How to make money in the crisis: recycling of fluorescent lamps

Initial investment: 1150 TR
Monthly Profit: 600 TR
Payback Period: 2 months

. Today the disposal of used lamps is a critical issue for companies of our country. According to the law, just throw the burned-out fluorescent light bulb can not be, because it contains a substance harmful to humans - mercury

. The service life of a lamp about 2 years, and their number is on the medium and large enterprises in the thousands of pieces. It is easy to imagine how many lamps in the year forced to dispose of each company and this process is not free. The cost of disposal of defective bulbs begins from 15 rubles apiece. At the same time receiving points mercury-containing lamps are opened in all cities, indicating that the free market niche ...

Currently, the government launched a program to save energy. In this context, energy-saving lamps have a number of advantages over conventional bulbs. This energy savings and longer life. It is also believed that the fluorescent lamps softly and evenly distribute light.

However, there are also a big disadvantage. For example, in the production of fluorescent lamps use mercury! The content of mercury in a lamp is 1 to 70 mg. Everyone knows that mercury belongs to the very harmful chemical. Substances whose vapors are highly toxic and can cause severe poisoning of the human body. In this regard, the government has set for the first class of danger of mercury and to take strict control of the process of recycling energy-saving lamps.

The process of recycling involves the transfer of spent lamps companies - processors that are using special equipment to process them harmless raw materials - a sorbent, which is subsequently used as a material for the production of, for example paving slabs

. Investments in the opening of a small processing plant on the leased site will amount to little more than 1 0 million. Rubles.

The main costs include:

Purchase of equipment "Ecotrom 150/300" - 850 thousand rubles .;
. Package EIA documents -. 50 thousand rubles .;
Development of the project MPE pollutants in ambient air - 40 000 rubles .;
Thermometer rtutometrichesky -180 000 rubles .;
passports Development carcinogenic production -. 30 000 rubles

The basic equipment for recycling fluorescent lamps includes installation, with capacity up to 1000 pieces per hour, the solution is to start a business in the city of a million people, and for a small business with a volume of processing up to 50-200 thousand. Bulbs per year.

If included in the project construction of a separate department, then to start business expenses amount to more than 3 million. Rubles. Therefore, the best option is to just rent the premises.

For the organization of production will need hired labor of at least 6 people. Do not forget about the need for certification of workplaces on working conditions. As the legal form it is advisable to open a company, the tax system - STS

. Income

In one month, a small company is able to receive and process up to 40 thousand of used lamps. With the cost of disposal of 15 rubles per 1 bulb income will be about 600 000 rubles a month. Net of all expenses, including salaries, preparations for processing, taxes and other income may amount to half of that amount. The company's turnover for the year could reach several million rubles.

From the raw material obtained after the processing of mercury lamps (sorbent), made clean paving slabs. The subsequent implementation of paving slabs only increases the income of the company.

In each subject of the Russian Federation, there are many companies and organizations that need a constant recycling of blown bulbs. Works for companies - processors really enough. With the large and medium-sized enterprises are long-term contracts, organized reception of damaged bulbs from the population, small businesses, state and municipal institutions. The profitability of this business is estimated to be 30-50%.


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