The electric bike is a vehicle or a luxury?

For a long time it was believed that the electric Bicycle is a rather eccentric luxury than a means to get around the city. The consolidation of these opinions contributed by many factors. Contributed to the high cost of components and the difficulty of delivery, and discoverest that anything at all can go on batteries. Perceived all this more as fun than a real vehicle.

But, as a branch of engineering that did not lag behind in development. On the one hand the rise in the cost of hydrocarbons, on the other hand progress in the production of clean energy, improving the battery, availability of its components on the Internet, have made this method of movement is not just available, but in some cases much more practical than public transportation or having your own car. Now all the necessary components, you can simply order online and get in a very short time with quick installation on your bike. Also developing infrastructure for servicing electric vehicles.



Of the benefits that you get by deciding to buy the bike, are the following:

Lowest price per distance unit. The most banal and the most powerful argument in favor of the use of this type transpoter is that at unit distance from it, undoubtedly, the lowest price for this same unit. One kilowatt hour of electricity is enough for 66 kilometers. High speed movement. In many cases, the movement speed will be comparable or even greater than the speed of movement by public transport or car by saving waiting time or idle in traffic. Especially if we are talking about short distances (up to 5 km). Low cost of maintenance. The cost of keeping a Bicycle is much lower than other vehicles. It will cost slightly more than the amount that the average car owner spends only fuel and lubricants a few months away. No need to register. No need for vehicle registration and obtaining rights to it. The charge from the mains. The electric bike can be charged from a household socket 220 V. the Harmless transport. E-bikes – ecological mode of transport. They don't create noise or air pollution. The possibility of applyingso, let's see what modern bike. First, it remains a Bicycle to include electric drive or pedal — it's your choice. And secondly, he has a large enough power reserve on a single battery charge.

Thus, it becomes an excellent solution for travel as relatively close and quite long distances. Regardless of whether you go to the country, work or school.

The battery and the power reserveof Course, when buying a bike the first question which arises is how far I can drive on it? Unfortunately, the documentation in this regard is not always clear and can leave a lot of questions. But the first and the main factor is battery capacity, and the next, the conditions of the trip.

Obviously the range will depend on the amount of energy we can store in the battery. Unfortunately, to accurately estimate the distance to be travelled can only drive the bike until the battery is fully discharged, but a rough estimate can be done knowing the battery capacity.

It is sufficient to multiply its capacity which is usually measured in ampere-hours at a nominal battery voltage. We get energy in watt-hours. Then, knowing the power consumption of a motor-wheel for the distance of 1 km, we can make an approximate calculation. Measured data energy consumption ranged from 12 to 16 watt hours per kilometer for different manufacturers at a speed of 24 km/h.

This means that the battery is 10 amp-hours and voltage of 36 volts on a single charge, the bike will be 28 km. Although it is not a very accurate result, it will allow you to navigate when choosing a battery for a Bicycle. Of course, this feature can be improved by increasing the battery capacity. Because battery capacity of 15 ampere-hours it will be 41 km is to use an economical driving style without sudden acceleration and braking, but the power is spent in these moments.

It is possible to allocate the following factors directly affect the reserve:

  • Riding style
  • Type of motor used
  • A tailwind or headwind
  • The condition of the road
  • The weight of the bike and cyclist
  • Relief
Based on the foregoing, we can recognize that the electric bike is one of the most affordable and cost-effective hybrid modes of transport today. It is a wonderful tool to maintain yourself in good physical shape. With a large enough reserve, you can move not only within the city but outside it, and the ability to avoid traffic jams, delays at stops of transport and a comfortable quiet ride will be for you a constant source of good mood. published




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