Electric Bicycle SSIKE

You have heard about electric cars, electrobike. This means that there was a strong trend to electric modes of transport (this is fashionable in recent times due to the difficult environmental situation). Now, meet now, and a new electric bike!
The name of this electric Bicycle SSIKE.

SSIKE is a folding bike. It works with your own balance and riding this bike, you get this feeling, like skiing. SSIKE in the rear wheels as well designed as the front. Still, this is no ordinary bike, for what would learn to use it, you need serious practice.
Also this bike has a 250-watt electric motor. This concept bike can reach up to 20 km per hour, while the effective consumption is 6 W • h / km. All this allows for the bike to drive up to 40 km in cancers of the same charges.
Oh and not to remember about the beautiful design SSIKE, which makes it stand out among all the other electric bike. This bike can carry and take it anywhere as it is small and its weight is 12 kg.

In General, the primary goal of the creators of the SSIKE is to create this electric bike, which would have ruined the stereotype that electric bikes are very expensive. Well, they did it!

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