This drink is an excellent remedy to improve metabolism and not only

Watermelon is loved by both adults and children for the freshness, aroma, sweetness and juiciness. Eating one slice after another, many do not even think that this large berry is fraught with not only a rich taste range, but a lot of useful properties. The possibility of watermelon juice, pulp, peels and seeds are used extensively in the recipes of folk medicine and cosmetology.

Watermelon can be eaten as a separate dish, you can make it into juice, syrup and even honey. And in all of these dishes will remain a huge number of vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of watermelon juice?

The juice and pulp of watermelon contain in their composition carotene, vitamins C, PP, E, folic acid, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron and phosphorus. Properties of watermelon juice and its richness of useful substances made it very tasty folk remedy for many diseases. For example, it will be an indispensable tool in the treatment of atherosclerosis, arthritis, gout and diabetes. Regularly drinking the juice of watermelon should hypertensive patients and those suffering from pain caused by cystitis, prostatitis.

The benefits of watermelon juice does not only apply on adults but also on children's organisms. With its help it is possible to cope with diuresis, which is often observed in children. This juice is recommended to drink in diseases of the liver, kidneys, urogenital system, to accelerate the process of removing stones from the kidney, the toxins from all organs.

The watermelon juice – benefits and harms to the human body. On the one hand, it gives an increased load on the kidneys and heart, but at the same time, it strengthens the walls of blood vessels, normalizes pressure, restores the rhythm of the heart muscles after suffering strokes and heart attacks, strengthens the immune system and supplies the body with vitamins.

Fresh watermelon juice is a good remedy to improve metabolism, to restore the normal water-salt metabolism. It is ideal as a component of the diet for those who have problems with the functioning of the endocrine system. It is prescribed to prevent depression, inhibition of the processes of development of cancer, to increase resistance to stress, relieve swelling and normalize the acidity level. With it, treated for anemia, insomnia, impotence in men, muscles are strengthened and are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients.

Besides all the above, this drink is very effective in alleviating menstrual pain, with bloating in pregnant women. Frequent consumption of juice during a cold or SARS will help to quickly bring down the temperature, to wash the infection.

The juice of watermelon is used to treat many diseases ofkidney Stones can be treated with not only conventional drugs but also juice, squeezed from watermelon pulp. It is sufficient to replace the water and drink the juice of 2-2,5 l a day (that's per day, that is, to drink it it is necessary even at night), keeping equal intervals between the reception of such tasty medicine. Help this beverage and constipation and problems with the digestive system – every morning you need to drink on an empty stomach a glass of just-pressed juice. For obesity daily dose of watermelon juice should be about 1.5 liters. Indications for admission watermelon juice is prostate adenoma. In this case, you should drink up to 8 glasses of juice a day in 4 sets. The effect will already be noticeable after 2 weeks.

Sore throat and pharyngitis can be treated with four times daily as a gargle throat for 4 days. For each rinse it is necessary to wring a quarter Cup of juice. The dosage of juice in cases of anemia to three or four glasses of drink which should gradually in several passes.

Bleedingcaused by hemorrhoids, quickly stop if the to the hemorrhoidal applying washed in cold water and watermelon juice-soaked cotton swabs.

Does the watermelon juice chronic suppurative otitis media? As the main drugs the juice in this case it is better not to apply. It is well suited as a Supplement to prescribed treatment, as it helps in the short term to bring down the heat and excrete the infection.

Get rid of headaches can, if you drink 2 glasses of juice. In burn injuries of the skin you can use ice cubes of watermelon juice.

The dosage of juice with gallstones – 2/3 Cup three times a day half an hour before meals; arthritis, gout, atherosclerosis 150 ml three times a day; in jaundice, intoxication and recovery of the body after the surgery – 200 ml before meals 3-4 times a day; when ischemia is enough to drink 2 cups of watermelon juice mixed with Apple. By the way, watermelon is a good remedy for heartburn, just one glass of juice and heartburn passes.

Rules of admission of watermelon juiceto Drink this miracle drink should be small SIPS, slowly. Taking the juice should always precede a meal, as otherwise it will ferment, failing to be absorbed by the body, and cause unpleasant sensations associated with increased flatulence.

Watermelon juice a small child is useful, but the daily rate should not exceed a few drops, while adults are allowed to drink up to three liters a day. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that watermelon juice as a lure a small child under the age of one year is not recommended. Better to wait until the child's body fully adapts to adult food and his digestive system and kidneys will be able to withstand these short-term increase in the load, which causes the juice from the pulp of watermelons.

Watermelon juice is a perfect cosmetic remedyWhy not make watermelon juice for mass sale, if he so helpful? First, fresh juice retains much more vitamins, and secondly, the production of watermelon juice will require an overhaul of the entire process. Because more than 90% in the berry – water, a fragrant and sweet, which is called "the juice from the watermelon, the technology of making all the juice on an industrial scale involves the preparation of concentrated extracts that it is extremely difficult to do in the case of watermelon. And so for cosmetic purposes it is better to use freshly pressed juice.

In cosmetics it is used to moisturize and whiten skin, leveling her tone, improving elasticity and getting rid of acne. Owners of oily skin can be made masks from watermelon juice, egg yolks and sour cream, mixed with vegetable oil. The pulp from the juice and flour will help to rejuvenate sagging and wrinkled skin.

Wiping watermelon juice get rid of age spots and make skin more elastic and soft. The watermelon juice for the face is useful because combined with the alcohol it is able to deeply cleanse the skin, eliminating the problem of acne sores.

Watermelon dietJuice of watermelon, calories which only 38 calories, has found wide use in the diet. On its basis often build a diet of obese people. Of course, that watermelon will not have a beneficial effect if all the other points of the diet will be systematically violated. For the treatment of obesity requires a comprehensive approach.

Low calorie watermelon juice does not prevent him to create a feeling of satiety. This remarkable property allows without any moral discomfort to arrange fasting days. These days you can eat only watermelon, but better to drink the juice of watermelon pulp. To achieve the effect is enough to have two fasting days a week. Some resort to eating exclusively meals of watermelon pulp for three or four days, to lose weight very quickly. This is allowed, but only as a last resort.

How to make watermelon juice at home?At home, you can quickly make watermelon juice recipe is to separate the pulp from the rind, cut it in small bars and pass through the juicer. For this purpose you can use the and press. A more time consuming method is the use of a gauze cut for juicing manually. Keep the juice is not even in the fridge, so better to spend a little more time to prepare the condensed juice of watermelon (nardek).

Nardek is a so-called honey from the watermelon juice. To obtain ripe watermelon well washed and cut into quarters in the deep pelvis. Spoon selects the whole pulp, which is then rubbed through a sieve and filtered. The basin also drained highlighting in the process the juice. Next is preparing the evaporated juice of pulp of ripe watermelons by bringing it to a boil followed by filtration through cheesecloth. Percolated evaporated juice of the watermelon again put on fire and boil until a thick honey brown. Reduced watermelon juice by volume should be less than 5-6 times than the original weight of fresh juice. Store evaporated juice of ripe watermelons can be in the fridge and in the cellar, if it is hermetically sealed in cans.

Watermelon juice: harvesting the future, a recipe forFresh watermelon juice, storing it even in a few days is problematic, it is possible to prepare for the future, if you add some extra ingredients and subjecting it to heat treatment. We will explain how to prepare the juice from the watermelon – the recipe is simple: from 9 kg of pulp pressed juice, coupled with sugar (300 g) and 10g of citric acid and all this is boiled for about 5 minutes, then quickly rolled. Watermelon juice for the winter can be harvested in its pure form, and diluted Apple, cranberry or blackcurrant juice.

The juice from the watermelon can prepare for the winter

You can prepare another tasty treat – a syrup made from watermelon juice. It will require 0.7 kg of juice, 0.3 kg of sugar and lemon juice (5g). The juice of watermelon and lemon with sugar and boil on a slow fire, after complete dissolution of sugar you can remove it from the stove. If you do not like pure watermelon juice, canning can be done according to the recipes in which it is combined, for example, with melon. The juice from watermelon and melon is prepared according to the same techniques, you can cook them separately, and you can immediately connect.

The juice from the watermelon – preservation from the category of unusual dishes and drinks. Jars him a little one on the shelves. But it offers a ready-made juice from the watermelon in the winter, it will become for them a real surprise and will be recognized as a masterpiece. And there is nothing difficult to prepare watermelon juice, the recipes can be found for every taste.

The prepared watermelon juice for the winter can be before use, mix with lemon juice and crushed ice, the end result is an unusual and delicious cocktail.

Does watermelon juice mean? Yes, he, like all other foods, there are contraindications. It should not drink those, who diagnosed the pancreatitis, diabetes who have adhesions of the intestine or who suffer from stress urinary incontinence. Watermelon juice – benefits and harms for people with kidney stones. On the one hand, it helps them to get those stones, but on the other hand, he can move large stones that had not yet dissolved. Special care should be drinking this drink for lactating mothers, as it can cause colic in your baby. published





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