Our world is again a wave of retro fashion - fashion vintage.

Our world is again a wave of retro fashion - fashion vintage. If you believe Wikipedia, vintage - this dress, which is more than 20 but less than 50 years. Or clothing made for obsolete technology, reflecting the fashion of the time, to which it belongs. In this vintage should be "authentic" - things that "just looking, but the technology is not compliant" or "old but not stylish" = not suitable.

Vintage - is not an invention of our time. Tradition to pass things by inheritance and pull dresses from "my grandmother's trunk" came to us from the Middle Ages - not to lie, from the ninth century to eleventh.

In the Middle Ages it was clothes aristocrats investment. The dress was divided into upper and lower. Lower sewed of soft white material, it covers her body - including dresses from the top.
Top dress sewed from expensive material, often of brocade, gold or silver. Brocade is a fabric created from silk and gold and silver threads. In the Middle Ages, brocade went pure gold and silver - in fact, the fabric is made from a very, very fine silver or gold wire. Brocade sewn on precious stones, pearls and lace, which also handed down.

Individually designed sleeve: because there were many on the sleeve material, its adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls and sewed so that a sleeve can be worn with different dresses or someone to give. One such sleeve was worth more than a modern car.
These dresses can be seen in the paintings of Velázquez: scary to imagine how they can be kilograms.

Over time, the dress is simplified become cheaper, but the tradition to pass things by inheritance remained. That, in principle, of course: even if the dress is not created entirely of gold, but it stitched 50-60 large pearls, as Eleanor of Toledo dress - such a thing do not just throw it away.

The so-called "retro fashion" popped up from time to time: it mimics the empire of antiquity, but a new image - Rococo era ...

And in the 90s fashion again exhausted. Mr. "Brand" conceded the honorary title of trendsetter, came the era of originality, uniqueness and originality again. The world became interested in authentic, natural fabrics, the era of the 50s, 30s America and other traditional things. Surfaced and the tradition of "things from my grandmother's chests».

Following Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lopez star began to try on the images of the past and flaunt on the red carpet dress made 50 years ago (in the photo, some, of course, younger).

And the designers at this time frantically recalled production technology and search for old patterns. Were created even new brands, entirely built on the "authenticity" of technology or using "outdated" design. For example, Evisu jeans and T-shirts and bags by Ed Hardy, although personally I honestly do not see anything except the desire to sell the same idea for the second time.

P.S. Strictly speaking, everything started with what contemporary stars such as Madonna, such as these here is her old costumes - now vintage.

P.P.S. Yes, I know, I read the history of fashion at night and I do not pour. ;)))


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