Aloe in folk medicine

For more than two thousand years used aloe in folk medicine. The first mention of the medicinal properties of this plant date back to the times of the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. In fact since aloe Vera is an indispensable companion of man, for the physicians of all countries and peoples have used it for their own purposes. Even with the advent of advanced drugs, the role of aloe only increased.

To date, green plant is not only used to treat a range of different diseases, but is also used for the manufacture of natural cosmetics.

Of course, at this point in time, aloe fully understood, and as shown by recent studies, there are around 200 active chemical components.

• Aloe Vera in folk medicine often used to treat various skin diseases, boils, ulcers, wounds and suppuration. Just enough to chop the aloe leaves, apply them to the damaged area and secure with bandage or plaster. This method will help to quickly relieve pain, disinfect the wound and provide a healing effect. Additionally, aloe Vera is excellent helps with burns and frostbite.

• In addition to this, aloe juice can be used to strengthen hair roots and enhance their growth. In this case, you can add the juice of medicinal herbs in the shampoo when shampooing. In the case of dermatitis of the scalp, you should make compresses of aloe juice and applying it for a few hours.

• Problems with gynecological diseases can also be solved using juice of medicinal plants. In the case of infectious diseases or in case of damage of the uterus aloe Vera juice, you must enter vaginally. To this end, the tampon must soak the juice and enter into the vagina. If the woman for a long time can not conceive a child can be used douching decoction of this medicinal plant.

• Aloe Vera in folk medicine can be used for the treatment of diseases of the nose and throat. In particular, when the sinusitis is recommended to bury the nose 5-7 drops of fresh aloe juice. The procedure is unpleasant, as the juice of the plant is sufficient eater, but relief comes after a few procedures.

In diseases of the throat, traditional medicine recommends to chew a piece of aloe leaf, without the thorns of course, and then spit out. This will kill all pathogenic microbes, including the tonsils.

• Having serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, open open ulcer or duodenal ulcer, or impaired metabolism can be treated with tincture from the leaves of green plants. To prepare such a tincture you need a few leaves of aloe grind in a blender. The resulting mass, pour water in the proportions of one to five and let it settle for an hour. Then the mixture needs to boil for two minutes. Prepared with a decoction should take a teaspoon three times a day.

This description is only a small part of the diseases that this amazing plant aloe will help one hundred percent. That's why it's undemanding plant that requires only a pot with soil and watering, you can find in every third house.






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