Regular consumption of juice increases the risk of developing diabetes

Now popular fresh juices from fruits and vegetables. Their fans claim that it strengthens the immune system and even supposedly prevents the development of cancer.
Fresh juice prepared with a juicer or blender. In the Cup is all to the last drop of precious moisture. It turns out that the concentrated juice has more nutrients than other pasteurized and bottled in packages by the industry. However, there are some disadvantages.
Experts warn that if you constantly drink juices with high Garbuz, pineapple, glikemichesky index (like pineapple or watermelon), you can earn a surge of blood sugar that increases the risk of developing diabetes. A chopped fiber, which give the juice a nice consistency, remain in the body for a few days.

You still want to drink fresh juices? Then put in them the more vegetables, less fruit and a diet. Be careful with beet juice in large quantities it dramatically strengthens the liver.
Due to the fact that some fruits and vegetables too much natural sugar and calories, the juice diet does not brings weight loss. However, due to lack of fiber you will exasperate the feeling of hunger.

Regarding the fight against cancer, scientific evidence that the juice in this business is working harder than whole foods, alas, no.
Fresh juices can be part of a healthy diet, but in moderation. They will strengthen the body and its immune system is stronger than whole fruits and vegetables. But I can't be a good medicine against some disease.
Moreover, pasteurized juices, their quality is not much different from the natural. If naturally made without disturbing the technology.

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