What can cause the consumption of soda?

In recent years, criticisms of the soda has accumulated a lot. They mainly relate to the content in beverages of various hazardous substances. In the first place – sugar, which itself, though not harmful, but regular excessive consumption leads to obesity. However, the sugar found in many products, and the risk, respectively, do not represent these products, namely their regular excessive consumption. In addition, producers of soda have long established so called dietary drinks based on sugar substitutes.

If you drink sweet drinks regularly, insulin levels will constantly rise, this will lead to insulin resistance, and this in turn can cause many diseases from diabetes to cancer. In addition, regular consumption of soda promotes the formation of obesity.

Lemonade or sweet drinks with excessive use violate the metabolism. This happens because of the excess sugar. Contained in these synthetic dyes often cause allergies, and the bubbles of carbon dioxide cause an increase of acidity of gastric juice, which, ultimately, leads to gastritis. Citric acid causes osteoporosis, even in children.

Abuse the liquid under the delicious title "soda" should not. It is fraught with negative consequences. Being overweight is not the worst thing that can be purchased as an exorbitant passion for sweet water. Colitis, gastritis, ulcers, allergies – this unwanted faces appearing bouquet in a crystal vase Your Health. If you really feel an urge to have a drink, take the time to study the label, which self-respecting manufacturers written composition. Prefer natural ingredients.

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