Created "smart" urinal, which will not allow a drunk driver to get behind the wheel

How many problems arise from the fact that people had too much alcohol in the evening in the bar! And well, if it's only a couple of scratches on the face, when the asphalt accidentally cause the animal a slap in the face. But if he thinks sober enough to drive? This situation will help to prevent "smart" urinal Pee Analyzer.
It analyzes urine for the content of alcohol in it, and then will show on the screen the result: will there be enough to drink alcohol — or even possible. But his useful features don't end there.


The point is that every visitor will obtain from the institution a Parking ticket to the Parking lot is tagged with an RFID. The reader, which is near the urinal, fix this label, and if the alcohol level in human urine exceeds the normal amount, will block out for this card.
In order to leave, he will need to give the ticket to the Valet, who, using the reader, will understand whether the visitor to leave — or it would be better to call a taxi.

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