An Israeli inventor has built a bike from recycled cardboard

An inventor from Israel, Izhar Gafni, not so long ago showed the current bike, which is almost all constructed from recycled paperboard, and the production cost is around 15 USD. Says Gaffney, this new bike will be the perfect solution for urban dwellers as a cheap and environmentally friendly way to travel.

For Gafni, a mechanical engineer and cyclist enthusiast, Muse served as boat-canoe, which was also built out of cardboard. So started a project that lasted three years, during which the engineer had built in his workshop a few options before choosing the current design of the bike is cheap to manufacture, reliable and suitable for regular use.
Cardboard bike was built in several stages. First, the cardboard was cut into parts of the desired shape, are folded and strongly pressed, thereby achieving the strength of the structure. In the second phase cardboard strengthened by treatment with a coating composition of which the engineer said. And finally, all the parts of the bike painted and assembled.

This bike weighs 20 pounds (about 9 kilos), which is approximately one-third less weight of a standard bike, and can withstand a weight up to 210 pounds. This vehicle has a resistance to water and moisture and needs no adjustment and maintenance. A bike tire is made from used tires, and automotive timing belt β€” transmission chain of a Bicycle.

In the future, Gaffney wants to build a cardboard bike for children, and additionally provided with an electric motor.

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