A new life budget mountain bike: turning a train

My name is Eugene, I'm a student of the Belarusian State University of Transport. Always were itching to do it myself, as soon as the first failure of my first mountain bike, really budget.

It was Stels Navigator 610.

Eleven million three hundred sixty five thousand four hundred ninety nine

New life — the beginningIn August 2014, was bored, had money, and I decided to Google the topic of electric bikes. Watching videos and other material on the Internet, I realized, than the loan itself in August. In Minsk have found a store that sells conversion kits.

For indiscreet (now realized) of $530 was purchased with a set:

  • The motor 36 V 350 W, suspiciously rim 26’
  • The control unit of the entire system (in other words the brain)
  • The battery is 10 A*h 36 In
  • The speed sensor on the shaft of the carriage (for assistance system pedaling)
  • The handle of the accelerator
  • Brake levers with built-in breakers (disconnects the motor when braking)
  • Control panel the whole system (on/off, mode selection assistance to pedaling, speed, battery life)
Sixty four million thirteen thousand five hundred forty nine

Given the fact that the motor-wheel (front) is already in the collection, it was decided rim with a front wheel despitewhat in the rear bushing, since the rear rim is already far not once was corrected from eights and other things. In addition, it was decided to abandon the transmission, that is, instead of a ratchet with the stars clocked freewheel (ratchet with one star). We had three:

1. Ratchet when rotating the wheel to "float", in other words, somewhere it is deformed.

2. The switch was not able anymore to work properly

3. When the motor in the bike the point of having multiple gear ratios simply disappeared.

And here it would be possible to start, but there is another point regarding appearance. The original paint on the bike is notably scratched and looked very bad.

Eighty nine million eight hundred twenty eight thousand one hundred eighty one

Time and money on high quality repainting (that was August) was gone, so was invented a simple plan, which I thought very cool. So I just bought a sticker album and pre-abasiri frame, gave her stickers. And then another top filled this thing with lacquer spray. It looked quite to itself even anything I liked. Unfortunately, photos of the build process is not preserved, so I will try to describe in a simple way.

AssemblySo, finished the frame and fork is installed the rear wheel, inserted in the ears of the front fork of the motor-wheel. By the way, that part of the axle, which is inserted in the ears of the plug is not circular in cross-section. In the pictures you can see.

Seventy eight million eight hundred ninety three thousand two hundred seventy six

Well, then install the clip before tightening it is put on the ring with sensor assistance system pedaling (PAS).

Eighty six million six hundred thousand five hundred one

Hung on the wheel brake handle, control panel, throttle, grips (overlays on the steering wheel, which holds when riding). The holes for mounting holder jar is screwed onto the mount for the battery. For the controller was taken a small bag from a friend, which hung on the junction of podnebennoy and longitudinal top tube.

Set brakes and other elements such as pegs, mirrors, etc. Special attention should be paid to the Assembly of a chain drive rear wheels. Then there was the problem of stretching chains. This bike has the "point" of the dropouts. Their trick is that the axis of the sleeve is installed only in one position, it cannot move, thereby pulling the chain. If you leave the chain slack, just at certain rpm it will fly with the stars. Therefore, it was decided to return the old switch and zakljuciti it so that he was holding the chain in position the only star.

It was all done in one day, started at 10 o'clock in the morning and is over by seven o'clock in the evening. The first test bike rides itself... Indescribable emotions.

Ninety five million fifty seven thousand nine hundred eighty

Then decided to go into town to try it out on the pavement, well, there was confusion. Literally on the first "the lying policeman" all the electrics going out and I'm left with only the pedals.

My first thought was the contacts, checked briefly – everything seems fine. Was polluatis five minutes and all working again. Moving on, drove two kilometers through the city center, the Congress of the curb and there it was again. Repeat the operation in a circle, everything works. To this day it never happened again, but the residue, of course, remained. Two weeks was all good, but the next morning on the way to uni again happened this problem. I went through all the contacts on the controller, cleaned, looked at the plug to the battery, it caused suspicion. It's all right, prozvanivatsya any bending of the wire.

In the end, the most likely reason for this behavior is found – a fuse in the battery. It is inserted into the capsule, and capsule with it already twisted into a housing of the battery. Fuse prozvanivatsya, but for some reason not working. Put a jumper wire to bypass it – to work until the end of the season more problems I saw. Directly the paradox of some kind. In April 2015 I found the reason, it was just corny. Capsule in which was inserted the fuse was a little longer than the fuse, so sometimes they simply lost contact with the shell of the capsule. The story could end, but there will be a new life hastily made electric bike.

In April it was warmer, and I began to ride him.

Was already may, there were new problems that motivated me to do the bike again with all the errors.

Not satisfied with me / broke the following:

  • Appearance. I really don't like me, too "collective" and crudely with stickers.
  • Kipa black ugly wires, namatanai around the frame
  • Uncomfortable the handle of the accelerator. If you long to hold in the maximum position tires the hand.
  • Began to break former shifter, thereby throwing off the chain from the star.
  • Tired of the original cheap take-out, and wheel elevation. Wanted to put the removal of a slightly different shape with angle adjustment, and the steering wheel straight.
  • Regular petrol was stupidly hard piece of rubber, which after the junction of the curbs or driving on potholes began to hurt hands.
  • Strained system chainrings, there's the original three pieces connected by rivets, despite the fact that you used only one.
  • Required to replace brake trusikov shirt.
  • Fork has become no, she just needed cleaning and lubrication.
  • Wanted wide slick tyres, really wanted to.

New life — continuedSo, the session is handed over, the last time I traveled in the city in early July, and with pleasure began to take it apart. I had a lot of work.

What needed to be done:

  • Come up with a new design
  • Repaint the frame, fork and other parts
  • To touch the plug
  • To solve the problem with the chain tensioner
  • To buy a new shirt with wires
  • To buy new tires
  • To shorten the length of all the wires that they would not have had to go somewhere to wind
  • To put it all together again

  • Removal
  • Rudder
  • Grips
  • Neat box for the controller
  • New accelerator handle hammer type
That had to be ordered – ordered, and while all this was carrying me, it was another job.

The most important thing was to make a chain tensioner, what I really wanted to be compact and not conspicuous. Were ready-made from overseas online stores, but the toad strangled to give a simple mechanism acceptable cost of switch. Dismantled the old switch and got it from the spring, which did not work on tension/compression and torsion. It was what I needed. Of steel plate cut out the bar that was worn would the ex-axis switch and the other end of which was a long bolt on which was wound a plastic wheel that pulled the chain.

Seventy five million six hundred seventy eight thousand nine hundred sixty four

Ninety three million six hundred ninety seven thousand twenty one

Then just brought it to the desired shape and prepared for painting.

System chainrings simplified to one star because the other stars were not needed. Just drilled the rivets and there was one average star together with the connecting rod.

Design could not long to decide I wanted something not typical like all bikes. Colors I knew what I needed: blue, black and red. In the end, inspired by a few bikes, I decided to paint the frame sky blue, and the pants and the crown of the plug – in bright red. Wheels (rim, spokes, hub and motor), the rods and the aluminum battery casing painted in black. A good man has taught the technique of painting and working a spray gun on my fork.

Eighty four million four hundred eighty two thousand four hundred fifty six

Three days left to bring the frame to a state that it could be primed. It was most difficult to get rid of the stuck glue from stickers.

Eleven million six hundred eighty thousand one hundred seventy three

The frame needed to mate, and all the chips and micromachine as smooth.

Ninety million seven hundred ninety four thousand one hundred eighty seven

Zagruntovat. After drying the frame again barked with water to make it smooth.

After that, apply a coat of blue paint. In order to avoid streaks made a very small and weak spraying, painting had a long time, but without streaks.

Well, the final coat of varnish. The solution varnish was with a hardener and a solvent. At this stage, some problems arose. It was not easy to achieve smooth surface of the lacquer, it was a little "rough", to put it simply – not a mirror, but not everywhere. Where it was plated and went smudges. After drying, the stains had to be cut again, sanded the spot and carefully apply nail Polish.

Parallel to the frame was painted and other details, and it was the cranks, the newly minted chain tensioner wheel (area under v-brake were covered with masking tape), brakes (v-brake)... all in black.

In all that time has managed to buy a beautiful red shirt with the brake cables, new tires found us in the market for a great money that looked exactly like I wanted, which was very pleased.

Before assembling the plug, it was removed old grease and applied new. Much alive after this operation. By the way, its elasticity depends on the temperature. Given the fact that the plug of the discharge budget, it is the most simple design. Just two springs in the legs and all. No locks are adjustments, nothing. Thus, when the temperature to 10°C it's pretty tight, but in summer at 25°C and above, it just works.

Got a new steering wheel, a take-out box for the controller, grips, handle of accelerator. All items on the site that you need painted, you can collect.

In principle, the Assembly process is not very different from what it was a year ago, but I said I wanted to shorten the wires. On the wheel were 4 wires, two on each side (left brake + control panel and right brake + handle accelerator). To restore the aesthetic beauty I purchased thermochemical and four wires that go to the wheel, sucked in two cambrica (without oil, however, has not done). Next, the wires coming from the steering wheel and motor are inserted into one large common sleeve blue (that would not be noticeable), which has already approached the carriage, and from there wires already going to the box with the controller.

In the photo below (old version, now it's not important), what number of transactions coming to the controller, despite the fact that each black wire from two to 7 wires still inside.

Fifty six million one hundred ninety thousand fifty one

And each had to be cut at the required length, solder and insulate. Would say not for the faint of heart, because all the wires on the table will not believe they are already associated with great, therefore, was palosi almost all "on the knee", that is, the weight of the hunched.

Of course, before all to hide the scheme was checked, everything worked, then you can hide in a box.

Seventy four million seven hundred sixty three thousand forty one

Well, after all the cool moments. Loved the appearance, the bike has become much easier and more beautiful, the steering wheel is nice, removal under itself adjusted, lighting is very cool, from drive get a buzz.

Seven million three hundred five thousand five hundred eleven

Fifty three million forty eight thousand eight hundred thirty one

Of course, within two days something was adjusted, tuned, etc., but in the end, I got a very cool bike, who decided to briefly mention now — train. I never would have thought that the budget mountain bike get not even a second and third life and in such a shape.

A little later found a good bike shop Exito in his home town, where I weighed the train. Many asked the approximate weight. Well, eyes, I gave her about 20-25 kg. was exactly 20. For electric bikes is a great figure.

A little on the characteristics ofAnswer common questions: "How fast is it?", "How much is enough?", "What's this for?".

Maximum speed limited by the controller 27 km/h And it really is at the maximum battery charge goes 27 km/h. Some craftsmen shoot a software limitation, but it causes a high load on the battery, which significantly shortens its lifespan.

As far as: it all depends on riding style. When using only the motor, without the aid of pedaling is enough for 20 km But it is at a temperature from 0°C to 10°C. Just when it's warm, I'm already pedaling and mileage from increasing. Max, I drove it 46 miles with pedaling, despite the fact that it has not been planted to "zero". The rest – a lot of factors that affect the mileage on a single battery. Summer turns 25-40 km. As a rule, do not wait until it is fully seated.

Train use as a transport, not a recreational bike. It can travel far and quickly, with minimum effort, no more than when you walk, what you don't sweat, respectively, come to study/work in a normal condition.

A little about the project budgetI am a student, studying full form. At the time of purchase of the kit for the conversion was the summer before the first course. In this situation, can't afford to spend big money on such projects, so I try to observe the face of stingy / raskinutsya money. I said that the box with all equipment was worth $530, but if I remember correctly, the update after the stickers cost me about $80, which I think is even quite good result.

And a little more about the cost of the kit. In the fall of 2015 met in person, who also rides a bike. In short, this set is you can buy two times it is cheaper in Chernigov, Ukraine, before, I just didn't know. I myself from the city of Gomel, Belarus. Just when I decided on this purchase, I watched the prices for the same ali that was in some places more expensive than they were sold in Minsk. So I chose the easiest option is to shop in Minsk. However, I have no regrets, for me it works. published 

Author: Evgeniy Prikhodko


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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