The brain does not go to a retirement pension

Based on the latest research in the field of neuroscience, the American gerontologist Dr. Gene Cohen, Director of the University Medical center George Washington (USA) claims that the brain of an elderly person is far more plastic than is commonly believed. Throughout life, our brains encode thoughts and memories by forming new neural connections. In addition, the more integrated becomes the interaction of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which expands our creative possibilities.

Not as fast as in his youth, the brain of a healthy older person wins in flexibility. Perhaps that is why in adulthood we make more precise conclusions and take wise decisions. In addition, it was found that with age our brain calmer responds to negative emotions.


The brain begins to work in full force at the age of 60-80 years. Peak intellectual activity accounts for about 70 years, when the brain begins to work in full force. Over time, the brain increases the number of myelin – substances which forces a signal to move faster between the neurons. Due to this, the total intellectual power of the brain is increased up to 3000% compared to the average. And the peak production of myelin accounts for 60-80 years of age.

If, before the 60 years between the two hemispheres of the brain there is a strict distribution of functions, after 60 years, people can use both parts of the brain simultaneously, adjusting their inclusion slight inclination of the head in one direction or another. This allows to solve much more complex tasks.

Scientists took volunteers of different age groups and asked them to answer a series of tests at different levels of complexity. It turned out that the elderly (60-75лет) is much easier and faster to solve the challenges. Younger participants, in critical situations, when solving complicated problems, tried to solve them by calculation of all possible variants, which in the end led to confusion. At the time, as those who were over 60, with surprising accuracy chose two or three alternatives leads them to the only right decision.

Professor Oury Monchi, from the University of Montreal believes that "the brain of an elderly person chooses the least energy consuming path, reducing the unnecessary and leaving only the correct solution of the problem."

Along with this, the impact and experience of older people, obtained in a lifetime. They are less susceptible to confusion due to unusual or emotional information than young people. As stated by the University of California Dilip Dzheyst, "the brain of man, behind which there are decades of life, less impulsive and more rational".

This is what we call wisdom – a mixture of subconscious knowledge and experience, allowing you to make quick and correct decisions.

Features of the brain in middle age (60-70 years):

– brain neurons do not die (assumed 30 %), and it can lose the connection between them in that case, if the person is not engaged in serious intellectual work

– with age, the brain increases the amount of myelin (white matter of the brain), and reaches its maximum after 60 years. This causes an acceleration of the passage of signals from neuron to neuron, and the intellectual "power" increases by 30 times

– confusion and forgetfulness — the price paid for the excess of information in the operational memory

in midlife the person becomes more resistant to stress, and is able to work more effectively in conditions of strong emotional stress

– with 60 years old man in solving problems uses not one hemisphere, in both young and both (brain ambidexterity)

– in middle age significantly increases intuition;

peak cognitive performance is in the range of 60-70 years

– when a healthy way of life intellectual power does not decline with age, and only increases, reaching a peak of 80 and sometimes 90.

If you want to use the power of your brain to the max, keep the following tips:

Exercise before you perfect, within reasonable limits, or different systems of ozdorovlenie, for example, yoga).

Follow the position. Your posture affects the thought process. Check it out for yourself. Try to decide in your mind any math problem, sitting properly and looking at the floor. Then try to do the same just been sitting with a straight back, looking up or straight ahead. You will notice that it's easier to think all the same in the second embodiment.

Follow the blood circulation. Poor circulation does not allow the person to fully concentrate. If You are in the same position, try for at least 1-2 minutes to stretch your legs. This allows you to restore blood circulation. Best control blood circulation – ginger and trikatu.

- Train your thinking. Important is not only physical. You can develop different areas of their brain, forcing them to work. Professor Katz said that the thinking and analysis of the surrounding world can improve the functioning of inactive parts of the brain. Try new tastes and smells. Try to do something with the left hand (if you're right handed and Vice versa). Travel to new places. Do art. Read the classics.

- Ask "Why?" Our brain is predisposed to curiosity. Allow yourself to be curious. The best way to develop curiosity all the time to ask questions "Why?". Let this be a new habit (at least 10 times a day). You'll be amazed at how many opportunities open to you in life and work.

- Get rid of negative thoughts. The thoughts that you visit are of great importance for your brain. A study by mark George and his colleagues from the National Institute of Health has proven that happy, optimistic thoughts have a calming effect on the brain, while negative thoughts lead to depression and anxiety. Better not to think than to think negatively.

- Laugh more. Scientists say that loud laughter is good for our health. In the process, loud laughter produces endorphins, and it helps us to relieve stress. Thus, laughter can charge our brain.

- Develop memory. The brain is a memory machine. Take an old photo album or school diary and remember. Spend time with your memories. But remember only the good. Don't look at pictures of people that are associated with bad memories. Cover them with your hand or a piece of paper. Let the mind to think, to remember. Positive emotions from the memories will help you cope with problems.

"To remember the past is harmful. Not because it is "good or bad", but because there is the energy of the dead. Memories of the past, we increase attachment to the "earthly delights" – and hence to Moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death (Samsara) and all the miseries and limitations of material existence) we can't do this. Vivekananda this is well said in "Karma yoga".)

- Rest. During operation, always take breaks. This will help to relieve stress, which appears due to the fact that You are sitting too long in one place. Resting only 10-15 minutes every hour, You can increase your ability to work. A short break will help Your brain to relax and bring thoughts in order.

- Talk with an imaginary friend. Talking and getting advice from an imaginary interlocutor, you are able to access the information held at subconscious level. Imagine that you are talking to a person who is competent enough in the desired region. It is best to talk out loud.

- Solve the puzzle. Some of us like a mosaic, some crosswords, and someone points. All this is a very good way to activate your brain and keep it active. Solve the mystery for fun, but in doing this, know that you are training your brain. But avoid puzzles that cannot solve. For example, who created the Universe? It can act on the brain negatively.

- Listen To Mozart. A decade ago, psychologist Francis Rauscher and his colleagues made the discovery. It turns out that listening to music by Mozart improves the mathematical thinking of people. Even rats ran the maze faster and more accurately after listening to Mozart than after noise, or music of minimalist composer Philip glass. Last year, Rauscher reported that, for rats, as for the man, the Mozart Sonata is a stimulator of activity of the three genes associated with cells that transmit signals to the brain. This is the most harmonious way to improve your mental abilities.

But before you take the CDs, please note that not everyone who committed to the Mozart effect, gets it. Besides, even his supporters are inclined to think that music boosts brain power because it makes listeners feel better. Occurs simultaneously and relaxation, and stimulation of the body.

- Improve your skills. Regular classes, such as sewing, reading, drawing and crossword puzzles, are very important. Force yourself to accomplish things in new ways, find original solutions, to improve their skills. Read new books, explore new ways of drawing, solving more complex puzzles. For example, try to read an inverted book. Do not worry if it will not work immediately. Practice. Achieving better results will help your brain to be healthy.

- Reduce the amount of alcohol. It is proved that alcohol not only impairs mental faculties, but also impedes their recovery. You can drink, but in moderation. Of course, each has its own measure.

- Play. If you have free time, play. Make time for games. Play cards, video games, Board games. Even battleship or TIC – TAC-toe. Doesn't matter what you're playing. The game will improve your mood and brain function. This will teach your brain to think strategically, creatively.

- Sleep with a pen and paper. Viewing key information before bedtime will improve its memorization by 20-30%. You can keep near the bed some book to read before bed, if it will not be much to bore you. And be sure to keep a pen and a Notepad next to the bed. If there is any obsession, it will not go to sleep until you write it down. Do not worry if in the morning it will seem silly or ridiculous. Importantly, the brain did the work.

- Concentrate. Concentration can improve brain function. But "the thieves of concentration" is not always visible. Learn to notice when you get distracted. If you were, for example, for Breakfast, this thought can interfere with all morning, sapping your clarity in thoughts. You may not even realize that the idea bothers you. Get yourself in the habit to think and ask yourself: "What thoughts and why now I have buzzing around in your head?". In our example, for Breakfast you could redirect to your to-do list. Write down in the evening in large letters – to BREAKFAST. And hang in a prominent place. This can save you from this thought and help you to think more clearly. Such techniques are especially important in the age of 80 years or more.

- Love. In a series of studies by Dr. Cutler and his colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania and later at Stanford University it was found that regular sexual contact had a beneficial effect. Sexual contact at least once a week lead women to have regular menstrual cycles, shorter menses, delayed menopause, increased estrogen levels and delayed aging process. The increase of estrogen levels due to the increase in the number of sex helps to improve brain activity.

During sex, try to think about someone who you particularly pleasant. This is not necessarily the person with whom you have sex. In the study Dr. Cutler the presence of orgasm was not as important. Most importantly – think, do not disconnect your brain. It is useful to think of domestic or professional problems. Dr. Kapler noted that there are cases where scientists found a solution to the problem is during sex. Intimacy and emotional connection are the most influential factors.

- Play with passion. When the life of people includes learning and creativity, they give to their work on 127% more. Admire yourself and you delight the world. Remember what you loved to do when I was a kid, and do it as an adult. This is the key to your genius. Da Vinci, Edison, Einstein, Picasso — they all loved to play and explore. Don't be afraid to "fall into childhood". This happens sooner or later, but not everyone understands the benefits of this.

- Determine the cycles of consciousness. Identify a time when your mind is most active. If you define this time, you will be able to deal with the most important task at this time. It can be morning, evening, night. Or even the time you spend in the toilet.

- Write. Keeping a personal diary is very helpful, primarily for you. This is a very good brain stimulation. Write letters to strangers. The lack of response not very important. Letters allow you to expand your brain's capabilities. Find ways to write so you could read the rest. It can be about your childhood, funny or funny stories you want to share with other people. Activities blog that You can read as many people as possible. Communicate!

- Use aromatherapy for brain activation. Scents can be used to raise the tone or relaxation. "Energy" includes peppermint, cypress, lemon, juice of Ethiopian cactus. For relaxation you will need geranium, rose or Tibetan dandelion. A few drops of oil in your bath or spray will be sufficient. You can also use a handkerchief, a few drops will be enough. Be certain that you are not allergic to this oil.

- Surround yourself with inspirations. Connect you with inspiring people like contemporaries, and from the past. No matter how old you are and what you do, your brain just needs the load. It can be logic puzzles, memorizing Shakespeare or studying the Chinese language. Keep your brain busy, if you don't want him rusty as the car in the junkyard.

The article was not paying attention to the value of a good physical condition, but it's all they know.

Do not despair! We have all is ahead! 60, 70 and 90 years. In full health!


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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