Inexplicable events

Here I give a lot of examples of events to explain that no one has. Maybe you will have ideas?

The Mystery of the lighthouse Eileen Mur

Eileen Moore lighthouse was built in 1895 on the islands Flannan (UK). Put into operation on December 7th 1899.
Its main task was to help mariners in traversing the Hebrides and the west coast of Scotland. Managed lighthouse duty team of two people, which is always held in reserve was the third, in case of illness or other force majeure.

The first warning sign 15 December 1900 Then, on arrival in Leith, the captain of the ship Arktor reported that the lighthouse Eileen Moore shows no signal. But reacted to the news without much importance, and the weather these days is not conducive to swimming.
Serving the lighthouse ship "Hesperus" came to the island only at noon on December 26.
On board was Joseph Moore, superintendent Flannan Islands. He could not explain the cause of the malfunction of the lighthouse. But he personally knew the team responsible for keeping watch - Thomas Marshall, Donald and James MacArthur Dukat, spoke of them as experienced and skilled inspector. Joseph saw them the last time about a month ago, and then they all looked quite healthy to now talk about the possibility of their illness, which prevented their work. Only then did he realize that there was something more strange than the mysterious disease.
On the ship's siren signals nobody answered. Moore first noticed something was wrong. On the quay was seen naked flagpole, empty boxes of supplies were missing, arrived nobody met ...
Otpravishis exploration, Joseph Moore found a locked gate not only lighthouse Eileen Moore, but all the doors. When he opened them, he saw that the bed is not tucked caretakers, and the clock on the wall stopped. Moore opened the logbook and was surprised to find that on the night of December 14 lighthouse keepers recorded storm. It seemed strange to him, because that's the day the weather in the area was calm and began to deteriorate until the next day. The last entry made by James Dukat December 15: "The storm stopped, the sea, thank God, has calmed down."

Reporting back on the strange situation skipper "Hesperus" Moore with three sailors began to carefully examine small island. But neither the rangers themselves, nor any reason for their disappearance team never found.
Joseph Moore stayed on the island. He built a few months guesswork. He could not believe that a team of three people could carry out a wave during a storm. And he did not believe in myself storm. But the log entry was. And when ye knew these people personally, Moore was sure that they would be unable to prevent such inaccuracy and indicate invalid data.

The fact that there was one - the whole team has completely disappeared.
Having stayed at Flannan until January 1901, Joseph later told about the strange feelings he experienced while there: "Unnatural oppressive atmosphere seemed to have enveloped the whole island." And what is the strangest thing, then the superintendent often heard distant, as if the wind denunciations voice of Thomas Marshall, Donald and James MacArthur Dukat, who called him.

Paris crash

Exactly 1 hour 05 minutes on the night of 29 to 30 December 1902 in Paris, stopped almost all pendulum clock.
Describing this inexplicable phenomenon in its pages, the first issue of "Journal of Knowledge" for 1903 revealed that many Parisians have felt dizzy, accompanied by nausea and fainting.
Director of the Central Meteorological Station of Paris then officially declared that no atmospheric anomalies in all this time was not observed. Seismographs have not noted a single case of fluctuations of the soil.
What is most interesting, "the Paris crash" stopped only pendulum mechanism. "Spring Watch" continued their work as usual.

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