Aloe Vera for Your beauty: 11 great recipes!

Since ancient times the healing power of aloe or century plant are used in medicine and for the care of skin and hair. Now recipes with aloe Vera is very popular among fans of natural, organic and homemade cosmetics — in fact the juice of aloe have all the ingredients needed to restore, nourish and treat skin and hair of any type. Aloe juice contains large amounts of essential oils, a whole group of vitamins – A, C, E, b group, as well as about 20 different trace elements essential skin and hair.

Homemade beauty remedies aloe Vera to gently nourish and moisturize normal to dry skin, treat inflammation and soothe oily and combination skin. For Mature skin, aloe juice is used as a strong anti-aging agents, firming and elasticity of aging skin. For problem skin on the basis of aloe juice homemade cosmetic products with antiseptic quality.



On the basis of aloe juice you can also prepare homemade cosmetic products for malnourished hair and hair loss, treating dandruff and rejuvenating weak hair, accelerating hair growth.

For the preparation of caregivers you must use biostimulatory aloe juice, which is very easy to prepare at home, if You are growing aloe. For starters, do not water the plant for two weeks, and then cut off a couple of fleshy leaves from the lower part of the plant and wash them with boiled water.

After that, dry the leaves and wrap it in opaque paper and put it on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator. In the refrigerator, under the action of low temperature and darkness in the leaves of aloe formed a natural, very powerful biostimulants, which represent for us the main value of this plant. Two weeks later, the leaves are taken from the refrigerator and scroll through a meat grinder, and then squeeze through cheesecloth juice. The thus obtained biostimulatory aloe juice can be stored in dark glass container for about a week in the fridge.

Recipes for the facemask Recipe with aloe Veraas a mask with aloe for face can be used biostimulatory aloe juice, which you just wipe the face and leave for 20 minutes and then simply wash off with warm water. This mask with aloe for face suitable for any skin type.

The mask of aloe for aging and dry skin. To prepare this mask with aloe you only need to mix a spoon daily moisturizing cream with a spoon of aloe juice and add to the mixture a tablespoon of olive oil. The mask is applied with thick layer on the skin and leave to act for half an hour.

Nourishing mask with aloe juice. To prepare this mask you need to warm up for a couple of teaspoon of natural honey and connect it with a spoon of aloe juice. This mask with aloe moisturizes the skin and is suitable for any type.

Mask with aloe for acne. For preparation of masks with aloe for acne, you need a spoon of aloe juice to combine with the pulp of fresh cucumber and apply the paste on the face, leave for half an hour.

Rejuvenating mask with aloe. To prepare the mask with aloe Vera for youthful skin you need to chop half the avocado mix the puree with a spoon of aloe juice. The mask is applied a thick layer on face and leave for half an hour.

Recipes for hairFor damaged hair, you can make a mask with aloe – it is necessary to mix a spoon of aloe, honey and a spoon of castor oil and apply the mixture on your hair for 40 minutes before washing.

For dry and colored hair is prepared as a mask with aloe mixed in equal parts jojoba oil and aloe Vera juice and impregnated with mixture hair an hour before washing.

Firming mask with aloe – mix a spoonful of brandy, aloe juice, castor oil and honey, add to the mix the yolk and apply the mixture on your hair for an hour before washing.

Mask with aloe, accelerating hair growth is to mix a spoonful of castor oil, yogurt, aloe Vera juice, add half spoon oil of vitamin A and E and apply on hair one hour before washing.

Mask with aloe for hair – must be whipped to a froth in a blender with two yolks and two spoons of aloe juice, apply the mixture on hair an hour before washing, the head wrap a warm cloth.

When strong hair loss recommend the following mask – mix a spoon of aloe juice, half spoon garlic juice, tablespoons of almond oil, one spoon of decoction of burdock and liberally applied the mixture on the hair roots for 20 minutes before washing. Head wrap with foil and towel. published


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