Electric bicycles

Today's been a month since I retooled your bike in the electric bike. About impressions for this month - further.
Electric bicycles - a bicycle, which is set instead of the front wheel motor-wheel, and attached to the trunk of a set of batteries.
Motor wheel- this seemingly ordinary wheel, in which a built-in motor.

Stated in advertising options- speeds of up to 45km / h while driving on a 30km zaryade-.
Passport data wheel: power 500W, voltage 48 volts, the efficiency of 92%, weight 6kg
Komplektatsiya- motor-wheel, handle accelerator with a voltage sensor, a control unit, brake handle and charger wire.

Self had to buy more batteries 4pcs lead (12b, 9a-h by 2 kg each), the box for them and for all of this attachment to the trunk.
Between the battery in the drawer, I found foam pads that did not fight against each other.
To install it took me 2:00. Otladki- for another 2 days. Terminals that comes bundled with the engine turned out to be bad quality and flew at the slightest push.

Here is the BATT ...

The first sensation: you sit on the bike, push forward and fly ruchku- ...
The impression of freedom and speed ...
But now try to detail the advantages and disadvantages resulting electric bicycles:
... Compared with bicycles.
+ Speed ​​and ease of movement. If you go right, you have to include the motor only when the ride difficult (uphill and difficult road), the riding is no different from riding a bike, but you get tired at times less. If you go wrong, there is only on the motor, it is not at all tired, but falls a maximum mileage.
+ No physical activity, if you go to work (study) (and therefore odor)
 - Restrictions. Always know that when something is over supply of energy, and no matter how much you did not bring spare akkumulyatorov- they still run out.
 - Weight. Additional 15 kg in weight velosipeda- pretty substantial increase, if you go on some pedals, but it does not feel, if you include the engine.
 - Depreciation of spare parts. Cameras, tire and brake wear 2-3 times faster.
... Compared to benzovelosipedom.
+ Accessible. Petrol at an affordable price, I found only in Tambov.
+ Sustainability. It's all clear.
+ Noiseless. The electric motor does not emit almost no light crackle of sounds only.
 - Restrictions. Benzomotor can be charged at any gas station. Even if at the gas station there is rozetka- charge Batteries have two hours.
... Compared to a moped, scooter.
+ Price. Cheap moped costs from 3000 UAH wheel- 2.
+ Disenfranchised. On mopeds need rights. And the price of study at a driving school and even registration mopeda- 3000grn.
+ Shipping weight, size. Moped on the 2nd floor not lift, the corridor will not put.
-Speed ​​
... Compared with public transport (except metro).
+ The rate.
I ride on electric bikes mostly on such routes: Vinogradar- CPI (and vice versa), Dorogozhichi- Vynogradar, KPI- Dorogozhichi, Vinogradar- Sviatoshyn.
Average travel time (and waiting) for the city transport on these routes - 45-55min, 45 minutes, 30 minutes (if no traffic jams), 30 minutes on elektorvelosipede: 30 min, 25 min, 15 min, 15 min.
+ Cost. The cost of a single charge based on grivny- about 45 cents. Travel on one of the 4 routes shuttles 2-50 (if you have a straight line) or 5 USD.
+ No traffic jams. Transport stoit- as you go along the sidewalk.
+ No, depending on the time of day. Ehat- night even better.
Of course, it is more convenient to ride a bike when the sun is shining, and the rest of the crowd at the bus stop or steamed in a crowded bus. But when even a small dozhd- water everywhere. Spray from the wheels veiled eyes, and if you go in a fog.
And some concluded.
Yet I have not written about the unexpected breakage in transit. Most rasprostranennaya- a departure from the battery contact. He stopped, opened the trunk, straightened and rode away.
The second most common is polomka- The broken rear camera. You should always carry a spare. But to change the camera under 10 kilogram bagazhnikom- occupation is not very convenient.
Criticality of failures, do not allow to continue the movement until I have, thank God, it was not.
The problem with parking it arises. Everywhere there is a place where you can attach a bicycle chain. At the university, I generally looking for some of it to the body. If you care so much about the safety of akkumov- hang the lock on the trunk, or carry them with you.
Vapor backpack with Batteries can be placed near a wall outlet and charge them perfectly.
If you ride a motor, as I do, that they have enough for exactly 15 km. If you go by the pedalyah- 30-40 km.
By and tselom- as urban transport electric bike I was quite happy and I do not regret that bought it.



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