A life without age: the Italian experience

Young jammed the phrase "in 40 years life only begins", called for obvious reasons, smile. Well, what's life if this is the end.

Now, when I crossed the 50 year mark, she again raises a smile.

Now I know that life begins when you do seriously want. In 40, 50, 60, and 70, I think.

And this is not a theoretical argument "on", and personal experience, giving the right to say so.In 45 years I abruptly changed his fate, starting from scratch.

Ninety nine million nine hundred seventy six thousand eight hundred nineteen

Not podseti me boy Deputy during a whirlwind romance with my future husband is Italian, and other novels with the Italians does not happen, who knows what would have been the future life.

The result is undercover game nimble a little boy, I was on the street without his beloved with unpaid Bank loan.

If not for this fact, I have long doubted whether to take me a marriage proposal. And, most of all, our romance came to be, "no", as it happens when people are separated by thousands of miles and a fear of change normal life. You see, in 45 years to change the country, language and write even if already an adult, but only the son, Oh so easy.

Thank you, Ilya, after committing infamy, you unwittingly gave me the opportunity to live fantasticheskie 10 years in the most beautiful country that taught me another view of life and a different relation to age. Gave me a sense of freedom and happiness to do things I never dreamed.

In Russia such a possibility generally comes with retirement.

Because while you were studying, made a flat, raised children, made a career, had no time to think about missed opportunities. And now, when it is not necessary to give their time to the employer, finally you can realize their old dream — to learn to play the guitar or take voice lessons, or paint watercolors. The chance is given, but not everyone is using it.

After all, for someone, and there are many people, retirement is a disaster under the title "Hello, old age!". This is especially true of women.

Let's look at the attitude of the age in Russia and Italy.

The Italians are not thinking about it, and that's it.

In the first place is due to the fact that life expectancy in Italy anymore. On a holiday leave here much later than in Russia. Foolish to part with a great technician because he was 70 years old. His experience is used as much as the man himself desires.

So the Italians are not waiting for retirement to do what they want.

When it has to be! They live in the here and now.

I want to drive a motorcycle chase, even though 100 years behind.

Could not become a professional singer and will sing in his spare time in the evenings. A friend of mine, retired engineer, long stepped age of 70, so play on Thursdays in a bar in jazz music that to hear it coming from the nearby town.

People live in full force without any restrictions.


Sixty three million four hundred thirty three thousand eight hundred thirty four

Check out motorcycle club in the city of Empoli.

Seventy nine million three hundred eighty five thousand seven hundred seventy two

My friend Francesco (he's 60+), an engineer working in the oil company, this year went to Sicily on motorbikes from Milan, 1240, 1240 miles there and back.

Eighty seven million three hundred thirty five thousand three hundred ten

Half of the Italians "sick" and watching Motorsport competitions MOTOJP

Seven million thirty six thousand three hundred five

The second half is crazy about football

Fifty four million six hundred forty seven thousand one hundred eighty

And Italians work to live, not live to work.

Yes, for any money the Italian won't work on a Sunday or late in the evening, when he has so many other interests. At 19-30, the streets are empty. Evening the Italians devote to dinner with family or friends. And it faithfully observe and carefully supported tradition.

After all, family, children, friends are most important in life.

In Russia, the work often replaces person personal life, to forfeit it a recipe for disaster not only financially, but also the loss of meaning of life. So hanging onto it with his teeth.

After all that waiting, for example, a Russian woman after retirement?

For most the path is predictable to tears.

Lucky women, having young grandchildren, year-round employment is guaranteed. Growing children, grandma!

The summer resident noticed a seasonal entertainment with a hoe in his hands.

In your free time and grab a seat on the couch watching TV, waiting for you series!

Fortunately, there are other women who understand that came the long-awaited moment when we can finally think about yourself. And they are happy to give myself to yoga, swimming, do not miss any event and aware of all social events in the city. And their number is gradually increasing.

Most often it is done by those who had the opportunity to travel the world and see a different way of life.

Here Italians, adoring grandchildren, will never be to sit with them. They will gladly take the baby, but only for a couple of hours to play, walk, eat ice cream together.

The Italian grandmothers their own full and active life. Their children she raised, and grandchildren not her concern. In the end, there is a kindergarten, or a nanny.

She has very different plans — drink coffee with friends, shopping, hairdresser / Barber, to which she goes at least once a week. Sometimes to just wash your hair and style your hair. And weekly Friday night dinner with friends at your favorite restaurant that you want is suitable to look.

First Italian think of the perfect manicure, pedicure and haircut. Everything else can wait.

However, she does not lazy as you can be thought, and is the perfect host, whose daily at 13.00 at the dinner table having lunch the whole family. And then there are the weekly Sunday dinner, which brings together the cousins and second cousins relatives coupled with elderly aunts, and preparations like baking a wedding table.

A Charter from the reception in the evening she is free to go relax at your favorite bar one. And no one would look at her accusingly, suspecting something unsavory.

Nor would she to reflect about who and what will think about it. Lives as he wants, and does what it sees fit.

She buys her clothes, not thinking about the length of skirts or the fact that the hands better with age cover. The main thing that she likes, and if you don't, then it's your problem.

A sense of confidence in the Italian rolls, and this has a simple explanation. The first is the around men of all ages, because in Italy, even more than women. So no need to get all worked up, seeking male attention. And second. Even the ugliest girl brought up in complete adoration. In adult life she has no doubts that it is unique and unrepeatable.

And where the evening can go a grown woman in Russia, especially if she's alone?

At a restaurant?



Well, except in Dating for those over…

Without a man in Russia woman in the evening can only go to walk the dog.

She did not come that evening, for example, to go to dance.

And not only that in Russia there are no dance floors. They're not just because there is no one to go.

You know what I most often hear from my compatriots in response to the offer to go to the school dance instead to solve the crosswords or cross stitching?

"At my age, to go to the dance just not right. I'm not going to make people laugh".

Or "I will never wear, at my age I don't wear!»

And "At my age you can't!»

When I talk about this to Italian friends, they look at me with incomprehension.

«Must not?»


"Who invented it?»

And, really, who?

Because it is the right time to go learn to dance the waltz or tango.

Or salsa with bacati.

It's also a chance to find new friends, and maybe man, who knows.

By the way, the Americans conducted a study on Alzheimer's disease, unexpectedly showed that the surest way to preserve clarity of brain and prevention of this disease is dancing. Therefore, for adults to maintain a healthy head, you must dance. Especially after 70 years.

Twenty million one hundred eighteen thousand twenty two

Dance floor

You wondered why Russian women wear to work unsuitable for office outfits, is designed to release? Yes, because to wear it nowhere else.

And if the front preparing for the upcoming dance?!

Yes, two to three times a week?

There are no dresses is not enough.

First, going to the store, you can pay attention to the racks of evening dresses.

And I adore Italy for the rest of my days, because there was realized an old dream to learn to dance waltz, tango, Latin dances. Dance for all, regardless of age. The first time I accidentally hit the crowded dance hall with 300 seats and saw how the Italians, who are well over 60, dance the Foxtrot and rock ' n ' roll, it was like a bolt of lightning. And why am I still dancing?

Running in search of the nearest school of ballroom dancing!

Eighty five million six hundred twelve thousand five hundred forty two

One of the many schools of ballroom dancing In Rimini for all ages

And if you want, you can safely go to a youth disco in the style of the 60's, if you like the music of this period, and no you will not look askance.

For information: old here call those who crossed the threshold of 80 years, all remaining adults.

Another powerful argument. In Russia to take lessons in ballroom dancing is much cheaper than in Italy. I never miss an opportunity to Polish technique, when I am at home because of the Russian school of ballroom dancing is one of the strongest.

Do not miss this opportunity to go to study dance. Who knows where this road leads.

There's one more thing we have to learn from the Italians.

They're obsessed with health, and perhaps that is why I live long.90-year-old on their feet is full.

Organic and natural foods, Jogging in the morning, gym, bike instead of a car, all these attributes of daily life. Those who can't run, walk with sticks, doing Nordic walking.

On weekends, the roads stretched string of cyclists is far not the young age, traveling to a nearby town for the local attractions. Half of them were women.

Forty three million forty four thousand one hundred thirty eight

Fans club led runs "Cicli Papaleo" from the region of Reggio Calabria. The average age of participants was 45+.

Sixteen million two hundred seventy four thousand thirty seven

While the Italians love to eat and plenty to eat. I understand and share this passion, because Italian cuisine is the most delicious in the world. Now I know the secret of how to have an amazing Italian pasta and not gain weight.

Share with you. It is necessary to eat only in lunch and never for dinner.

Here taken every six months for tests, then visit your doctor. Making sure that everything is fine and no cause for concern, no, breathed a sigh of relief. And immediately start making phone calls to family and friends to announce that you're okay. It's a fact of life — taking care of yourself and your own health, and at the same time caring about people. Because being ill, you will create problems you have to care. Why complicate their lives.


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How is it in Russia?Russian people willingly to the doctor will not go.Only if very much will press. Will endure to the last, saying, "I have no time to go to the hospitals! I do not like doctors!". And even offended, as if the conversation turned on indecent topic. And about the prevention of the question.

"I ... what do you think sick? Why would I go to the hospital?»

Especially this sin of men, before leaving, because sometimes going to the doctor is delayed.

Forget the word "tomorrow" in relation to their health and life.We live in captivity once and someone imposed stereotypes. It's time to part with them. And begin to live right now. No matter how many years it behind. published 


Author: Elena Cecchini


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

Source: interesno.co/myself/f62bad552302#27880


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