12 interiors in vintage style

The word "vintage" comes to the interior of the vocabulary of winemaking, where it refers to aged, expensive wine. Later this term began to imply rarity and the impossibility of forgery. Vintage style in the interior appeared in the last century. This style of bold, loving experiments. However, stylish vintage, is not just any old thing, but the thing that was considered fashionable at the time of its creation.


Project author: Anna Erman. Photographer: Sergey Ananiev.The interior in the vintage style can be made as of the things distressed and antique, bought at a flea market, produced in the attic in my grandmother's chest or even found in the garbage. The main characteristic of such things is not so much their appearance, as in the feelings they evoke. Vintage associative, but these associations are connected not so much with a particular person, how many ideas about the era, memories of which still retains the older generation. Elements of a long family history help to create a special emotional background, which is so important for vintage interior.

Project author: Alexander Shepel.Vintage style in the interior is created according to the rules, and determine everything from the palette to the materials and the location of objects in space. Vintage interior is usually dominated by the dominant color and its various shades. Often use soft, muted, pastel colors. As for the finish, the interiors of this style dominated by natural materials. If the floor — a parquet or a tile if the ceiling — the plaster. Walls can be painted or papered. No laminate, linoleum, drywall. Welcome scuffs, dings, scratches, chips.

Project author: Julia Galaska. Photographer: Sergey Ananiev.Wallpaper when creating vintage interiors receive special attention. They can be of three types. The first type is Wallpaper with bright ornaments. Pattern, usually small, allowing you to create the right background for furniture with white or beige shades give the interior the desired level of detail and symmetry. The second type is a Wallpaper with a large figure or ornament. As a rule, such glued Wallpaper only one wall in the room, others often painted in white or slightly tinted. The third type of light Wallpaper designs. Such expressive Wallpapers allow you to create the desired background for vintage items.

Project author: Irina Dimova. Photographer: Mikhail Stepanov.What to the interior, most of them, indeed, can be purchased for relatively little money and bring to the desired condition even myself. An important point of interior in vintage style – accessories: clock, old typewriter, telephone, crockery, textiles and so on. They should not just be properly placed, they should be enough to be able to organize a symmetrical composition. Symmetry allows you to create rhythm, to organize the space, which at first glance seem to be filled with trinkets and cute little things.

Project author: Irina Dimova. Photographer: Mikhail Stepanov.The last and most important. Pure vintage interior has expressed gender identity. Usually it's a female interior. Often, in vintage style style boudoirs, kitchens, small living rooms, women's rooms, girly bedroom. The elements of vintage style fit perfectly into any modern interior, adding to it a flavor and atmosphere.

The author of the project: office of the Broch. Photographer: Sergey Ananiev.

Project author: Julia Galaska
Photographer: Sergey Ananev Sergey

Crochet tablecloth oval table, bentwood chairs, dishes 50-ies of the last century, the fireplace — all this forms a good vintage, country interior.

The author of the project: ChDecoration
Photographer: Sergey Ananev Sergey

There are a lot of things: a collection of photographs, old velvet chair the colour of lapis lazuli, shrouded sofa, decorative pillows, crystal chandelier. And all this is well combined a neutral background, which has turned out correct composition.


The author of the project: Dominant

The vintage elements - the table, chairs, chandelier decorate this modern living room.

Project author: CARMINE HOME

Traditional classic kind to vintage elements that can be seen from this interior.

The author of the project: March

Elements of vintage style is good and the little cottage, and in a large country house.

The author of the project: the Millennium Project
Photographer: Razutdinov Zinon

Elements of vintage style match well even the interior is made with elements of style loft!


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