How much can you drink, the next day to get behind the wheel?

"I Dykhne, and you tell me, can I have the wheel or even chew garlic ..." - that usually ends with a good meal for most drivers. And the problems begin. To figure out how to not go over the line that separates you from the driver's license, on the eve of New Year employees' automobile business, "we conducted an experiment. And they came to the disappointing results ...

+ Results: depriving someone of "rights", who are on the verge, and who "the zeros»

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We, the employees of the automotive publications themselves began to wonder what will the morning after the usual good cheer "Alcotest-203", which is used by traffic police on the road, as well as a professional breathalyser, which is used in the drug treatment delivered in narkodispanser medosvidetelstvovanii drivers. And we decided to make a small rehearsal for the New Year. By bringing in the wording of the five "volunteers", went to the restaurant-brewery "Arbat" kindly agreed to take us. It was here was to put the experiment on himself, "taking on the chest" different drinks to feel in the morning, what is the residual intoxication.

Thus, we present the participants in the experiment.

Pavel Kozlovsky, the test editor. 36 years, weight 86 kg. He loves beer. Good. A lot of.

Marina Azhgirey, correspondent. He loves red wine and vodka with tomato juice.

Gleb Malofeev photographer. 32 years, weight 60 kg. Strong preference - beer, vodka, brandy.

Andrey Dmitriev designer. 41 years, weight 94 kg. Most he likes wine, drink a few times a week.

Alex Khvoshchinskiy, correspondent. In the experiment, participated as an observer, as the charge of "suitcase" with the "Alcotest-203", writes the results and delivers colleagues home. To somehow support the company today will drink non-alcoholic beer.


Drink it was decided to "share" with each other. Freshly brewed beer (5, 25 degrees) in the evening drank just two - Andrey Dmitriev and Pavel Kozlovsky. Marina has chosen semi-dry Georgian wine "Pirosmani" (11, 5 degrees). The main blow assumed the photographer Gleb - waiting for him vodka (40 degrees). I must say, in alcohol study participants decided not to limit each other, and to drink as much as possible, but as long as it is fun. No psychiatrist is clear that alcohol is a better snack thoroughly, preferably fatty foods, so food - reasonable minimum: salads, knuckle, nice garnish.

Blow into a breathalyzer, it was decided after the following doses: 0, 5 liters of beer, 100 grams of vodka, 250 g of wine. Translated into pure alcohol is 2, 625, 4, and 2, 875 units, respectively. For the calculation there is a whole procedure - it was first introduced in the UK in 1987 to help people keep track of how much alcohol gets into their bodies with different alcoholic beverages.

One unit is equal to 10 ml or 8 grams of pure alcohol, which is the amount of alcohol that adult humans may conventionally "treated" for an hour. This means that an hour after ingestion of alcohol in the blood of an adult it should remain or should remain only traces of alcohol.

The number of units of alcohol depends on the amount of alcohol consumed, and on the strength of the beverage. For example, one glass (30 g) vodka (40%) = 1 unit. The most simple and convenient way to count is considered to be the use of the following formula: Fortress (%) multiplied by the volume (ml) and divide by 1000 - will get the number of units.

First round. Paul in one gulp drank more than half a glass - a lover of beer can be seen immediately. Soon tightened and others. All the little snack and talk about this and that. Pouring a second glass of vodka, Hleb hopes that today he would not be in such a state as after a party youth, when, coming home, the key-pill "example" door of entrance of the house, where they filmed the apartment - the number of his entrance, he simply forgotten. This time all hope for Lesha - Hleb calls just in case the address in advance.

By the way, all the doubters reliance note: before the New Year tag with your name and complete address can be hung on hand to not get in "Twist of Fate» ...

It takes 10 minutes after the first dose. We get the following results in ppm:
Hleb (vodka, 100 g) - 0, 52,
Paul (beer, 0, 5 l) - 0, 28,
Andrew (beer, 0, 5 l) - 0, 31,
Marina (wine, 250 g) - 0, 3.

Malofeev definitely "hit" on the deprivation of the "rights". Fortunately, only virtual. Perhaps he was joined to Andrei and Marina. Paul is embedded in the permitted dose. However, given the uncertainty of the device 0, 15 ppm all of them probably already sent would medosvidetelstvovanie, and what would be the result - is unknown.

Second round. Bring a serious snack - an experiment starts playing with new colors. Interval after the last sip purge to leave the same (10 minutes). We get the following results:
Hleb (vodka, 200 g) - 1, 34,
Paul (beer, 1, 0, l) - 0, 68,
Andrew (beer, 1, 0, l) - 0, 76,
Marina (wine, 0, 5 l) - 0, 33.

Third round. What is happening at our table is genuine interest among the visitors. The waitresses and the manager and then wonder how the process goes. Participants in the experiment slowly and talk to the third metering decide to wait 15 minutes, the result was the most correct:
Hleb (vodka, 300 g) - 1, 19,
Paul (beer, 1, 5 L) - 0, 93,
Andrew (beer, 1, 5 L) - 0, 63,
Marina (wine, 0, 75 l) - 0, 35.

Pay attention to the result of the Marina: it seems her body after a certain point became very actively break down alcohol.

The fourth round. Perhaps everyone has noticeably drunk. Began calls the former (Gleb was away at the bar), the waitress Alina when she comes to ask whether anything else, Paul insistently asks: "And telefonchik!»

Hleb (vodka, 400 g) - 1, 72,
Paul (beer, 2, 0 l) - 1, 08,
Andrew (beer, 2, 0 l) - 0, 79,
Marina (wine, 1, 0, l) - 0, 48.

The fifth round. The twelfth hour of the night. Status of all is that even a little bit - that's all. More liters of wine Marina Azhgirey master and could not, therefore, go to fight some old men, that is, the guys in our case. Without changing their dose of "0, 5 liters of beer, 100 grams of vodka", they gradually come to the fifth circle:

Hleb (vodka, 500 g) - 1, 7,
Paul (beer, 2, 5 l) - 1, 45,
Andrew (beer, 2, 5 l) - 0, 91.

For some reason, the body of Gleb had so quickly absorb the alcohol that alktotester reception 5th dose is not recognized, and remains a mystery to all.


Now, the clock is already the first hour of the night. Although study participants had not the children, all over 30, they frolic and photographed to get up in front of the restaurant a disgrace. Gleb has to literally take off the battlefield ... Then all sit down in the car Lesha, who volunteered razvezti "body" home (thanks, Alex!). Gleb and Pasha on the road willing to drop in for a beer at a convenience store, Alex, for obvious reasons can not refuse. Returning to the purchase of the car, the guys are doing a few sips of beer, "polishing" his fortune to the crystal shine and the sky with diamonds.

Before parting - another check measurement. That showed "Alcotest"? Andrey Dmitriev and Marina Azhgirey had more sober - have respectively 0, 5 and 0, 37 ppm. But Hleb and Pavel, on the contrary, considerably added: have Malofeeva "Alcotest" showed 2, 2 to 1, 7 ppm at the exit from the restaurant, Kozlovsky at ppm "caught up" Hleb - it has the same 2 2 against the initial 1, 45 . Unfortunately, the trace of the boys who drank how to "polishing" the unbearable horror of being, it was not possible.

In my head, only one thought: "How can tomorrow to get up at 9.00 after an appointment at the psychiatrist in a clinic in the Best?" And everyone is glad that he is today without a car. Except, perhaps, Lesha, who has yet to go in Zhodino and tomorrow morning to pick up the "body" to travel to ...

Total alkovechera led "traffic cop" experiment Alexey Khvoshchinskiy:

"Anticipation of the experiment clearly both happy and worried about our test. The first phase, when it was consumed 100 grams of vodka, 500 grams of beer and wine 250 grams, respectively, left virtually all indifferent to alcohol. That is, facial expressions, gestures, conversations differentiate these slightly drunk journalists from normal people was difficult. It is given only the characteristic smell of hops in the air. And there was a strong feeling that all but Gleb Malofeeva who got vodka as "inventory", after half an hour you can get behind the wheel.

But after the second round, adding to the organisms of the same dose, the boys cheered, slowed speech and reddened face clearly hinted that today could be dancing. But not on the ice, because all together said that although feel fine, my head thinks, but get behind the wheel did not dare to.

After the tour, the number three all together "floated", except perhaps, Pavel Kozlovsky, a great lover and connoisseur of beer.

Unfortunately or fortunately, water test to the state when both reckless and even in Formula 1 speaker, did not happen. On leaving the restaurant, they flatly refused to get behind the wheel, although Breathalyzer readings were extremely high - traffic police to catch violators where large numbers.

And again, non-alcoholic beer is not really drunk, the machine is absolutely indifferent to it. Though perhaps I drink more than two glasses, something might change. Well, "sanding" beer for the guys, especially for Hleb, it was superfluous. My prediction for tomorrow: breathalyser detects all residual intoxication, but to sit behind the wheel will not be unless our suffering photographer. However, the wait is very long - only 8 hours. "

Today, physicians have come to the cause: to help them find out the professional breathalyzers residual intoxication everyone - anyone behind the wheel of the way ordered ...

9.00 Street. Best, 11, Minsk city narcological dispensary. Ironically, all the assembly. Looking at the grim industrial landscape around, one of the participants, pronounces: "Why is this street named Best? Rather, it is some backsides ... "wander around the dim shadows of the person, they're sitting in the hallway at the reception. Comes patrol Skoda - inspectors brought to the examination of the driver. As it turned out, only an hour or so ago, he struck and killed a pedestrian on the street wrongdoing. Dolgobrodskaya, opposite the entrance MTZ. The driver was sober, so he is allowed to leave his Peugeot. The seriousness of the accident said characteristic trace of a collision with a pedestrian on the right side of the windshield of the car. Since it was an accident with a tragic outcome, the driver was taken to the analysis and biological media.

The subjects shivered and Alex Khvoshchinskiy says: "Well, the citizens of parasites, alcoholics, Dykhne into a tube?»

"No, I would be behind the wheel is not got!" - Says Andrey Dmitriev. Pavel Kozlovsky says that if really had to go, that would be tightly lunch, I went to the pool and behind the wheel - in the best case in the afternoon. But Gleb Malofeeva look sorry - everything gives it a deep drunken man. Of course, because yesterday he drank pure alcohol the most! Recall the formula: Fortress (%) multiplied by the volume (ml) and divide by 1000 - will get the number of units.

Gleb Malofeev, 1 bottle of vodka of 40 degrees: 40 500 * 1000 = 20 units (+ beer from the store).
Marina Azhgirey, 1 liter of red wine semi-dry strength of 11, 5 degrees: 11, 5 * 1000: 1000 = 11, 5 units.
Pavel Kozlovsky, 5 beers for 0, 5 liters of strength 5, 25 degree: 5 25 * 2500: 1000 = 13, 1 (+ beer from the store).
Andrey Dmitriev, 5 beers for 0, 5 liters of strength 5, 25 degree: 5 25 * 2500: 1000 = 13, 1.

What will our Breathalyzer? Breathe!

Gleb - 1, 65 (on the eve of the last measurement 2, 2 ppm),
Paul - 0, 61 (on the eve 2, 2),
Andrew - 0, 53 (on the eve of 0, 5),
Marina - 0 (0 eve, 37).

Surprisingly, per night 1 liter of wine is completely redesigned body! And in terms of the law Marina Azhgirey absolutely clean and can get behind the wheel. However, despite the zeros Marina and sleepy, and his head heavy. The driver of her no.

Participants of the experiment meets the head of the department of examination intoxicated Minsk City Drug Dependency Clinic Elena F. Shvets. It will hold alcohol educational program and comment on the results of the experiment.

 - So, all these people are intoxicated? - After the greeting says Elena Fedorovna, looking at boys. Professional eye doctor is noticeable that most drunk Gleb.

 - Six months is not "trained" as bought a car - is justified by Gleb. - How, by the way, it is better to sober?

 - The main thing - drink plenty of fluids to occur naturally diuresis. If you feel good, showing mild exertion, swimming pool, sauna ...

Meanwhile, the office released examination of intoxication. All are sent there to "equalize" in the professional breathalyzers, while at the same time to compare the results of Breathalyzer. Recall that such a device is used by traffic police, but he has the error. Since the last "purge" was about 20 minutes.

The results of measurements in the office examination of intoxication:
Gleb - 1, 34,
Paul - 0, 68,
Andrew - 0, 16,
Marina - 0, 0 ppm.

It is noteworthy that now the examination is conducted under video surveillance. Cameras installed at the entrance of drug addiction, in the corridors, the office and not only broadcast the image on the monitor. Naturally, all "written».

So, in addition to the marina behind the wheel of nominally can sit and Andrew - the result 0, 16 ppm fit in the allowed Belarus 0, 29 ppm. But he said that behind the wheel in such a state would not sit down. Elena F. commented on the result:

 - That's right, the wheel is not necessary to sit down. The residual intoxication - a dangerous thing. In general, you have all of different sizes, different enzymes cleave the alcohol in the body. Therefore, none of the medical monograph on the removal of alcohol from the body, you will not find advice like "drink so much and in so many hours get behind the wheel." You can only make recommendations.

 - There is such a thing as an oxidation factor. In the literature it is described by 0, 10 0, 27 ppm. So we sober up, but again individually. We doctors to figure out how a person sobers up, we take the average coefficient of 0, 2 ppm. For example, if you have blood 0, 68 ppm, then, taking a specified rate, after three hours, and even better in three and a half hours you can get behind the wheel. But in fact, to know the speed of each sober, be aware of your individual oxidation factor.

And further. Someone will drink 100 grams of vodka - it is already being taken to intensive care, and if a man drinks more weight, he and additive can still go. Important complexion human tolerance to alcohol and many other factors.

 - And if we talk about averages?

 - On average, a half-liter bottle of vodka from the body of a healthy man weighing 80 kilograms will leave for 6-8 hours. With age, everyone has worked out its ethyl addiction. Everyone should know their drink, their dose, your time, your company. Much depends on the snacks.

 - Do not remind you on the eve of the New Year, how to reduce the effects of copious libations?

 - It is recommended to eat first, and then start to drink. And then sometimes I drink a lot, and then have a snack. It is not right. Recommended snack fatty foods, all washed down with water or other non-alcoholic drinks. You can not mix drinks. If you plan to drink a lot, you have to start with the soft drinks. If you start with cognac and champagne or wine finished, it will be terrible. We started with wine - "weighting" drinks. But it is better to drink one drink all evening. About Champagne mean, people get drunk quickly, quickly sobers up - it concerns all that with bubbles. In any case, everyone should know himself, his norm.

 - Please comment on the results of the experiment participants.

 - A lot depends on how you've been drinking. When you are logged in, I immediately thought that you are likely to be zero (Elena looks at Marina Fedorovna) - it can be seen even in the manner of behavior. 4:00 You only drank good wine and ate well - it is clear that this morning you are sober. Women are better to drink soft drinks. Why say that women get drunk faster, faster, drink too much? Because we, the women, the body 50 percent smaller than the enzymes that break down alcohol.

But here everything is visible to the naked eye (it's against Gleb), it even in the subway may not be allowed. I hope you will take it. Man, I realized, he is a teetotaler, and then just a big ethyl load on the body. I do not know how well he himself to eating. This man is sober (about Andrei), and this - holds (about Paul).

 - But I have a residual! - Says Andrey.

 - Yes. Go behind the wheel of the morning was impossible, because you would have the residual somewhere 0, 3 (recall that in the office examination Andrei was 0, 16 ppm). I would add that the passage of a pre-trip inspection should be 10-15 minutes or smoke.











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