It is proved! Refusal of animal protein treats atherosclerosis

The book is big enough chapter describes atherosclerosis (clogged blood vessels cholesterol) as the cause of heart attacks and strokes. We give findings of many studies, including very significant multi-year project, which was attended by "cores with experience" - an experiment conducted cardiac surgeon Dr. Esselstin, disillusioned with the modern methods of treatment of cardiovascular diseases (most operated faced with the return of their heavy conditions in the coming years, and almost all of them well and die ).

... Diet, which they held (including the doctor himself Eccelstin and his wife Anne), does not contain "additional" fat and there were practically no animal products. The subjects had to avoid the use of oils, meat, fish, poultry and dairy products, except for skim milk and nonfat yogurt. After 5 years, Dr. Esselstin advised their patients completely abandon milk and yogurt.

Five patients jumped from this diet in the first two years, 18 people have continued to participate. They all turned to the doctor Esselstinu disease in severe stages, they have already passed, in an amount by angina, heart attacks, strokes, about 40 operations on coronary vessels, including angioplasty and bypass surgery. These 18 were the heart is not healthy. One might even think that their participation in the experiment prompted rolls panic feeling approaching premature death.

These 18 patients have achieved amazing results. At the beginning of experiment their cholesterol levels, on average, it was 246 mg / dl (13, 7 mmol per liter). During the experiment, the average cholesterol level was held at the level of 132 gm / dL (7, 3 mmol per liter), well below 150 mg / dL (8, 3) (a level below which was down the problem). The level of "bad" cholesterol (LDL = LDL) cholesterol also decreased significantly. At the end of the experiment, the most impressive result was not even blood cholesterol levels, but many cases of pain or need med.vmeshatelstva took over the years.

Over the next 7 years at a single party of eighteen stick to a diet ONCE there was a disturbing moment. And it happened in that patient, who for two years was deflected by this power circuit. When deviations in the diet the patient experienced pain in the heart (angina), and then went back to eating a healthy vegetarian diet. Angina is no longer repeated and warning signs never appear.

The disease in these patients not only stopped in its development, but also to get back the development! 70% of these patients have seen before how their arteries clogged with plaque. 11 patients agreed to angiography procedure to "educate" some of the coronary vessels.

These 11-artery purified by 7% over the first five years of participation in the study. It may seem that this is not enough, but it is worth remembering that an increase in vessel diameter by 7% access (flow) of blood increases by 30%! And, more importantly, this is where the difference between a painful sensations (angina) and absence of pain, and often, in fact, the difference between life and death.

The authors of this study in its report (for the first five years) wrote: "At the moment it is the longest study of this nature, with minimal use of fats in combination with cholesterol-lowering drugs; our discovery of the method of reverse development (regression) of arterial stenosis (blockage of blood vessels) of 7% carries great importance, this result exceeds the results of previous studies. »

This study interested in one forty-four therapist, until recently, considered himself healthy, but recently survived a heart attack revealed that gradually accumulated problems with blood vessels. Due to the nature of his disease, conventional medicine could not offer him any safe decisions.

After talking with the doctor Esselstinom the therapist decided to participate in the nutritional program, and after 32 months, during which time he did not take any medication lowers the level of cholesterol, he turned the course of the disease and lowered cholesterol levels up to 80 mg / dL. You can look at the pictures of his clogged arteries before and after the application of a vegan diet lean Esselstina.

The picture on the left bracket marked zone where the coronary artery insufficiency limited throughput capacity. After one and a half years on plant foods artery is cleared, eliminating the effects of heart failure and began again to ensure normal access (current) Blood (image right).

Is it possible that Dr. Esselstinu just got lucky with a few patients? Definitely not. So sick "cores" will never happen to suddenly cured. It is possible and on the other to evaluate the effectiveness of this approach - to follow the fate of the five participants in the experiment, who had refused to continue to participate in the program and returned to the traditional way of eating and standard drugs

. By 1995, these five have ten more heart attacks, while at the moment - in 2003, after 17 years from the beginning of the program, survived 17 of the 18 participants in the program, the remaining vegetable diet - all of them already exceeded 70 and 80 years.

Could at least someone in their right mind to doubt these results? It seems impossible. If you are from the book, hold the memory only this chapter, remember the main thing: the ratio of 49 to zero - 49 heart attacks and attacks before moving to the power plant of whole foods and zero - no attack among patients switched to the power supply system. Dr. Esselstin achieved what for more than 50 years can not get traditional medicine - he won atherosclerosis and coronary insufficiency


Dr. Dean Ornish (Dean Ornish)

Mention may be made of other activities and an outstanding physician and scientist - Dr. Dean Ornish. A graduate of Harvard University, is widely known in America for his publications, popularizer of information about heart disease. Almost all Americans who know about the relationship of food and heart disease, are aware of this thanks to the work Ornish.

The most famous of his projects - Lifestyle Heart Trial program, in which he treated 28 patients exclusively change of diet. These 28 people were fed by a vegan he developed the system while the other 20 patients with a similar condition were treated according to the standard treatment plan. Ornish carefully wrote down certain physical characteristics of participants in both groups, including the degree of blockage of blood vessels, cholesterol and weight.

Dr. Ornish Diet circuit was very different from the conventional treatment regimens that are practiced in modern medicine. In the first week he posted 28 participants at the hotel and told them that they should take care of their health themselves. He asked these people there is only a low-fat vegetarian food for a year.

Only 10% of calories should come from fats were. There can be any number, if these products have been allowed out of the list, which included fruits, vegetables and grains. The study says that it is not allowed any animal products except egg whites and one cup of low-fat milk or yogurt a day.

In addition to diet, this group had at least one hour per day engaged in stress management practices, such as meditation and breathing exercises. In addition, participants were asked to give physical exercise 3 hours a week - the load should correspond to their state

. To change all settled down easier, the group met twice a week (4 hours). Doctors from the group of Dr. Ornish did not use any medicines or techniques were not carried out the operation. On average, their cholesterol fell from 227 mg / dl (12, 6 millimoles per liter) to 172 mg / dL (9, 6 mmol per liter), and the level of "bad" cholesterol - LDL dropped to 152 mgl dL (8, 4 ) to 95 mgldL (5, 3).

A year later, the frequency of occurrence of pain, their strength and duration significantly decreased, and moreover, it became apparent that the more patients to adhere to recommendations, the recovering of their hearts. Those who have followed the program of the most accurate, by the end of the year to 4% of the vessels cleansed (expanded duct). It may seem that it is not enough, but remember that the vessels are closed throughout life, so that 4% for the year - it is a great result

. Overall, 82% of the group went to the regression of the disease during the year.

In the case of the control group it was not nearly as good, despite the fact that they have received all the necessary medicines. Chest pain intensified, becoming longer and more frequent. For example, while in the experimental group was reduced frequency of pain by 91%, in the control of pain began to appear at 165% more. cholesterol have been much higher than in the experimental group, and flow vessels become even narrower. Those in the intervention group who least closely follow the recommendations, the duct has narrowed by only 8%

Together with Dr. Ornish and Dr. Esselstinom, and many before them, I believe that we have found a strategic decision for a victorious battle against heart disease. Dietary These solutions not only weaken the symptoms of chest pain, but treat the causes of the disease and help to avoid the risk of heart attacks. There is no surgical or medikametoznyh therapies that could compete with such impressive results.

A fragment of the book by Professor Colin Campbell 'The China Study', which on statistical examples and hundreds of research explains the link between health, the emergence of chronic diseases and the consumption of animal products and great, statistically documented results vegan natural food whole foods.

Professor Campbell - scientist, more than 40 years studying the relationship of chronic diseases (such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis), the biochemistry of food and the relationship between health and nutrition. Campbell - a representative of the American scientific establishment, a member of many national councils and research communities, the Congress on Nutrition Advisor, teacher of several major universities, the person number one on the list of influential figures in the field of nutrition, on whose account of more than 300 publications in scientific journals.

By virtue of their observations switched to vegan nutrition natural whole foods and demonstrates loyalty to his conclusions and also personally on itself.


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