How to paint Eiffel tower

Eiffel tower and to this day, despite his fairly advanced age, remains one of these mysteries, inviting and fascinating. And always looking at her, one could wonder: "How? Well, how is it possible to keep this beauty in such perfect order and cleanliness?" And it's not only in the maintenance of the external appearance of the tower. No. Here everything is much deeper. Most likely, the answer lies in the attitude of people to this peculiar monument, the symbol of the city and the country.
Probably to answer a question, it is necessary to tell about some features of the Eiffel tower, this ancient famous resident of the French capital.

Tower really lives in the city. It has its own history, its own genealogy. And began her life in Paris is not so happy. The first drafts of the Eiffel tower was criticized, many cultural figures, even made up and signed a paper, which was called the tower a hideous shadow of the column of screws and iron, towering over the city like an ink blot in the copybook for calligraphy. A great writer, guy de Maupassant came to have dinner in the restaurant of the tower, especially, "not to see her, disfiguring the urban landscape", in front of their eyes.
Twenty years later, the Eiffel tower saved her the highest growth, the highest among all the buildings of the world. If not its value, is intriguing to many builders of the world at that time, the tower would be dismantled and given to recycling.
And only during the Second world war, when it seized Paris, the German soldiers are unable to get to the top of the tower and post it on their flags (citizens disabled lift), the Eiffel tower has become a symbol of freedom and defiance to fascism.
Since people regard the tower and love her, care for her, as for the royals. This iron lady is for Parisians not just a symbol, but a part of life in the city and each resident. Without her it would have been someone's idea of Paris and France.
Paint the Eiffel tower by hand with brushes, not missing a single centimeter. The color of the tower changed over all the years of her life in Paris. She was fiery red, and yellow, and black, and brown. Artists – climbers working on updating the tower for fifteen months. They used sixty tons of paint. And carried out such work every seven years to destructive corrosion does not "undermine the health" of the favourite of the Parisians.

That such wonders are capable of true love. It will not stop any obstacles and dangers. The face of love fall on your knees all the disease and breaking all the strong and lasting constipation. True love is nothing to paint manually three hundred and twenty meters high, nor the wind, nor thunderstorm will not stop her caring.
And know the love of the Parisians to the Eiffel tower is not one-sided and unrequited. This amazing iron beauty responds to his caring citizens the same love and devotion. Tower brings huge profits, taking on its territory at the same time about ten thousand men.

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