Stylish besany the electric bike that fits under your Desk

A new brand of electric Bicycle is about to appear on the market. The company will be able to offer a full-sized stylish frame that can be folded to one third its size and has a fairly low weight, to be able to carry the bike by hand.

Bikes can be the ideal vehicle for daily commuting and other travel, and in combination with electric traction, can become the motivation that will attract more people to bike instead of drive. But for those people who use public transport in part of their routes, and don't have nearby is a guarded Parking, a full-sized bike (electric or ordinary) may pose a serious inconvenience to overcome the way that may deter people from driving on them.

In recent times, there are several different innovations that relate to carrying and storage of personal vehicles, including a small electric scooter, bike folding in half, and even a portable electric motor that attaches to rolling bicycles. But now we will focus on the latest electric Bicycle, which can be a good solution for the cyclist who has limited space for storage, both at home and at work.

The Bicycle model called JiveBike is a full-size electric bike with a normal vertical landing, with a stylish frame that can be folded up to a third of its size for convenient transportation with bus, train, car trunk, or even to store under your office Desk at work.

JiveBike folded

This electric bike has a range of 20 miles (32 kilometers) in polyelectronic pedaling, max speed about 15 mph (24 km/h), and can be completely charged in about two hours from a standard household socket. JiveBike can function as an ordinary Bicycle, so that a depleted battery will not leave you without transportation, or used in all-electric mode to get to the destination without any additional effort. The cyclist can mount your smartphone on the handlebars and sync it with JiveBike via Bluetooth using an accompanying app for monitoring the charge level of the battery to see the estimated reserve, or use the maps app for navigation.

Another attractive feature of this electric bike is its fully enclosed, chainless drivetrain, which, according to the manufacturer, is virtually maintenance free (all you need to do is grease it once a year), and which will protect your clothes or furniture from grease and dirt. Mechanical transmission is located inside the bike frame, it works in tandem with integrated wings and promises “pure riding experience on the bike that may be a decisive factor for those who do not want to carry an extra set of clothing.

The largest and obviously the weak point of this foldable electric bike that is expected to be available this summer, is its price — a pleasure to sit behind the wheel of this wonderful bike will cost you around £1400 (~$2300). If you are interested in this stylish electric bike, you can secure a place in line for £99 (~$160), which will be returned to you in the event of a failure. Thus, this summer you can become the owner of one of the first models of this bike.



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