The capabilities of our memory which we did not know


1) scientists in 2001 proved that left-handers, memory is better developed.
2) a person's Attention can only concentrate for 20 minutes, no matter how interesting topic.
3) Adults, it is best to remember the period of life from 15 years to 25 years.
4) you Can block unpleasant memories, if you conduct exercises in the medical center.
5) Temporary memory can contain 7 units of memory, but it is not stored for more than 20 seconds.
6) of the Hypothalamus, the main part that is used in memory processes. In the aging process, its functionality is reduced, so a man who is 80 years old, lost 20 % of the cells.

7) a Disease in which a person is not able to recognize human faces, called prosopagnosia.
8) Alcohol prevents the absorption of information into long-term memory.
9) the Memory of people who are witnesses, are not accurate. According to statistics in USA, 235-year-convicted 75 % — are serving sentences because of unscrupulous witnesses.
10) If we equate the human brain with the hard drive, the volume amounted to 2.5 million Gigabytes!

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