Horoscope: As the signs of the Zodiac retire

It just seems that pension – far from it. If you ask my grandmother when she went to school, grandma will stammer and say "Um... Yes, here literally yesterday." Therefore we dare to look to the future. Not that it's scary.

CAPRICORN Capricorns live a lifetime under the yoke of commitment and a clear plan: here I must, then I must, and here the fish wrap. He's so tired he can easily forget how old he is. Therefore, the pension for zamochennogo Capricorn falls unexpectedly, and, for starters, he falls into a wild depression. And then looks around, realizes that the alarm can be turned off, and, to celebrate, flows already in childhood, starting to believe in miracles, aliens, and Santa Claus.


AQUARIUS life Aquarius live by the principle: "a Lovely Universe, and you can skip all this garbage in my life and go straight to the part where I travel the world?". Therefore, the pension for the Aquarian – a gift of fate. Well, since Aquarians and at a young age, few care about what they think about the surrounding, in the later years of this skill progresses in the terminal stage, and women-Aquarians make cash in shops funny hats, gloves and river pearls.

FISH Fish usual panic of "I die." While the average Fish are guaranteed to outlive us all, but this is detail. Fish usually sit on the couch and plucked the in the mind missed opportunities, simultaneously passing the remaining. The funny thing is that Fish, however, have a unique gift – not just desperate to believe in fairy tales, but to infect the others. Therefore, to spare the Fish about – they can still make three times to marry, divorce, marry, become widowed and remarry.

ARIES energy Aries does not allow them to notice the age. What terribly complicates the lives of others – while the Deputy chief of Department little industry expects that the boss will retire, summer follows winter, and so twenty times. As a result, Deputy chief dies of boredom, disappointment and, of course, of age, and another takes his place and starts to hopelessly wait. Because Aries is retiring just feet and health of Rams strong.

TAURUS Taurus retired finally turns into a sybarite. No matter how much is left of this life, you need to get everywhere to go review all the best films, read all the monuments of human literature and, of course, devour all the good that is still left in the bins homeland, refrigerator and a French restaurant next door. Maybe, just for one last good purpose Calves and retire with a full jug large beautiful banknotes.

GEMINI For Twins retirement – this is an expected opportunity to leave the drudgery of the research Institute For business ... Just Yellow and do what he likes. The Twin, as a rule, does not know what he is the favorite. The drama club? The circle of the photo? As a result, the Twins will try both. But if you read some holographic Pics.ru future motivational story about the old woman, who at 98 years old, he began painting and is now exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum, it is sure to be old-Twins.

CANCER For Cancer a pension – a real treat. Because the Cancer either can't stand to work in principle, or have already earned all the money, and can finally say with a clear conscience to give himself to the family entirely. But for grandchildren and great-grandchildren starts the standard children's hell with boilers: "have you eaten?", "you have a hat?" and "Lord, I have health is not enough... where did you go – eat and a cap put on!".

LEO OH, Leo retired is a natural Queen mother. With perfect makeup, manicure, pedicure, lots of fans, purses, hats and scarf on the neck. Regardless of the number of listeners (although, as a rule, it gathers a lot of students), lion will graciously smile and detail, metaphors, hyperbole and good jokes to tell these bitches how they should live.

VIRGO Virgo are very afraid of old age and try every possible way to delay. That is why the pension they are with a sad humility: Yes, on the one hand, this sentence, on the morning of the execution, and, on the other – saved time can be spent on walks and even Jogging. To be in shape and to live, at least, a hundred years in the sad anticipation of the executioner at dawn.

LIBRA Scales retired not released, because they believe that they faked the passport. Aesthetes Scale is turned not only on the beautiful things in principle but in their appearance, in particular. So any ways, dependent or independent of the wallet, Libra will manage to preserve the charm if not youth, then, at least, early adulthood. Plastic, Botox or cucumber ass – not, the main thing that Weights a maximum of forty, what pension, what are you?

SCORPIO Before the invention of viagra, the Scorpions to their pensions turned into philosophers, pereosmysleniya his stormy youth up to the writing of scientific papers. But after a pharmacological breakthrough that makes no sense because in retirement you can have sex even better than College – no need to get on the first couple, yo-hoo! And scientific works of Cancers may write, while the grandchildren sleep.

SAGITTARIUS Sagittarians are Obedient honestly tries to behave retired sedately and appropriately. But they are not long enough. Archers are afraid of old age, so will load itself in full, get a new job or at least freelancing. And will download so desperately to fight in the networks of the deadline, and I promised myself: "here I will retire, I will behave exponentially, proper, and even, an honest pensioner, sleep". published


Author Alexander Smilyanskaya

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