Almond milk, fresh juice and 6 more drinks, the use of which is exaggerated

Decided to eat right and replace regular milk with almond, drink after workouts vitamin water and go with juice from bags on the fresh? Not in a hurry. First, find out whether our body needs those drinks that many of us still consider "useful".

Almond milk

Almond milk quickly became a popular alternative to cow's. It is tasty, goes well with fruit and is suitable for people with lactose intolerance. Many are convinced that once the milk is made from almonds with milk, they get most of the nutrients of the nuts.

Actually. If you don't milk themselves and buy in the store, you get almond milk, which only about 2% nuts. Therefore, the purchase will not be those healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals, which are rich in almonds. Some manufacturers add sugar or sweeteners, giving you dozens or even hundreds of empty calories.

What to do. First, read the part that you buy. Second, if there is no alternative, drink a glass of plain water and eat a handful of dried almonds. So you can relax, get about 160 calories and all the nutrients that it contains almonds.

Low-calorie drinks

Many fans of sodas or packaged juices do not just buy them a low-calorie alternative. Of course, the words "no calorie" makes the drink more attractive compared to its "full" version. Some may decide that low-calorie drinks as you like, for years to come, because calories are not there.

Actually. Our body is smarter: when he feels that he consumed something sweet, it expects calories, and since these drinks have no calories, the body soon "turn on" hunger hormones, stimulating an incredible desire to eat. Therefore, after low-calorie soda so I want something to eat. The most unpleasant, in such moments, the arm most often something is harmful such as chips, cookies, chocolate, crackers and so on.

What to do. Try adding the juice of fresh lemon or lime in sparkling water, maybe it's not as sweet as you would like, but at least it will save you from overeating.

Sports drinks

Athletes, marathon runners and people who face extreme physical exertion, sometimes rely on sports drinks that replenish electrolytes and sugar levels in the body, and quickly charged carbohydrates, and help to overcome great distance. If you drink them after each, even a small workout, do not be surprised why can not lose weight.

Actually. Most sports drinks contain corn syrup with high fructose, high in sodium and almost as much sugar as regular soda. Like energy drinks, sports drinks cause a temporary surge of energy followed by a sharp drop. The runners that may be on hand, but those whose training does not take hours or intensity compares to the ride hardly.

What to do. If you are going to hike through the desert, in what type of drink you don't need. Again – the use of sports drinks is shown exclusively during high-intensity workouts lasting longer than 60 minutes. To quench your thirst after a workout, enough normal water.

Coffee drinks

Most of you know, or guess, what's your favorite frappe, mocha, latte with syrup, frappuccino and many other espresso-based drinks are not that useful. Some even believe that a large portion of this drink can replace a normal meal.

Actually. The quality of these 800 calories that contain sweet drinks based on coffee, leaves much to be desired. All saturated fats from dairy ingredients, plus sugar syrups plus flavorings will give you a whole bunch of empty calories that lack any nutrients. And added to the probability of decline of energy and feelings of lethargy.

What to do. If you can't give up caffeine, try to switch to regular black coffee. Better to get your calories from real food which includes proteins, complex carbohydrates, and ideally even and fiber. For example, coffee, whole wheat toast with peanut butter and an Apple can deliver no less fun, and most importantly – good.

Fresh juice

It would seem, what could be wrong with freshly squeezed fruit juice. It is obvious that they are much healthier than processed packaged juices. Making your own freshly squeezed fruit (or vegetable) drinks, you get fresh vitamins without added sugar, preservatives and other things that are often found in the purchase the juice.

Actually. The main problem of fresh juices – no fiber, which serves as a "moderator" instant absorption of sugar in the blood. Of course, with the portion of juice you will get a lot of vitamins and minerals from fresh ingredients, but ultimately the fruit juice contains too much sugar which is not balanced vegetable fibers.

What to do. There are two solutions to the problem: to consume fruits and vegetables in their natural form or switch from juices to cocktails and smoothies. Just take fruit or vegetables that you like, and whisk in a blender with water or milk.


Most likely, you have a friend who is unable to carry out without energy. And he tries to convince you that he needed to Wake up, stay alert during the day and catch everything, especially if he wasn't sleeping normally.

Actually. Energy drink can give short term energy boost, but it also makes a person feel even more overwhelmed. From such drinks quickly get addicted to and their continued consumption causes unpleasant side effects, such as nervousness, increased anxiety, headaches and migraines.

What to do. If you feel lack of energy, instead of energy try to make myself a protein shake with useful carbohydrates, such as fruit. The lack of protein in the diet is a fairly common cause of fatigue and, fortunately, easily fixable.

Vitamin water

Vitamin water is marketed by manufacturers as ordinary water with the addition of a number of beneficial ingredients – vitamins and minerals.

Actually. In this water in addition to vitamins, there is also a huge amount of sugar. For example, one bottle of this drink contains around 33 grams of sugar. Even a chocolate bar with caramel and nuts not so much!

What to do. In spring and autumn, when the body much-needed vitamins, it is better to consult a doctor. Based on the tests, he will give the recipe and will prescribe the necessary vitamins. And it is better to eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water every day – it's hard to find the same set of nutrients, which contains in a variety of fresh plant foods and lean sources of protein.

Coconut water

Coconut water is one of the main trends in the field of healthy lifestyle and fitness, so-called superdrink. Many consider coconut water almost a panacea hydration and natural low-calorie alternative to sports drinks due to the rich electrolyte composition (sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium).

Actually. Lately, this drink has been a lot of discussion. Use coconut water for workouts is actually slightly exaggerated. Use it before, during and after a workout nothing better than to eat a product high in potassium or sodium, for example, a banana, and drink plenty of water in addition.

What to do. If you love coconut water, continue to drink, but do not substitute it for plain water and real meals. Most importantly – make sure that the composition of this coconut water (if you buy it in jars and packets) does not have any sweeteners or other strange additives. published


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