22 ways to increase the speed of thought.

Brain - a supercomputer, weighing three pounds. This command and control center that controls life. It is associated with absolutely all your actions. The brain determines the thoughts, feelings, relationships with others, even prescribe the nature of your personality. It determines the level of thinking, as well as how much you are polite or rude. Specifies the train of thought. And this is related to how well you cope with work and family. The brain also affects the emotional state, interaction with a partner.
Your brain is more complicated than any computer we can imagine. Did you know, that is one hundred billion nerve cells in your brain, and each of them has a huge number of connections with other cells? In fact, there are more than there are stars in the universe! Optimizing brain function is needed to be the best!

The brain is the center of everything you do, feel and think. He is like a supercomputer that controls your life difficult. Regardless of age, mental training is very important. Here are 22 ways to help you improve mental abilities.

1. Develop your gray cells!

It is believed that at high physical exertion in humans is better developed brain. Scientists from the Institute for Biological Studies «Salk», California, found that mice running around in a rotating wheel, twice as many cells in that area of ​​the brain responsible for learning and memory. Why is mental abilities more active rodents better? Perhaps voluntary exercise is not so difficult, and therefore more profitable. This means that, while working out with pleasure, you become more ingenious and happy.

2.Treniruyte your thinking!

It is important not only physical exercise. You can develop the different areas of your brain, forcing them to work. Professor Katz says that thinking and analysis of the world can improve the functioning of inactive parts of the brain.
Try new tastes and smells. Try to do something with his left hand (if you are right handed and vice versa). Travel to new places. The arts. Read more books that make you think.

3. Ask "Why?»

Our brain is predisposed to curiosity. Allow yourself to be curious! The best way to develop our curiosity - all the time to ask the question "Why?" Let it be a new habit (at least 10 times a day). You'll be amazed at how many opportunities open to you in life and work.

4. More laughter!

Scientists say that laughter is good for our health. The endorphins are produced, and it helps us release tension during this process. Thus, laughter can charge your brain.
5. Eat more cedar, walnut and hazelnut!
Oil found in walnuts, pine and hazelnut, long considered only useful for the heart. But a recent study found that it is useful for the brain. There is not only to improve the air circulation system that supplies oxygen to the head, but also improves the function of cell membranes. That's why people who consume a lot of nuts and other plant foods are less prone to depression, dementia, even the violation.

6. Develop memory

The brain - a memory machine. Take an old photo album or a school diary. Spend time with your memories. Allow the mind to reflect, to remember. Positive emotions from the memories to help you cope with problems.

7. Eat right!

Can harmful fats make you dumb? This question was answered by University of Toronto researchers. They put rats on a diet by increasing the amount of fat intake, resulting in rodents deteriorated functioning of parts of the brain responsible for memory and spatial perception. That changed when the animal food has been replaced by an equivalent plant. In the body, it increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your brain, thereby increasing the speed of thought and reaction.
Many world-famous people become vegetarians for this reason. (It makes no sense at once and completely abandon animal food makes no sense to force yourself. I want to, but I will not do it better gradually replacing them with plant food.)

8. Solve the puzzle!

Some of us are like mosaics, some crossword puzzles, and some logic puzzles. All this is a very good way to activate your brain and keep it active. Solve the puzzle for fun, but in doing so, you should know that you train your brain

. 9. The Mozart Effect

A decade ago, the psychologist Francis Rauscher and his colleagues made the discovery. It turns out, listening to the world famous musical works such as the Moonlight Sonata, a love story, a lone shepherd and others. Works by Mozart improved people's mathematical thinking. Even the rats overcome mazes faster and more accurately after hearing Mozart than other composers. As for listening to modern club music style boom-boom, the rats took place a temporary clouding of reason. Scientists explain this phenomenon by the fact that music is a stimulant gene activity associated with the cells that transmit signals to the brain.
This is the most harmonious way to improve your mental capacity. But before you take a CD, please note that not everyone who is committed to the Mozart effect, gets it. Just can not be used to the brain from the ravages of music quickly restored. In this case, too, a smooth transition is needed. Just when you're in the countryside - take the time to listen to her majestic silence. The natural sounds help in feeling better, longer relax and thereby restore the vitality of the body.

10. Upgrade your skills!

Traditional activities such as sewing, reading, painting and solving crossword puzzles, are important. But! Force yourself to perform all this in a new way each time complicating the task. This will help improve your skills and further stimulate the work of brain cells. Go from theoretical books to books that contain both elements of practice. I mean: learn new drawing techniques, solve more complex puzzles. Achieving better results will help your brain to be healthy.

11. Be a good girl and not a drunkard!

The study will involve 3,500 Japanese men found that those who do not consume spirits in general, better developed the function of cognition than those who consume spirits at "slightly».
A study in rats has determined that those who consumed spirits, lost cells immediately after drinking. It is proved that spirits not only damages the mental abilities, but also prevents their recovery.

12. Play

If you have free time, play. Take time to play. Play outdoor games, board games, game for children, with their peers, themselves. In football, basketball, tennis, tug of war, in the end! It does not matter what you play. You can just fooling around. Play fun and preferably in the fresh air. It will improve your mood and brain function. This will teach your brain to think strategically. Play!

13. Scroll through the information.

Before going to sleep all day, scroll backwards trying to remember every little detail. First you scroll it from rising to sleep, and then vice versa. This scroll back and forth in a short time to improve memory by 20-30%, awaken brain cells that have many sleep.
By the way, be sure to keep to himself the handle with a notebook. If you see any obsession, it will not let you sleep as long as you it is not "redirect" to the paper. It is then useful to you.

14. Concentration

The concentration may improve brain function. But the "thieves of concentration" are not always visible. Learn to notice when you are distracted. Try to find in the first place and do only those things which the transfer is undesirable.
Make it a habit to think and ask yourself: "What are your thoughts now I have swirling in your head?", "Why these and not others?"
For example: why I wanted to call right now, to do this is not the case right now and then ??? It happens very often so that your call in the head helps sekonomit time, and sometimes save someone's life.

15. Love for the brain

In a series of studies in the University of Pennsylvania and was later discovered at Stanford University that any contact adversely affects human life energy.
If someone still remembers physics, it will be easier to present the image. Nature is conceived that for human fertilization child climbs half of his life energy. The man is going on in a short period of time (it is not surprising that many later ... after sleep), the woman she spent during the entire period of pregnancy.
In women of child-bearing period is shorter and more painful menstrual cycles,
The study: the presence or absence of orgasm did not play any importance. As soon as the connection bodies - the energy instantly began to go

. 16. All cases with a desire to do!

When people's lives are to study and work, they give their work to the 200% percent more. Delight yourself and you delight the world! Da Vinci, Edison, Einstein, Picasso - they all loved to play and explore. All the world famous and well-known people are engaged only a favorite for his soul thing. Want to be a genius - like get a job and employment. Remember what you loved to do when you were a kid, and do it as an adult. This is the key to your success and prosperity.

17. Cycles of consciousness

Determine a time when your mind is most active. If you define this time, you will be able to deal with the most important tasks at this time.

18. Learn something new

This may seem obvious. Surely you have a topic that you are interested in the most. Whether it's work or leisure. This is great!
Do this! If you do not have a theme, try every day to find out the value of a new word. There is a strong correlation between vocabulary and your intelligence. When we have a vocabulary is constantly updated with new words, our intellect can work differently. Work, learning!

19. Write!

I'm a big supporter of keeping a personal diary. (Generic book) This is very useful, especially for you and your descendants. This is a very good brain stimulation. Keeping records allows you to expand the capabilities of your brain that control themselves their actions and development. Find ways to write. These can be stories of your childhood, which may be of interest to your friends. Start a blog, you are able to read the rest! Do not be afraid that your entry could read the rest. For some it will be an experience to solve complex problems in life.

20. Aromatherapy to activate brain

Once I fell asleep on one of the conference. But my brain quickly woke up when I smelled lemon someone's toilet water. I immediately realized the alarm and found the strength to wake up. I realized that the aroma therapy helps. Since I use scents to raise the tone and relaxation.
"Energy" include peppermint, cypress and lemon. For relaxation you need geranium and rose. Already there are several live potted flowers or tufts of grass in your room will improve your state of health.

21. Drugs for the activation of the brain

Coffee and other drinks containing caffeine help students get higher scores on tests. But strange as it may seem to someone, herbs for tea with her grandmother's beds have more effect. And the further north they grow, so they are more effective than the southern. Let grass proizrostaet in Udmurtia effective content mozgostimuliruyuschih substances than the same herbs proizrostaet in the Krasnodar region. They qualitatively improve blood flow to the brain and concentration.

22. Surround yourself inspired!

More often communicate with people you like and who likes you. Communicate with you inspiring people. With people who are talking only on the positive theme. The same goes for reading magazines, books, watching a program. The more positive in your life, the less you will get sick. The more your life will be good. The less your brain will waste energy on zamarachivanie some unnecessary and others you problems.
Try out a negative benefit. such as learning from the mistakes of others. Too bad there is a TV series "School", but in this series, you can benefit if the concentrate and ask yourself the question - what should be done to the school where children were not the terror ?? I am confident that your brain will find a solution to the problems.

CONCLUSION: Remember that no matter how old you are and what you do, your brain is a must load. It may be logical puzzles, memorizing Shakespeare, or learning a new language. Make your brain is hard at work, if you do not want, what would he like a rusty car in a landfill.


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