.

Paris crash

Exactly 1 hour 05 minutes on the night of 29 to 30 December 1902 in Paris, stopped almost all pendulum clock.
Describing this inexplicable phenomenon in its pages, the first issue of "Journal of Knowledge" for 1903 revealed that many Parisians have felt dizzy, accompanied by nausea and fainting.
Director of the Central Meteorological Station of Paris then officially declared that no atmospheric anomalies in all this time was not observed. Seismographs have not noted a single case of fluctuations of the soil.
What is most interesting, "the Paris crash" stopped only pendulum mechanism. "Spring Watch" continued their work as usual.

Tunguska meteorit

1908 Tunguska meteorite, presumably caused air explosion near the Stony Tunguska River, with a capacity of 40-50 megatons. Tunguska explosion was heard over 800 km from the epicenter, the blast was knocked down on the forest area of ​​2100 square kilometers, within a radius of 200 km were broken windows of some houses. Shortly after the bombing began a magnetic storm, which lasted 5:00.

Missing poezd

Almost a century higher power did not pay special attention these curses. Only in 1911 that if the level of hatred for Rail Transport reached a certain point, or the very first human evil cries reached the same to the recipient, but - done! July 14, 1911 trehvagonny passenger train, leaving the station in Rome, the end point did not come back and did not return. Disaster was not dead and wounded - was not. The train just disappeared.
Eyewitnesses claim that when the train came to a mountain tunnel in Lombardy, around the train formed thick suffocating fog. Several passengers, sensing something was wrong, had to leave the cars (with their words and the story was written), remaining as more than 100 people, including drivers, drove into the fog wrapped up the tunnel. On the back of the train did not come out. And when the fog lifted, it turned out that the tunnel is empty.


Now many people know about Vanga, Bulgarian prophet. Even in its very name incorporated what we can not help wondering: Greek Vangelia - the bearer of good news. Yes, Wang really like newspapers, "naifantasticheskaya naizagadochnaya reality and truth." Her talent of clairvoyance and prophetic force many into shock. The ability of this unique woman: she has the gift of foresight, clairvoyance, she can talk to plants, to visit different places of the globe. She sees a lot, even though she is blind, and her face radiates light.

Sailboat "Marlboro"

In 1890 the sailing ship "Marlborough" with a crew of 23 people came from New Zealand to England. Ship commanded by Captain Hyde, an experienced sailor. Last time "Marlboro" seen near Tierra del Fuego. In England sailboat arrived. It was believed that the ship was lost in a storm raging in the area. 23 years later, in 1913, near Punta Arenas off the coast of Tierra del Fuego sailboat seen again. When he climbed aboard, they found strange, neobyasnimuki.kartinu. Ship was unharmed, but from the crew were left alone skeletons covered with remnants of clothing. One skeleton y helm, ten-on watch at their posts, three-deck at the hatch, six -to mess.
It seemed that people struck some sudden attack. Logbook was covered with mold, and write in it were illegible.
Part of the crew disappeared. It is believed that in the area of ​​movement of the ship underwater volcano erupted, emissions from the water a large number of toxic gases: carbon monoxide, cyanogen (CN) 2, hydrogen cyanide HCN. The gas cloud covered the ship and caused almost instant death of the entire crew.

Noah Kovcheg

In the summer of 1955 to the top of Mount Ararat rose French climber Navarre: he and his 15-year-old son found frozen in the ice skeleton huge ship. Sawed off a piece of skin length in meters, Fernando Navarro started going down, but was shot by Turkish border guards, arrested and interrogated. The fact that the mountain is located at the border of Armenia, bark formerly belonged, and tensions between the two countries makes the Turks constantly catch here "spies". And as the French do not speak Armenian, he was released and left with him and a piece of the Ark.
On his return to Europe, wood, and they turned out to be an oak, made radiuglerodny analysis in two laboratories, Cairo and Madrid, and established age - 5000 years, which is within the biblical chronology.

"Veles book»

"Veles book" called texts written on birch 35 tablets and reflecting the history of Russia during the one and a half millennia, dating from about the year 650 & quot; BC. e. Found it in 1919 on the estate of Colonel Izenbek princes Kurakins at Orel. Boards, badly damaged by time and worms, in littered on the floor of the library. Many were crushed by soldiers' boots. Izenbek, interested in archeology, assembled boards and more with them did not leave. After graduating. Civil War "doschki" were in Brussels. Learn about them pisated Yu peacefulness found that the text is written in the annals of the Old Slavonic language completely unknown. Rewriting and interpretation took 15 years. Later attended by foreign experts - orientalist A. Cours from the US and S. Forest (Paramonov) living in Australia. Last tablets and gave the name "Veles book", as in the text of a work called the book, and Vles mentioned in any connection with it. But Forest and Cours worked only with texts that had to write off the peace, because after the death in 1943 Izenbeka plaques disappeared.

The mystery of the river Peynt

Paint RIVER - pond in the center of Michigan (USA), where in 1922
Several witnesses observed the huge animal with a snake-like neck and
big head. Strange creature resembling the relic
Raptor was dark and had 6 bumpy growths on the back. According
Monitoring, animal retired River north toward the Great Lakes.

Child Taunga

Skull "Taung Child" - discovered in 1924 during excavations near the village of Taung in the northwest of South Africa strange skull. The find caused a split among scientists. Some believe that it is the remains of ape-like creatures. Others believe that it is the baby's skull of early man.
First scientist professionals with an African discovery encountered Professor Raymond Dart of the University Witwaters- rand in Johannesburg. Archaeologist, who was able to immediately distinguish the cranium of often fall during the excavation of the skulls of baboons, did not waste time and ancient creature called "Australopithecus Africanus", ie ape from South Africa.
The cranium was an impressive sight: high, round forehead without brow, cheek bones thin, pretty graceful jaw with signs of humanoid. The volume of the cranium was 405 cubic centimeters and, according to the calculations, would increase to 440 cm3 with age. The structure of the skull and spoke in favor of the holder of it - the creation of bipedal, two-legged. Without denying his membership of a humanoid creature, scientists still believed more than seventy years, that they were dealing with the remains of ape-like creatures at the age of three years. Many British scientists have rejected the proposed classification Raymond Dart "Taung Child" as a hominid from the fact that the low cranial vault, prognathism and no chin made him at first glance more like a young chimpanzee than a human child. However molars at the "Taung Child" were larger than the front (human trait), and such characteristic features of apes, as pointed fangs and diastema (spaces between teeth), were absent. However, when after 20 years, scientists, anthropologists have found adult Australopithecus, evil tongues have ceased, and the "Taung child" recognized human ancestors.
Researchers have put forward different hypotheses about how dead "Taung child" - the majority agreed in opinion that he was the victim of a protoleoparda or saber-toothed tiger. But 10 years ago Berger and his colleague Ron Clark presented the hypothesis that the Taung was killed in an attack by a large bird of prey. That is the conclusion they have pushed other remains - little monkeys that have been found on the same site as the Pithecanthropus. There's no doubt about it - the monkeys were killed in the clutches of a bird of prey.
Analyses conducted at the research center in Ohio, showed that during the attack, the birds cling prey for the eye socket with his big fingers back, armed claws, then raised it in the air, and when it fell to the ground, the victim has already emitted spirit. Just come around and modern eagles. Examination of the remains of thousands of monkeys indicates the same way their umervschleniya then there are characteristic holes and torn offset small bones behind the eye sockets.
Pay attention to this, Berger returned to the skull, "Taung child" and found the same marks for his eye sockets. According to him, one of the scientists who had previously tried to answer the question about the causes of death of the ancient man, had never paid attention to the characteristic lesions of the skull.
As a result, Berger concluded that human ancestors were afraid of attacks not only predators that live on earth, but also those whose element was the sky.

Riddle Veldozera

Above the village Shuknavolok about Vedlozero (Karelia) observed a ten-span cylindrical body of the tail section which comes out the flames. Breaking through the ice of the lake, a mysterious object went under water. Since then, local residents began to meet on the shores of a strange creature-headed just over feet tall with thin arms and legs, which is when a people dived back into the water. In the photo - Vedlozero (Karelia, Russia) today.


The first documented observation monster Nessie in Loch Ness. To date mentioned about 4000 observations and meetings with him. Despite the apparent improbability of the existence of Nessie, it is still a matter of controversy. Scientists have not been able to prove its existence, but its absence is also no one has yet proved.

Experiment "Philadelphia"

In October 1943 in the United States in setting secrecy destroyer "Aldridge" was held which had no parallel in the history experiment "Philadelphia" to create invisible to enemy radar warship. As a result of the creation around the ship a very strong magnetic field, the ship allegedly disappeared, and then instantly moved to the area a few tens of kilometers. Of all the crew back unharmed returned only 21 people. 27 people literally fused with the design of the ship, 13 died from burns, radiation, electric shock and fear.

Mass invasion of UFOs in Queensland (Australia).

AUSTRALIAN "nested UFO" - an abnormal place, the area to the north of Queensland in Australia, which is believed to local media, chosen for their flight and landing of unidentified objects of various shapes and designs. Mass invasion of UFOs in the area allegedly began in 1945, but the most striking observation occurred in the 1960s. The first observation of highly publicized was made May 23, 1965 the owner of a hotel in Eton Range Mr. Jim TILZOM near the city of Mackay. Small round glowing object fell briefly right in front, leaving the police numerous traces on the grass and tree tops. After six months, from 14 to 19 January 1966 in the town of Yuramo local resident Mrs M.Hayd of Marib, as well as police officers and their families every night watching the "big object in the sky" and the small 30-inch (75 cm) transparent balls in calm weather flying "walking pace" a meter above the road. Most likely due to a strange kind of these balls resembling eggs, then the same area in the Australian press was called "UFO nests". The number of observations of anomalous phenomena then increased sharply, with the fall of interest in UFOs in 1970-80s it is somewhat subsided, remaining nevertheless the highest in the continent.

Ancient mozg

Near the city Odintsov in the career of a brick factory workers found a perfectly preserved "the human brain." Unsolved mysteries of how the human brain was in the era of the Paleozoic era, the layers that are developed. Paleozoic era - about 300 million years ago, when there were no mammals.
The photograph on the right brain of modern man, the brain of a career in Odintsovo on the left. As you can see the structure is very similar, despite the difference in 300 million.
Bermuda treugolnik

December 5, 1945, exactly 67 years ago,
began the history of the Bermuda Triangle. To the east of the Florida coast disappeared 6 aircraft of the US Navy, from that scene will begin to chronicle the mysterious events in the Bermuda Triangle.
It was a normal day, had a normal visibility, 5 torpedo bombers "Avenger" from the 19th aviazvena led by an experienced commander Lt. Charles Taylor, who had plaque 2500 hours, took off for school bombing. At 4 pm, lost communication with the pilot, but I could hear them talking to each other, it became clear that the unit has lost orientation, and one of the pilots allegedly said: "Everything looks so strange, even the ocean."
In the search were sent two rescue aircraft, the relationship with one of them after reports that he is close to the site of the alleged disappearance of torpedo bombers, also disappeared. It seems to be watched from afar the explosion, but no trace of the death of at least one of the missing aircraft was never found, although the search has been thrown a huge force: 300 aircraft and 21 ships.

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