Golden number Ayurveda: ALOE— the UNIQUE properties that You did not know!

Aloe is one of the most well known plants commonly used in folk medicine.

The Egyptians called aloe the “plant of immortality” and included it among the funerary gifts at the funeral of pharaohs.

The use of scarlet is mentioned by the ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Indians.

Aloe is included in the “Golden number” of Ayurveda is the main plants used in Ayurvedic medicine are about 50 of them.

In Sanskrit aloe is called Kumari (kumari, a young girl, a virgin) for his quality of updates, especially of feminine nature.

Aloe has 4 of the 6 Ayurvedic tastes:

  • bitter,
  • astringent,
  • acute
  • sweet

Vipak (taste after digestion): sweet

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Energy: cooling

Aloe Vera juice balances all three doshas, but work best on Pitta. The powder is not recommended for wool, (except in very small doses), so how can it overly exciting. As a pure bitter aloe is used to remove AMA (toxins) from the tissues of the body, especially from blood. In the presence of AMA aloe is suitable for all the doshas, but for wool it must be applied in small quantities.

In order to cleanse aloe can be used when fasting. Strengthening Agni (digestive fire), aloe contributes to the fact that Agni burns the accumulated in the body of AMA (toxins).

Aloe is one of the most affordable and highly effective rejuvenating tonics (rasayanas), working well on the circulatory, female reproductive, digestive and excretory system. Improves metabolism, is protivolodochnyi, mascheroni, mild laxative, anti-parasitic (an integrated approach).

Aloe Vera juice is applied :

jaundice, hepatitis, enlarged liver, spleen, gall bladder disease. In these cases, the aloe juice is recommended dubblestandart and coriander. (Specialists conventional medicine in these diseases are not recommended to take aloe);

when swollen lymph nodes;

in acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis (pour the juice into the nostrils 5-8 drops at intervals of 3-5 h. (only 3 times a day);

with anemia all types of Constitution;

with all the problems on the part of the female genitalia. When menstrual cycle – ½ tsp turmeric and 1-2 tsp of aloe juice;

when cervical erosion inserted into the vagina swab soaked in aloe juice;

– aloe Vera juice is effective inside in amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menopause, dysmenorrhea and endometriosis;

for female infertility aloe Vera juice will help to prepare the body for pregnancy, women (with an integrated approach);

when leucorrhoea (leucorea) conduct douching solution from powder aloe;

candidiasis and intestinal parasites apply inside. Dry powder of aloe has a strong anti-parasitic effect in comparison with juice;

for the treatment of purulent wounds, trophic ulcers, burns, abscesses, boils, obescheniya currents eczema, psoriasis aloe Vera juice is used in the form irrigation and lotions. Also, at the same time, you can take aloe Vera juice orally (for example, for boils, additionally take aloe Vera juice, 2 tbsp 3 times a day);

when conjunctivitis, herpes, diseases of the oral cavity used rinsing, irrigation, application of diluted juice, with a solution of al powder, overlaying powder on the problem area;

–  juice improves digestion as a whole. Due to this, people with obesity lose weight (in an integrated approach to weight reduction), and lean, on the contrary, gaining weight to normal. Narushenie digestion aloe juice alone will not fix it, but in the integrated approach helps;

for constipation all types take 1-2 tsp 3 times a day. Aloe Vera juice is not only good to cope with constipation, but also moisturizes the intestinal mucosa, which is very important in such cases. The juice has a slight laxative effect, the powder possesses stronger purgative properties. A laxative effect can occur after 10-12 hours after taking aloe juice, and may not occur (in cases of severe constipation, as too weak a tool);

at diarrheas people have a Pitta Constitution (despite the laxative effect). It should be applied at the beginning of diarrhea to eliminate toxins, and after that apply astringent taste;

hemorrhoidsaloe is contraindicated in the acute stage, as it causes an abundant blood supply the vasculature of the rectum and can cause hemorrhoidal bleeding or the appearance of new varices. In a more relaxed stage can be used as a laxative, especially when the hemorrhoids Pitta type;

for arthritis and gout useful inside the aloe juice with turmeric (in addition to many procedures in these difficult to treat diseases);

at impotence especially on the background of Pitta imbalance (many sources indicate that aloe is a feminine tonic, but for men it is also effective);

in diabetes (1/2 tsp of turmeric and 2 tsp of aloe juice 2-3 times a day). The composition is particularly effective in the initial stages of the disease;

– the juice of aloe is used as antiemetic and tool protivokislotnoe in disorders of Pitta dosha. But, dried aloe Vera (powder), on the contrary, has a strong gag effect;

– compresses with aloe juice for its cooling effect relieve headaches, improve recovery of burnt skin, heal wounds, help in the absorption of bruises (but not as good as the lotions from urine), oblichaet as eczema, psoriasis.


How to take aloe?

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First, let's understand – the juice or gel? The gel is a clear jelly-like substance from the “inner gel” of the mid-lower part of the aloe leaf (meaning large leaves of aloe plants found in tropical countries, which produce a gel and juice in the industrial zoom. In the home plant is not to distinguish).

If the juice is squeezed out of the whole plant (with gel of a different quality surrounding this “Central body”, and sell it as juice, or apply natural thickeners, such concentrate of algae, in the amount of 1-2% to give juice gel structure (this is done more for customers who buy gel is better than juice, because we believe that it is more useful. Particular no evidence for this).

Drugs aloe release a different company, and the only one they know – that they were added. Therefore, when buying read the instructions on the label – it is written there average doses for the average state. On this focus.

Aloe Vera juice with turmeric or with a small amount of spices (ginger, black pepper) can be used in the absence of triphala. This should be made 2-3 tsp 2-3 times a day.

I will write only what is recommended in the best selling aloe product in North America: the average dose for secondary conditions or simply as a tonic before meals 2-3 tsp 2-3 times a day (juice), diluted in water or Apple juice. Some say that can be taken any time of the day regardless of the meal, but often, all the same, it is recommended before meals, but not tonight, supposedly can lead to bad sleep. It tips when opotrebeni commercially prepared juice.

People from different countries read the instructions selling you products aloe.

Powder is best taken in capsules, as it can easily cause vomiting. Also some when taking pure powder can catch a breath. Although many people take it diluted in water and not experience any reactions. Try and figure out an acceptable form for you.

Powder aloe it is recommended to take simultaneously with turmeric.

The juice of aloe, blended with natural sugar, reduces the strong overheating of the body at high Pitta and sun/heat stroke.

Aloe juice applied to the skin, acts as sun screen (protects from the sun).

The juice of aloe mixed with milk, lowers acidity and also recommended with sexually transmitted diseases.

If you can buy fresh aloe leaves (these are often sold in the produce departments, at least in North America), the pri constipation it is recommended to cut 3 cm of the leaf and eat on an empty stomach. The leaves of these large, hand thickness, from Mexico. If you are growing edible house plant, it will be 1-2 sheets (approx).

These fresh leaves (25-50 g) recommend starting upotrebiti 7 days before menstruation to correct their course.

Aloe Vera juice with turmeric used for rubbing the chest at cold (accumulation of mucus). At the same time you need to take inside a mixture of 1 liter of aloe juice, 1 liter of honey, 1/4 liter of ginger powder, 1/4 L. ground black pepper.

Aloe Vera juice with turmeric used for inflammation of the skin (applying to the affected places). In this mix (aloe Vera juice with turmeric) you can add the vaseline. When large skin problems it can be done at night (preparing old pillowcase, as all will be yellow). The skin can also turn yellow. At the same time you need to take 30 grams of fresh leaves or juice.

When bleeding gums, a toothache recommend applying a half-cut sheet (pulp to the affected area). Or moisten salfetki juice and make application on the gums.

When the fighting in the ears heat the aloe leaf (in warm water), squeeze the juice, instill 3 drops in each ear to reduce the pain.

With eye infections apply on the eyes a paste of fresh lisiev for 1 hour and fix it with bandage. When otsutstvie fresh leaves soak a soft cloth with juice and also apply in the specified order. After 1 hour, rinse your eyes with cold water.

Aloe is widely used in treatments for body and hair.

It is added to industrial creams, lotions, masks, body wraps. Juice/ fresh sheet you can wipe the face (it's a little blush, but after a time the redness subsides and will remain smooth fresh color). If you have particularly sensitive skin, then try diluted aloe juice and watch the reaction of the skin. By the time you calculate the aspect ratio for your skin.

To improve hair it is recommended to boil the juice/gel aloe with coconut oil, strain. Apply daily to scalp massage.

Many remember the almost obligatory plant in the homes of our grandmothers – aloe, “home doctor”. They treat burns, skin inflammation, applied to problem gums were manufactured with different mixtures according to the recipes of traditional medicine to increase hemoglobin, raise immunity (composition: al, honey, Cahors, etc.).

Now aloe Vera is rarely seen in houses, it will not fit in the interiors. And the few who will use grandma's recipes. What, in General, of course – so much has appeared in pharmacies, including aloe Vera juice production in different countries.

If seriously to approach to their health and to incorporate aloe Vera juice in your regime, a single Bush of a house plant and will last for a time. Really, it's not the size of the plant, from which you can squeeze the juice in the right volume. And not all varieties are edible. And for small needs (to be applied to burnt skin to the inflamed gums, to wipe the face of the cut sheet) this house plant might be useful.


How to make homemade juice from plants.

You should be sure that you have edible plant. There are around 300 species of aloe. 11 of them are poisonous and only 4 are used in medicine. Like the aloe that grows in most homes, edible, because I remember in their childhood – he was preparing some homemade cure for anemia, the type of ground aloe leaves (for some reason the cut was kept in the fridge), honey, wine Kagor. Many accepted and survived. But, to be sure, you need to search the Internet – whether it is edible or your plant or not.

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If you have a large enough edible aloe plant, prepared from a beverage is as follows: first you need to squeeze the juice from the plant. It's always best to use a juicer. You can mince and drain. Grater the least preferred (in the sense of broken hands, but the quality is the same as after a grinder).

Take 3 oz of gel (1 ounce = 28.3 g), i.e., about 90 g, add the same amount of water, 3 tsp salt, bring to a boil, add 1 ounce of natural sugar (not white). The prepared solution can be used in quantities 2-3 tsp 2-3 times a day.


Inside aloe Vera juice can be used in limited quantities and preferably with doctor's prescription.

It is not recommended to take aloe in any form for more than 2 months in a row, as it can greatly affect the kidneys. When taking aloe Vera it is recommended to take a break and repeat the course if necessary.

Notice the excessive influence of aloe Vera on the kidney can be a change of color of urine – it becomes dark pink. When such symptoms or stop taking or reduce the dose, and more dilute the aloe with water.

Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, uterine bleeding. Aloe not be taken by women during the menstrual cycle (bleeding can significantly worsen). Aloe strengthens Agni (digestive fire), leading to increased secretion of gastric juice (hydrochloric acid), and is not recommended for ulcer.

Doctors of conventional medicine aloe is not recommended for liver and gall bladder, kidney, bladder, cystitis, prostatitis, inflammatory processes in the organs of the digestive tract. Specialists Ayurveda say that almost all of these problems is caused by high Pictou and aloe Vera is just the best, reduces pitt, acting cooling. How to deal with these alleged contradictions – I don't know. In my personal opinion, that is closer to Ayurveda, it works better. At least there is a logical explanation. The official medicine does these prohibitions do not explain.

Aloe is not recommended for children under 12.

Remember that aloe Vera juice is allowed to take in only in diluted form, and the ratio of its quantity with the amount of boiled water used for dilution must not exceed a ratio of 1:1.

Aloe is strictly contraindicated for cancer because it is a strong tonic, a powerful natural "accelerator" of the processes occurring in the body.

Here is a good aloe plant. But it is very ambiguous. Do not believe blindly very active sellers and pushers of products aloe. They almost never talk about contraindications and rests on the fact that “This is all very helpful.” Not all! And suddenly the person has serious problems, and aloe as a strong tonic, can strengthen the process? It is better to apply aloe under average conditions, but do not hope that it will cure someone of a serious illness. So it will be safer! published 


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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