This is a simple tool to clean the intestines as a brush

Today we share our experience, how to clean your digestive system castor-lemon mixture.

I think many people already understand that unnatural power greatly pollute your body and, above all, the digestive organs and the urinary system. It is, accordingly, symbiontic inhibits the intestinal microflora and the entire immune system in general, which leads to numerous ailments and diseases.

And then the question arises - what in this situation can do? The answer, like all brilliant, simple - to change the meals and clean the body. But for those who are already mentally prepared for this, you must know and understand how to implement it in practice.

First I want to say that much use in cleansing the digestive tract is not, if you do not start changing your diet toward crude and vegetable, and it is desirable to do so in parallel with the cleansing. Cleaned the dirt from the intestine, it is important not to pollute its thermally processed food again, and cellulose fiber and raw vegetables, herbs and fruits will serve as an additional tool for cleansing your body.

So why castor oil, and not other laxatives, clears our gastrointestinal so efficiently. The thing is that the castor bean plant, Euphorbiaceae family, from which the seeds and get castor oil has a light poisonous property. But the most important thing is that, when ingested, our body, the human digestive system tries to bring castor oil as quickly as possible, including certain vibration intestinal wall along its entire length. What does castor oil and more actively pulls the water. These unique properties of it in conjunction with dissolving mucus and dirt deposits functions lemon juice and give a tremendous cathartic effect.

But not all the castor oil has these properties. For example what is sold in pharmacies in small bubbles, often diluted glycerin and apply it, we do not recommend. Look for castor oil is of good quality, preferably cold-pressed, the Indian production. Get several liters, it practically does not deteriorate, and more than in your home medicine cabinet will never be!

But you should know that there are direct and contraindications for some people. In particular this applies to all pregnant women, which artificially induced vibration and reduce the intestinal wall is extremely undesirable. Next on the list includes all people with diseases such as colitis, gastritis or ulcer, although in this case can no longer harm the lemon juice, and the adoption of only one of castor oil in a particular dosage on the contrary - to help heal the disease

. And now we turn to the recommendations how to drink castor oil to cleanse our digestive system and the whole organism.

- First of all, prepare the castor-lemon mixture of 1g of calculation. of oil per 1 kg of your body weight, for example, if you weigh 70 kg - must take 70 g. oil plus 2 grams. or 2 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice to the same 1 kg of your body weight, that is, with a weight of 70 kg - 140gr. (Ml.) Of juice. Mix the butter and the juice and add nothing more and nothing dilute. The ratio of castor oil and lemon juice - 1: 2. For convenience, better to weigh the juice and castor oil in the culinary gram weights.

- Further cocktail straw mixed and consumed in one gulp. If the sick - can seize a slice of orange, grapefruit, tangerine, a pinch of dark raisins (raisins should be well chewed and then spit it out better). You can even nausea stand under a cold shower or a swim in the natural pond.

- After you drink castor oil with lemon juice, nothing to eat or drink, so as not to interfere with the process of bowel cleansing until the next morning. Normally at 1, 5 -3 hours cleaning starts, and then you can drink some water, but only if you are very thirsty. In general, drink better before the start to do cleaning. Exemption from intestinal toxins and removing excess fluid from the body may occur sooner or later, it all depends on the degree of contamination of your body. But it may not happen at all. This is an indication that your body tries to digest the poor even castor oil, trying to get out of it something useful for themselves. Do not worry, the next time cleaning effect is bound to come. While waiting for relief sometimes hurts or "cool" the belly. Frightened and feeling sorry for yourself is not necessary, in the body at this time is a big spring cleaning.

- Do not depart far from the toilet. Most people are cleared to sleep, but in severe cases, the procedure can last all night. In the morning it is desirable to take a cold shower.

- With lemon juice castor oil is best to take the first time on a full moon, and then continue once a week courses in one or two months, depending on the indications and goals. Strive to have to drink just about three liters, depending on your level of health, three liters - is conditionally averaged figure. For example, I drank seven liters within three years.

- On the day of cleaning the last meal should be at 13:00, preferably raw, plant-derived, without oil, nuts and seeds, can only drink juices. The ideal time of the adoption of castor-lemon cocktail from 17 to 18 pm.

- It is best reception castor oil comes against the backdrop of "lubrication" of the body one of the stone oil, and then the cleaning takes place efficiently and softer. Ideally, this cedar oil, but you can use almond or walnut, then goes Olive first cold pressing. Oils can be used different periods, but does not necessarily mixing them together. Of course, good oils are expensive and not everyone can afford to drink liters of them. I picked a good olive oil, bearing in mind that it is further cleaned and liver with gall bladder, the effect was very stable. Oils can often take a little during the day without any food, and can be added to salads and juices, the amount is adjusted individually.

Now let's discuss how to drink it is not very pleasant for the consistency and taste of castor-limonene, an explosive mixture.

Usually, the first, second and even third time by drinking from the procedure and the subsequent effect does not cause much difficulty. The problem comes later when we are by no means can not tune in such cleaning further. Our body and mind desperately resist and suppress the gag reflex at the sight and smell of castor oil and lemon juice is becoming more and more difficult.

You can, of course, the alternate reception of castor oil with other laxatives, but, as recognized by all people who have passed this way - the effect and the result is not the

. In addition, there is direct evidence for the cleaning castor-lemon cocktail and drink it the person just can not physically. How to get out of this situation?

During our practice in cleaning procedures formed many tweaks and tricks to deceive for a time, his taste buds and suppress the retching, that still swallow this cleansing medicine. You will not believe I am writing these words, and my mouth filled with saliva, the body starts to shudder inwardly and drove a wave of nausea. But I had become accustomed to it, the more I understand that I do not drink castor oil longer needed and is a past stage.

I am writing about this because everyone can experience such feelings, and you just need to be ready for it, and there is nothing wrong here, because the result is more than will block all your suffering.

Let us return to our recommendations.

- You can drink castor oil with lemon juice a little chilled from the fridge, then it will be practically odorless, but more viscous consistency and here you need to choose someone as the easier it will be to drink

. - Before drinking the cocktail must be fully exhale air from the lungs, to swallow everything in one gulp, then inhale deeply. If you do the opposite, then exhale taste of castor oil can be very hit your sense of smell to provoke retching. Although some people, especially those who find it difficult to hold your breath, it is easier to drink after a full inhalation.

- You can also pre-sniffing black pepper or coffee, breathe the air, drink castor oil, and again draw a sharp smell of pepper

. - And yet, in order to suppress the taste buds can chew a piece of lemon, to breathe the smell of pepper, lemon spit and exhale, then drink castor-lemon mixture, again to inhale the smell of pepper and seize a slice of grapefruit

. - It is very important before drinking our explosive mixture without first contact with her. If you have the opportunity to ask someone from the family to cook you all so that you do not see, and then just to run to the kitchen and drink quickly without giving your body time to recover - it will be the best option

! But when all the means in your arsenal will be exhausted, it is necessary to use the most powerful and effective method, though not entirely harmless to health. Its meaning is to temporarily freeze their taste buds and do not feel the taste. For this purpose, well suited local anesthetic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent TantumĀ® Verde (benzydamine hydrochloride) in the form of a mouthwash or spray, or the like. Disgusting, of course, is a rare, but in the minimum amount for a good cause is worth a try.

So, as a final recommendation to drink castor oil.

- Choose the day of purgation in advance, as if it will decide at the last moment, your mind will begin immediately to discourage you and come up with a variety of "good" reasons for which the renunciation of cleaning can be justified. And is likely to convince. But if everything will be planned at least a couple of days, your mind will be easier to live with it, and it's easier to tune.

When it comes time to cleanse you should ask someone from relatives to prepare you for the castor-lemon mixture so that all these manipulations you have not seen. Themselves go to the bathroom to rinse your mouth means TantumĀ® Verde and as soon as the numbness occurs, and it is, by the way, even in adverse events prescribed drug, run to the kitchen and take a gulp of castor-Lemon elixir of health. It is drunk like water, without any discomfort.

For those who are categorically against any chemicals and does not want to even close contact with her, you can drive in the mouth a few cloves culinary inflorescence. numbing effect will be too pronounced, plus a bonus in the form of light antiparasitic effects on the mouth, esophagus and stomach.

Author: Vladimir Kalmykov


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