As DPS con car owners

5 showed the most insidious ways in which traffic police car owners substituted and diluted.
At the end of last year, the Interior Minister of a large republic within the Russian quite officially announced that 90% of the traffic police on the territory entrusted to his care taking bribes.

It is a pity that this attraction is not unheard of honesty strongman supported by colleagues from other subjects of the Russian Federation.
Perhaps then the central government to finally pay attention to a boundless corruption thrive in this department. And long before journalists "MK".

Joke of the day

Tired traffic cop at the end of the day slows the car:
- Sergeant Ivanov. Present your money, please ...

Our traffic police has always been a "thing in itself". Corruption scandals in the ministry happen constantly, but neither the service nor her supervising their bodies seemed not to notice. Journalists, human rights activists, and ordinary citizens have plagued the sea of ​​ink, tons of paper, rubbed languages, speaking of the lawlessness would-be cops, and to sense - zero.

"MK" regularly and specific examples talks about corruption and bribery in the ranks of police roadside. In response - silence. Policy default problems DOBDD pursued by the Interior Ministry, willingly accepted his subordinates on the ground.

But, it seems, it is actively working with the deputies. Once again, the State Duma blocked consideration of the bill providing for the traffic police responsible for their illegal actions known when assessing the state of the car owners for intoxication.

But, perhaps, the head of the traffic police, General Kiryanov simply does not know the real situation on the road? If so, we have the honor to inform: Mr. General, "drunk" became an article of the Administrative Code for your employees one of the "milk production". And lately it comes just before the monstrous perversions.
It put first: to focus alcotester

Last summer on arms traffic police and doctors seconded to them entered new breathalyzer. The device, which, according to the assurances of its developers, and as applied in uniform, not only can not be deceived, but also use for personal gain. Each unit was calibrated; sealed, the results of purging be protected from hackers memory. On the printed them after each check indicates the place of the survey, the data driver and the officer who carried out the check. But it is only at first glance to cheat with such a device is not possible. Gaishnaya medical fraternity and immediately found a recipe for personal enrichment.

To begin to suspect driving tipsy driver offered to blow into the "left" Breathalyzer, always tuned to the "drunk" the result. Then the "client" offer "to disperse in an amicable way", without resorting to the services of right "Beezer". Often triggered. Although if a citizen is not strictly a contact (the amount of compensation up to 100 000 rubles), it take some time yet this unit tray. But ...

The results of re-examination on the display under various pretexts did not show. That, they say, check to print, and then read it. And on the receipt - the verdict, according to which the sober driver bast knits. The point is that medical and police tandem prints the result of the previous one, but not the last measurement "exhaust" (many motorists have complained that the time specified in the check frequently for 10-15 minutes different from the real). This is the same as the driver name. How is this possible? And here is how.

While the inspector conducts intimate conversations with the victim after the first blow, doctors are preparing for the second test on a normal device. And as soon as they see that the inspector from the driver did not come to a consensus, immediately blowing fumes into the breathalyser. A few minutes later the device (not connected with the display extinguished) shoved into the victim's mouth. A little later on, the printer prints the result of the purge, made at the time the absence of the driver.

Viktor Travin, human rights activist:

- Check your sobriety policeman should be in the presence of two witnesses. In this case, and "accused", and the concept will see that the time on the receipt does not match the real one. So, there is a chance to catch a dishonest inspector. You may not agree with the results and ask medosvidetelstvovaniya doctor-psychiatrist.

But if a doctor is involved in the fraud, the situation is much worse. The presence of witnesses during examination narcologist law provides. Medic in its opinion can write anything you want. Theoretically, it is possible to challenge if, within two hours to go to another doctor and conduct another examination. But in practice, it makes it even was possible to nobody.
Turn the other "first aid" traffic cop

But it is not "booze" one alive and rich in more than 100,000 of your subordinate, General. You often and rightly complains about the illegitimacy of our drivers. And why be surprised? No Russian will thoroughly observe the traffic rules, until this demand will only him in every possible way to remove from the offender in the form of shock.

If you find the strength to read through the material to the end, you may agree that it is necessary to clean up not only the tightening of the Administrative Code, but also actively reforming its own department. Otherwise gaishnaya from the bases, thanks to which your employees are not only ahead of the schedule for the "stick", but also to improve personal well-being, Russia is not something that will soon pass - it will be impossible to pass.

For example, there is a perception that our driver oborzel so that even under pain of deprivation of rights never misses "ambulance" or firefighters or police. And to confirm this by thousands of protocols. Yes, but worthless in a similar administrative matters, as 99% of them - were fabricated.

The essence of the elementary bases. The left lane highway joins a patrol car, and for some time quietly traveling the victim. And then suddenly cut one "lumiere". The driver is not something that move quickly in super-dense stream can not - not even understand what it is, does not have time, and it has asked the curb. In order to impute item. 12.17 h. 2 of the Administrative Code - "Failure to provide the benefits of Special Vehicles", threatening deprivation of rights for a period of 1 to 3 months, or at best, a fine of 300 to 500 "wooden". According to the laws of the genre driver hint lease (5000-15 000). If he is not ready to make contact - the protocol, withdrawal rights court.

There are also traffic cops often use physicians. The script of the play is simple: totally calm "ambulance" stands on a side road uncontrolled intersection. Waiting to leave on his car on the main road, flashers include doctors - allegedly have an urgent call. A crossroads for sacrifice hamper organizers bases.

Viktor Travin, human rights activist:

- If the policeman was on his mission to bring the head of a pack of protocol under Art. 12.17 h. 2 of the Administrative Code, he will go to any tricks to carry it out. And talk to the inspector as a normal person is useless. So calmly watch how the protocol is filled, but in the "Explanation of the person against whom the proceedings are conducted on an administrative offense" be sure to write "not violate traffic rules".

When the case goes to court, put on the table a petition with the words: "Please stop the proceedings of an administrative offense in the absence of my actions in violation of the objective side." If you had not given way to "fast", carrying the injured to the hospital, it encroached on the patient's right to be healthy. If it had not given way to car traffic police, chasing after a thief, then swung to the right of the state to fight crime. But since found a policeman as much as 40 minutes to make the report that you allegedly did not give way, it is said that he was in no hurry.
It put a third: "oncoming" on demand

But, Herr General, and check on the "oncoming" arrived. This is perhaps the most vzyatkoemkoe violation. As the shaft is even more profitable than divorce "booze". What your employees actively and enjoy. And not only distorting the Administrative Code - a "clean" exit into oncoming traffic, fraught with deprivation of rights, unscrupulous Inspector camouflage other activities associated with moving into the oncoming lane, but punishable by a fine.

Trudging along the narrow road tractor traffic cops planted the drivers back in the 1970s. But over 40 years antiquated method of obtaining money is not outdated. Negotiate with the driver slug that it cruised at a speed of 20 km / h on the track where overtaking is prohibited, - elementary. And only manage to scribble protocols but to stuff the money in his pockets.

Overtaking in prohibited place of the Administrative Code (Article 12.15 h. 4) punishes severely - deprivation of rights for a period of 4 to 6 months ("agreement" is 8000-20 000). Yes, the driver violated traffic rules formally, but who was forced to go on offense? After all, the tractor could even had to stop on the side of the car and miss flow. But then without the "bread of the left" his employer would remain in uniform. Yes, and the tractor would have lost a good fee (3-4 hours working in collusion with the traffic police, he can count on 7000-10 000).

The city, however, tractors are not podkalymish. Here, their role is played by tow trucks. This is a standard situation: the tow truck to pick up a narrow street incorrectly parked car, stopped in the second row, completely blocking the road. In order not to create a traffic jam, evakuatorschik (or his assistant) gestures car owner, saying that what you are, gently go around me on the counter! But as soon as a couple of cars crossing solid lines, tow truck starts to move slowly forward. And making the rounds of his drivers into the hands of lurking crew DPS: "Well, what did you ride in the opposite direction? Oh, it's you ... Only a tow truck making the rounds in the video you can see that you're not making the rounds, and overtook - he was moving ".

Beautiful, is not it? Fragments of video court to believe unconditionally. After all, he did not see it as evakuatorschik waving your hand. The video will be submitted to the court thing: tow truck traveling slowly, and your car ahead of him on the opposite line. Deprivation of rights for 4-6 months guaranteed, of course, if you do not parted with the inspector for 20 000-50 000.

Viktor Travin, human rights activist:

- Do not overtake slug where it is forbidden by the rules. And that traffic cops do not zloupotreblinli tractor bases, demand from them the protocol on "steering" slug: he must stay on the sidelines for passing accumulated behind his vehicle. Perhaps when the tractor will accumulate two dozen such protocols, he will refuse to participate in the stands.

With regard to the manipulation of the tow trucks - the problem is that neither the Administrative Code or in the SDA has no definition: what is a "hurdle". And as long as this is so, the traffic police will be treated bypassing obstacles as it suits them.

In no case do not go on about evakuatorschika. Wait or go to the inspector (where spinning tow, there's always traffic cops) and ask him to ensure the safety and smooth traffic, as required by the "Manual on the DPS." Your task - to ensure that it is a traffic cop gave "good" on a detour for "oncoming". Only in this case you will not claim.
It put four: Operation "Red semaphore"

But there were you, Mr. General (or your colleagues), well, for example, in Finland? Certainly. Practice exchange experience with foreign colleagues in your department is very common. We are, however, always wondered what useful endure German, French, Italian, Finnish traffic police to communicate with our? However, we are a different story. About crossings.

They are our neighbors, the Finns are not as such: a tunnel under the railway overpass or over. In Russia, there are crossings on federal highways. They are also your subordinates adapted for their own selfish needs.

For example, for the plausibility began to involve migrant workers abandoned crossings. Clad in orange vests hard workers pretend to repair the crossing. This semaphore flashing red lights. When going to turn one of the working gestures drivers, so they drove because the semaphore is defective (they were renovating it). And for the move, a bit further, there are traffic police officers, clearly explain how much it costs: 20 000 "off the record", officially - deprivation of rights for 3-6 months.

Viktor Travin, human rights activist:

- What if the semaphore suspiciously long flashing red? Personally, I go to a nearby crossing, because it is unclear what is dictated by the blinking traffic light: whether collusion with railroad traffic police, or a delay of three hours fast train Vorkuta-Leningrad.
It put a fifth: toss on filling

We know that employees are more steep than the traffic police, police services from time to time do not disdain tossing "who should be" drugs or cartridges. But the best experience of our colleagues have already adopted in the traffic police.

How does this happen? Attire DPS stops a driver under any pretext (unreadable numbers, it seemed that the driver is not wearing a seat, etc.), checks the documents, requests to open the trunk, glove box, inspect the interior. Finding nothing, return the documents and wishes Godspeed. The car drives off, and after three or four hundred meters it again takes up the police - and the vehicle removed from the bundle of unknown powder. And then - as the Treaty.

Viktor Travin, human rights activist:

- Out of the Administrative Code such thing as an inspection! Gynecologist examines his patients. A policeman, if sticks his nose into the car, the trunk, glove box - is conducting a survey of the vehicle without violating the structural integrity. This action is in the language of the law - inspection. And if so, it must be complied with certain procedures.

Firstly, the inspector should be grounds for inspection (for example, in the backseat of you is bloody receipt bags). Secondly, make sure the presence of two witnesses. Third, the record shall be inspection of the vehicle.

If you are from the beginning of the inspector will require compliance with all of these formalities, he immediately loses interest in you.

... As mentioned at the beginning of the material to be floating in the State Duma today a bill to the responsibility of officials for falsification and artificial creation of prosecution evidence in any administrative case. Friends of the Ministry of Interior in general and in particular from the traffic police of the Duma Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building block the document, which can be a real and powerful anti-corruption barrier.

Mr. General, do you think, why?

Author Alexander Rostarchuk Dmitry Zlenko


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