This drink is a natural way to lose weight and become younger

This cheap part will save you from the skin problems and excess weight. A surprisingly versatile thing – potato juice. And regardless of young or potatoes it is made from old – does not lose its magical properties.

Treatment potato juice for centuries, is practiced not only in national but also in traditional medicine: it is used for the treatment and prevention of diseases, housing (gastrointestinal tract), immunity, cleansing the body, in cosmetics and even for weight loss.


But as with any tool, potato juice has and contraindications, that is, under certain circumstances, can bring harm to the body. Find out what useful potato juice, what are the contraindications and how to cook it and drink.

In fresh fluid contains a storehouse of essential nutrients: essential plant proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins A, C, E, PP, N, B1, B2, B3, B9, B12, almost all amino acids, including irreplaceable, iron, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, copper, manganese, zinc, bromine, silicon, cobalt and others. Is it necessary for a person potassium, which is known to be not synthesized by the body.

Prepare healthy potato juice


For cooking you'll need a raw potato and a juicer. We must start to seed tubers. Take a potato with "eyes" or fresh sprouts, it has live enzymes. Tubers should be firm, without black or green spots (these areas toxic).

The fresher the vegetable the higher the nutrient content. As for potato varieties, it is assumed that the red potatoes have less pesticides and more nutrients.


The juice should be squeezed from the fruit peel, because the peel contains the most nutrients. If no juicer, the potato should be grated on a grater and squeeze the juice from the resulting pulp.

At the bottom of the glass of juice you will see a white mass is starch. He does not have much nutritional value for us, so do not use it.


Lose weight on a potato juice


Raw potato juice stimulates the digestive system, acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. He also is an alkaline product that helps to restore the pH balance in the body. About the benefits of potato juice know, those who suffer from stomach ulcers and liver diseases. They use this drink to cleanse the liver and prevent constipation.

And the slimming effect of potato juice has been noticed by many nutritionists. They use it properties to activate digestion and replenish "friendly" bacteria in the colon.


Menu weight loss:


— Drink 100-150 grams of juice every morning upon awakening and at least 30 minutes before Breakfast.

— Always drink only fresh juice, not cut in advance.

— To improve the taste quality in potato juice, add a little carrot juice or lemon. But do not add sugar or salt!

— Drink 100-150 grams of juice 30 minutes before lunch.

Repeat potato detox daily for 2 weeks. If you like the results, you can repeat this diet, but only after a week's break.


Potato juice for clean and young skin


— Start your day with a wash the potato juice. This simple ritual will reduce skin imperfections and heal wounds. It is most efficient to apply chilled potato juice on the affected areas to get clear and beautiful skin.

Potato juice treats sunburn. Apply it on the skin or on the face. To act quickly, not to mess with a juicer, and alleviate the condition of the skin with slices of raw potato.

— Potato juice get rid of the first wrinkles, it is sufficient to wipe the face with potato juice.

— Recipe for dark circles is one of the most famous. But few people know that efficiency it can be safely put in the first place. But we must act correctly – to keep the potato slices or tampons with potato juice at least 20 minutes. One of the Indian beauty bloggers wrote that this potato recipe regularly it helps dark circles that are genetic.

— Potato juice will help with the swelling – you need to massage the eyes and face with juice, lightly for 10 minutes.

— Potato juice is well whitens the skin, just wash your face with a cotton swab moistened with juice.

For exceptional radiance, try a serum: mix potato juice with lemon juice. Leave on face for at least 20 minutes. Matt the skin other ingredients: potato juice mixed with cucumber juice.

— Apply potato juice inside also improves the condition of the skin as it removes toxins, promotes hydration from the inside.

Potato juice for hair


You have a good recipe for gray hair. Potato juice rinse hair after shampoo. Juice makes gray hair darker and gives a beautiful natural Shine.

— Want to make your hair thicker and not falling out? Make a mask, based on potato juice: the juice, honey and egg white. Keep on hair for at least 2 hours.

— To use from time to time the potato juice instead of shampoo you can age or dry hair, it will make them more alive and shiny.


Potato juice for health


Unbelievable, how many diseases are treated with the participation of the potato juice!

From cancer and obesity to gout and eczema.

The use of the juice inside relieves joint pain, relieves constipation and diarrhea, reduce cholesterol and prevent heart attacks...

Try potato juice is a useful and affordable drink that strengthens health and helps maintain harmony and beauty. If boiled or fried potatoes not a diet product, the raw fruits have useful properties only!

In the presence of chronic disease should consult a doctor.


Contraindications But despite an impressive list of positive qualities, potato juice in some cases can hurt, as it has certain contraindications. That is why before treatment, you should always consult with an experienced doctor.

Contraindications to the use of potato juice:

reduced acidity (substances in the roots, reduce the acidity, and therefore can be dangerous for people with low production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach);

a severe form of diabetes;

the aggravation of pancreatitis;

thinning tooth enamel, tooth sensitivity (however, in such situations, you can drink the healing liquid through a straw). published




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