Zeitgeist Beta X: Imperial elektrobayk with a power reserve of 160 km

With each passing day, the popularity of the vehicles has been steadily increasing. And for several reasons: efficiency, environmental friendliness, ease of management, maintenance. Another important factor is the prestige and demonstrate their civic position, since the preservation of the purity of the surrounding space - it is a problem of national importance. Most other arguments guided electric bikes buyers. Here in the first place there is the comfort and empower consumers.

Electric bike - a combination of different modes of transportation, making this vehicle a unique, suitable for people of all ages and categories. However, along with the undeniable advantages, users of bicycles with electric drive, there are serious problems. One of them - the weighting structure

The company has developed electric bike Zeitgeist Zeitgeist Beta X, which will feature original appearance and a certain reduction of its weight. In appearance resembles the design of the bike the Imperial stormtroopers, making it easily recognizable. To facilitate the Zeitgeist Beta X developers have used both durable and lightweight material - carbon fiber. Because of this, elektrobayka weight dropped to 20 kg. It is noted that, generally, a conventional bicycle weight ranges from 7 to 11 kg. However, if equal to competing models, which is considered normal weight 25-30 kg. - The progress is obvious trends. Progress at Zeitgeist Beta X at the same time become more mellow.

Beta X is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, which to a certain mileage (130 km) will require 4 hours charging per day. In order to be charged to the "full" and provide a cruising range of 160 km, it will take more time.

The battery pack Beta X uses lithium-ion cells that are commonly found in laptops. The unit can be easily removed so that you can charge it away from the bike or replaced with a new unit. The company says that it will be recharged in 4 hours, which is less than a normal working day. But with mileage Beta X by up to 160 km, you will not have to charge it every day.

The sensor is located in the transmission, monitoring the load applied to the pedals. In automatic mode, the support of the power unit. This feature contributes to the feeling of comfort during use. motor power Zeitgeist Beta X enough to travel at speeds up to 45 km / h. If you exceed this rate, there will be automatic disconnection of the electric drive. The developers specifically limited speed capabilities, as more come into force the laws of some states (eg, California) requiring electric bike to take the vehicle license and registration. A must also be the presence of a biker helmet on the head.

Currently, the company kraudfandingovaya Crowd Supply offers Zeitgeist Beta X at $ 3,999 per unit. Serial version seems to have reached the price of $ 5 thousand. Mass production, according to company plans, will take place this autumn. Comparing the new model from other versions of the same 6-7 thousand. Dollars, we can say that the price is quite acceptable. Perhaps, for most people this cost is too high. To do this is to participate in the test trips through the city streets with intense traffic. Perhaps, breaking numerous traffic jams on elektrobayka, its value does not seem such a high.


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