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Accident inspectors traffic police have nowhere to go: they hate the millions of car owners across Russia. And accused of bribery and partiality, and many more sins. Of course, not without preconditions by the "authorities": corruption and other criminal acts committed by the guardians of the SDA, are undeniable and plentiful.

Russian Interior Ministry announced that it will release a set of rules governing the relations with the traffic police drivers and pedestrians. The rules of procedure in detail painted works inspector: he must act in the event of an accident, traffic violations and other driving situations. Among other things, a set of rules contains a lot of useful information for car owners, in particular, how to put the car on the account, to pass inspection and where to go in different situations.

It is noteworthy that the regulation requires that almost all subjects of the Russian traffic police department got their own page on the Internet, where they should be placed all the required information: e-mail, phone numbers, references. And it is - a step in the right direction: not all road users are well versed in the law, and reference data, and often have primitive issues that may confound.

For example, how to find the management of traffic police in a specific area or region where the evacuated car taken away, how to replace a driver's license and the like. Previously, you had to ring up friends, if any among traffic police, and the like familiarity valued its weight in gold. Now, in theory, all such information should appear in the public domain on the Internet. But this is - just the beginning ...

Many still remember the scandal in the Leningrad region, which broke out not long ago: there were a considerable number of drivers caught "by butyrate," that is drugged. Alcoholic excesses same - something familiar, many years trying to solve the problem, tried all kinds of carrots and sticks - the result is nil: drink and sit behind the wheel. The new regulations clearly paints the duties and powers of the traffic police if you suspect a person of drunkenness: the drunkard has the right to witnesses. That is no slander without witnesses have no right - even in a tactful and unequivocal manner.

But gifts, money and other amenities DPS officer, according to the new regulations, citizens take strictly prohibited. Around the ambush: offer and scary, and can not take. Hard to believe that this item will be respected without question all the traffic police, despite the active promotion of a new image of the "traffic cop" - even a series on one of the main channels launched, and all the people do not believe in honest traffic police.

But what it is really useful - it is a position that the main duty of traffic police is not the implicit or explicit identification of violations, and the direct management of transport flows - simply the regulation. That is, if the road a lot of cars, and even God forbid, broken traffic lights and traffic is difficult - the inspector should drop everything and save the situation. Are these dreams come true, it will be seen soon: regulations to come into force this summer.


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