Woman, Brain and OH

Woman: God, he goes away, away from me! (Crying)
Brain: positive, more positive ...
Woman: Where do something more positive? Things collects, you bastard ...
Brain: Do not roar, smile ... an enigmatic smile ... And not waving his arms like a windmill!
Woman: You bastard, puts the suitcase ... A decent man, leaving, takes only socks and underwear but the bastard still beacons puts ... (crying)
Brain: Smile!
Woman: Maybe throw herself on his neck?
Brain: You fool!
Woman: Maybe on his knees in front of him crumble?
Brain: You fool!
Woman: And can it order?
Brain: What is "that"?
Woman: Well .... Pans on the head quietly?
Brain :?
Woman: Then feed him, poor little, broth ... so you can stretch out for two months ... maybe get used to, it will not go away ...
Brain: criminality are you still ... And if the forces are not designed?
Woman: I'm better zamahnus and kaaaaak ladies!

Brain: I'm not in this sense ... Baba then you're strong ... even kill, and this article!
Woman: Wh-what, say, if you're so smart?
Brain: Smile !!! Positive, more positive ...
Woman: Well, in that you can find positive? I odnaaaaa ostaaaanus! (crying)
Brain: Smile! Firstly, not one, but a free woman ...
Woman: On fig me such freedom?
Brain: Smile! Freedom - that's fine: you will only deal with a!
Woman: Why? (Sniffling)
Brain: Next! Brazil you learn - so you always dreamed of watching soap operas without translation. The drumming circle zapishesh - with your silischey something!
Woman: Time somehow it was not ...
Brain: itself will manage the finances without any stupid purchases of US rods and eternal repairs sdohshego car!
Woman: buy a fur coat and sandals ... well, those ... ... with a bow (wipe tears)
Brain: With the guy from the legal department of losing your dinner - he looked at you so ...
Woman: (Laughs) Yeah, we descend to the restaurant, he, incidentally, is already offered. Coat clothe, sandals with a bow ... (smiles enigmatically)
Brain: Not prepared anyone or wash ...
Woman: Just manicure-pedicure-mask-massage! (Smiles of happiness) I will go on a tour to Vienna ... (dreamily)
Brain: That, and you have not seen positive ...
Woman: Oh, alive! (Smiling triumphantly) OOOOOOOOOY !!!
Brain: What?
Woman: He is on his knees with a suitcase, kissed my knees!
Brain: Who?
Woman: Well, not the same suitcase! He says this has never, as I do not find ... ask forgiveness ... You're wanted!
Brain: Oh!
Woman: And what a free woman? (Crying) But what about the circle of drumming? Fur coat, sandals, those with a bow? (Sobs) Vasya from the legal department? Dinner in the restaurant and Vienna?
Brain: positive, positive attitude, ...


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