Life lessons beautifully aging women

They look great - this is sometimes the impression that even in their youth they were not as sexy as in their "50»

. These women are amazing luster eyes, dazzling smile and relentless sexuality, regardless of age. They are not afraid to grow old, become retaining and elegance, and are advised to just take your age.
And all because, even in the 50, 60 and even 70 years, they enjoy life, profession and family. Someone might argue, they say, they are stars, they have so many options at their disposal the best plastic surgeons ... However, not all resort to drastic measures to rejuvenate even get millions of fees. Their happy eyes and noble aging - a consequence of love of life and attitude towards themselves

. Kim Cattrall in its 59 years believes that she has the same right to be sexy, like teenagers. She leads an active lifestyle, while not particularly straining. After all, any abuse is harmful to women's well-being.

"My generation was brought up on all these wonderful exercises, invented for us, Jane Fonda, her diet and so on ..." - Kim says. However, she sadly notes that society is obsessed with youth. "In such films as" Sex and the City ", it is possible to deal with it, for that I am particularly fond of her character Samantha. But in real life it is very disgusting and causes anger, "- says the star

. The actress and the popular Jane Fonda aerobics Cattrall over 20 years, but it remains attractive and in 78! True, it does not hide the fact that still makes plastic surgery. Jane explains this by saying that she was tired to look wrong, how she feels. Although now a star sure has changed its attitude towards aging. "Look at it like to climb the stairs to the age you receive welfare, the wisdom, the ability to love truly and live with interest", - she said

It was a grown woman can afford more, as it becomes freer and wealthier: more expensive clothes, better food, more fun and long journeys. In addition, one of the main tools in the fight with a running time of these women - a wit, interest in everything new and unusual, because one must live with pleasure

! Meryl Streep has knocked 66, and thus it is very popular in his profession. According to the actress, on her fortieth birthday she asked her husband: "Well, what do I do now? You know - it's all over. " "But since then I have played a lot of interesting characters," - he said with a smile Meryl

"Of course, I perfectly see the signs of aging - from themselves and other women. But the "frozen" face seem to me ridiculous. In Los Angeles, a lot of people - with individuals who do not express absolutely nothing. Thank God, I got the role of the opposite, "- says Strip. She looks very happy woman, and perhaps why it is so beautiful and young.

A 70-year-old Helen Mirren believes that the secret of her sex appeal lies in ... Russian roots. "In Moscow alone, I suddenly realized, from me my sexuality: it is from my Russian origin! Yes Yes! I noticed that all Russian women - regardless of whether they are tall or small, thick or thin, brunette or blonde, young or already aged - all without exception damn sexy! "- Sure Helen

She kept slim and fit figure, is not shy about his age, so look beautiful and natural.

It's all about in genetics, supported his colleague 80-year-old Sophia Loren, as well as - in self-love, which is expressed, among other things, to comply with the regime of sleep and food. Lauren does not hide his age and does not attempt to appear younger. This does not prevent it from being a style icon, famous brands to promote and inspire the fashion houses to create nominal cosmetics. Film star has repeatedly stated that he had never done plastic surgery.

"I think it's in the DNA. If you want to always look young, you can do some operation, but personally I do not like this idea. People often are dissatisfied with the result, making similar mistakes. I really would not want this, and I too love myself, to decide on some kind of intervention, "- says Sophia Loren, who never in his life did not beat out from his schedule for the day - even for the sake of presenting" Oscar »
These women do not set themselves any restrictions - including in the sexual life
. Sharon Stone in his 58 looks as if he knows the secret of eternal youth. "When you're 50, you feel that you have a chance to start a new life: a new career, a new love - said the Hollywood actress. - Maybe you're tired of what the first half of life, but it does not mean that you now need to sit back and play golf in his yard. We're too young for this: 50 - 30 are new, a new chapter. At this age, we know so much about life! "- She thinks


The actress is confident that look natural - it's very sexy. So she does not hesitate to go out without make-up. Sharon admitted that many doctors offered her services for a facelift, but the actress joked that, looking at himself in the mirror, does not understand what she had to pull up.

A 58-year-old Michelle Pfeiffer still doing plastic surgery. However, it looks very natural. Over time, Michelle realized that one of the main secrets of beauty-beauty still is the adoption of his age.

"We need to try to look good for my age, not youth. Now I'm almost 60, but I can say with pride that I am able to look good for their age ", - said the star. And one can not but agree with her.

All these women have kept their self-respect and his age, as well as a positive attitude to life at any stage. They enjoy the moment and able to accept the inevitable, enjoying everything - from delicious food to ...


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