DPS blocked the road (5 photos)

February 5 at 17.55 hours in Nikolaev, near the intersection of streets and Kherson Highway Ingul, the unknown driver of the Ford Transit, collided with the car ZAZ-1102, which was parked at the edge of the roadway. After the collision, the driver fled the scene. As a result of the accident the passenger car ZAZ-1102 was injured.

As stated in the witness of a traffic accident was a policeman on traffic police department OAT in Nikolaev, who at the time was driving past an accident on the private car. Informing management department of traffic police of Nikolayev on the circumstances of the traffic accident, traffic police began to track the route of the vehicle, the fugitive.

The driver of the Ford Transit vehicle heading towards the exit from the city of Nikolayev in the direction of Odessa, repeatedly violated the rules of the road. So, on the street corners with heavy flow of vehicles and pedestrians, Lenin Avenue and the streets Marshal Vasilevsky Str. And Nicholas Street. B. Marine, the driver of a vehicle carried the Ford Transit fare is prohibited (red) traffic signal, endangering pedestrians and drivers of other vehicles, which is confirmed by witnesses.

Then, at 119 km of the highway "Odessa - Melitopol - Novoazovsk" avtopatrulem Koblevskaya company DPS attempt was made to stop the car. But the driver, did not respond to the requirements of traffic police, he made a U-turn and started to move in the direction of Nikolaev. DPS attire, including flashing beacons, the persecution began.

In addition, the traffic police inspectors were served through the loudspeaker signals about the demand to stop the vehicle on the driver does not react, behave poorly, creating a danger to road users. In order to block the vehicle Ford outfit DPS was made overtaking him with a subsequent decrease in the speed of the patrol car, but the driver of the patrol car to overtake, he created an emergency situation by reducing the lateral interval, trying to throw police car from the roadway. Witnesses these events were other road users.

Considering that the driver repeatedly endanger the citizens and moved in the direction of the city, in order to avoid possible tragedy that could happen in the regional center, according to para. 21 of Article 11 of the Law of Ukraine "On Police" Police to carry out its duties' links available the right to limit or prohibit in cases of detention of criminals in case of accidents and other emergency threatening the life and health of people, the movement of vehicles and pedestrians in some areas of streets and roads) to stop the vehicle on the 127 km highway "Odessa - Melitopol - Novoazovsk" on lit section of the carriageway near the administrative building Koblevskaya company DPS by KAMAZ-5410 with semitrailer ODAZ-9370 was carried out the overlap of two lanes in the direction of Nikolaev, while leaving more than 3 meters of the roadway to be able to bypass obstacles. < br /> But the driver of the Ford Transit, without slowing, continued movement and collided with a semi-trailer, as a result, received injuries incompatible with life, died at the scene.

A forensic medical examination found that the 41-year-old car driver was in a state of extreme intoxication.


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