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In 2005, I discovered metastasized cancer in the first place on my neck, the doctors said I needed surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Before the operation my wife, my friend advised me to drink the juice of carrots, she said that there is a woman who cured herself from ovarian cancer. I did not know how much juice would need to drink, I started with three pounds (1, 5 kg) of carrots a day, which makes about 3 cups of juice or cup of juice per pound.

Four months later, when I had to visit the surgeon, the radiologist told me that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed that my tumors have not grown since my first MRI (four months ago). He also said that my tumor "may even become smaller.»

Despite this, it is still insisted that treatment with my probability of survival is approximately three times higher than in those without (30% vs. 10%). I was about to lose the right to receive medical care and asked him if I could skip the surgery and just get chemotherapy and radiation. Then he went to the hospital and the medical board and talked with the surgeon who believed that I absolutely need to have surgery.

I was allowed to make only chemotherapy and radiation without surgery. I continued to drink three glasses of carrot juice a day.

After chemotherapy and radiation, lumps on my neck still remained. My tumor gradually decreased and disappeared after about about four months, after two months of chemotherapy and radiation. I was cured and stopped drinking the juice, I was not sure whether it was the effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, or carrot juice.

Shortly after I stopped drinking the juice, tiny lumps began to appear one by one in two rows on my chest. When I started again drink carrot juice, new lumps stopped appearing, and ten small lumps in my breasts have stopped growing. I continued to drink the juice, and looking for a way to get rid of them, not realizing at the time that the only carrot juice can do it, if I drink it in sufficient quantities.

The reason for my underestimation of carrot juice was that I was not in contact with the wife of a friend, who initially advised me to drink, I asked her how much I had to drink it. Also, I wanted to know if there's anything else that can control the growth of cancer cells in the breast, in addition to carrot juice.

After an unsuccessful attempt to find something else, I asked the nurse about any recommendations yet. Her advice was to go back to the hospital as soon as possible, before my pieces metastases will not go further. After going through the extreme inconvenience of daily radiation therapy with chemotherapy, as well as damaging their ability to swallow and drooling, I decided it was time to seriously approach the issue of getting rid of lumps, and I immediately increased my amount of juice drunk every morning from three to five pounds ( five cups of juice).

My visible lumps in the breast have started to decline almost immediately. I drank five glasses of carrot juice (from 2, 5 kg of carrots get about 5 cups of juice) every day, and tumor fell in the next two months, and finally disappeared altogether. I continued to drink the juice for another month or so and then stopped. A large lump, which came first, was also the last one to disappear, which means that large tumors may take more time to get rid of them than small.

Ever since I was cured of cancer. That was in 2006. I posted my story on the Internet a few months, so that people can find it for many years.

Almost every time I mention carrot juice to people, they tell me about some drugs, about which they have heard. When I had cancer, I tried many different diet drugs, as well as 18 different kinds of pills and external application of heat. 3 cups (cups) of carrot juice a day I just was not enough to reduce the swelling, 5 cups a day was enough.

If you receive something of value from this article, I hope it's something that I could not find when looking for other methods of cancer treatment. To decreased tumor 3 cups per day was sufficient. If you go to the "Gerson" clinic, they will encourage you to make you drink carrot juice as much as 13 times a day. Do not make the mistake that made ya five glasses a day, every day, in fact, really worked. Eat more juice a day will perhaps even more efficiently. But I can not tell you exactly because I have not tried to drink more.

[Chris Wark: "I drink 8 glasses of carrot juice a day»]

Three cups a day is likely to stop the growth of tumors, but this probably will not be enough to significantly reduce the tumor, based on my experience. And it's enough to turn your skin slightly orange color. If you do not like carrot juice, 3 cups a day is likely to stop the growth of your tumor, and at this time experiment with other methods, to see that they work.

5 cups is not so terrible a day, and you might even enjoy it. It remains to determine whether a cancer or metabolism of every human being to cure carrot juice. But until now, virtually nothing has been investigated.

I have not met anyone who has used a carrot for the treatment of cancer and was unhappy with the result. I know three people, I and two others that squeezed carrot £ 5 per day (approximately 2, 5 kg or 5 cups of juice) and drink the juice daily, noticed that our tumor shrinking. But if the hospital gave me a 30% chance of surviving 5 years or more even with their treatment, then this means that they are unable to cure a 2 out of 3 of their patients with symptoms that I had. The woman was in the later stages of cancer than I do.

With so much evidence that millions of lives leave due largely ineffective treatments for cancer, we need to share this information.

Doctors earn a lot of money on chemotherapy, radiation therapy and other kinds of ineffective therapies and methods of treatment of cancer. It's time again to clean house. We can begin to inform people about the problem, before they fall victim to a medical institution.

I hope that you will explore for yourself the healing power of carrot juice, when the opportunity presents itself. And I should also mention that drinking carrot juice makes sense because its other health benefits, purgation, and other sites on the network reported that carrots reduce the risk of cancer. One article states that if there is a carrot every day, it reduces the risk of cancer by 60%.

If you are ever going to have the opportunity to observe the growth of cancer in your own body either visually or with the help of a body scan, try carrot juice first. Once you determine that it can control your cancer, you can experiment with other things to see that they work possible, knowing that you can return to the carrot juice. This kind of study, and your experience will be useful for other people.

If you are a skeptic, I share your skepticism. I was very skeptical of that, before the carrot juice has proved to me.

If you doubt what I said, find someone with cancer and make juice for them, and convince yourself that it works ...

The risk of overly dramatic, I consciously avoid high risk overly cautious saying: "With millions of lives at stake»

. ANN CAMERON cure lung cancer carrot juice

On Tuesday, July 30, 2013 I had a CT scan to check for a malignant tumor in the lungs. On Thursday, August 1, 2013, I got the results:

"There is no evidence of cancer.»

From personal experience, I believe that carrots can cure cancer quickly and without chemotherapy, radiation or other dietary changes. I think it is worth trying the carrot almost everyone diagnosed with cancer, because the results appear very quickly.

Here's the story of my experience:

June 6, I had surgery for colon cancer stage 3. I refused the recommended chemotherapy and began to feel better with these days. But six months later, on 6 November, I did scan that showed a probable lung cancer.

The oncologist said that the stage 4 colon cancer metastases to the lungs crossed. Later, I learned from the surgeon that colon cancer and lung cancer has been associated with each other and independently developed.

The oncologist also noted that radiation does not help me. It recommended chemotherapy for the detention of death, but she said that chemotherapy will not cure cancer. I asked the surgeon about my life. He told me that without chemotherapy, probably only two or three years, but no more, even with chemotherapy.

I was very confused. I read everything I could find on the internet about the alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation. I already had a list of twenty or so recommended substances that do not work, those that my husband was trying to use for six months before he died of lung cancer in 2005.

I received a letter on the Internet, in California from a man Ralph Cole, he said that drinking the juice of five pounds (about 2, 5 kg of carrots or 5 cups of juice) carrot on a daily basis and eliminated small tumors of squamous cell carcinoma of the neck, and a few others on the chest . He said that the juice has helped him with various types of cancer. Ralph laid out in great detail in the description of his own experience. November 17, I started to drink the juice in an amount that Ralph recommended.

Nov. 27, positron emission tomography (PET) has confirmed the findings of computer tomography (CT): the presence of "spots", swollen lymph nodes, and two small tumors in the enlarged lymph nodes between the lungs, each about an inch long 1/4 inch diameter. According to the report the radiologist, these tumors were "inveterate sugar" and "rapidly increasing.»

Fresh carrot juice, unlike some additives that prohibit oncologists during conventional treatment, blends together with radiation or chemotherapy, but I did not want to do chemotherapy, because I was afraid of its side effects.

So I did not do any chemotherapy or radiation or other treatments, and no dietary changes, beyond the carrot consumption and continued to eat meat and cream and bring other food vices (I recommend not to eat ice cream or meat in cancer, but only I want to emphasize the fact that the carrot juice was the only change I made in my life, except for prayers and "good energy" friends).

January 7, after eight weeks on carrot juice, I had my first result of CT. She showed no cancer growth, some tumor shrinkage, and slightly enlarged lymph nodes. In just eight weeks, tumor growth stopped. The interesting thing is that Ralph Cole eight weeks of drinking carrot juice eliminate squamous cell tumors.

Over the next six months, until the end of July 2013, I went right to drink juice every day, except when I left. I used the auger juicer Omega Juicer, which made it possible to make a liter of juice out of five pounds of carrots. Because of the movement, I moved to a juicer: «The Champion Juicer», which makes about 1, 3 liters of the same amount of carrots

. Both juicers were effective. I drank the juice during the day, in the morning drank a part, and the rest put in the fridge and drink it throughout the day. Every month or so, when I traveled, I was three or four days in a row without juice.

CT at the end of March 2013 showed that there is no cancer growth, no new cancers, no enlarged lymph nodes, and further tumor shrinkage. CT July 30, 2013 showed no signs of cancer!

Swollen lymph nodes cancer returned to normal size and become stable. I told my oncologist for the first time on the treatment of cancer carrot juice. I thought that it will carefully treat with skepticism, but she said that she was sure that many natural substances are effective against cancer, but it can not recommend them because of the lack of formal research and statistical support.

I understand that medicine must comply strictly recommending chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and nothing more, because they are proven published studies, despite the fact that they cause injury or death of patients. But even if they would be interested in the treatment of patients effective methods, they are not free to recommend these substances and food raw food program.

My oncologist is recommended to do a new scan within six months, but the scan includes drinking a lot of very unpleasant taste of contrast agent. So I decided to wait a year. Meanwhile, I will keep on carrot juice, and to strive to stop eating meat and ice cream, and eat more salads.

Progress in brief:
Two weeks after the use of carrot juice, there was no improvement.
Eight weeks after the start of the use of carrot juice - the tumor stopped growing and started to shrink
. Four months after the beginning of the use of carrot juice all the lymph nodes in my lungs back to normal.
Eight months after the launch, there were no signs of cancer anywhere in my body.

I believe the person diagnosed, as I am, still with a good health can safely postpone chemotherapy for eight weeks to see how the juice will stop the growth of cancer. If carrots helps, you can continue to delay chemotherapy until carrots eventually eliminate it completely. My last CT (July 30, 2013) proves that it happened I have.

Carrots help in the treatment of squamous cell cancer of Ralph Cole. I think it probably can work against a wide range of cancers. The effective ingredient in falcarinol carrots (falkarinol), which has been proven its effectiveness against cancer in laboratory experiments with rats and mice, conducted in Denmark and the UK.

Using carrots or falcarinol, Dr Kirsten Brandt and his colleagues in the UK have slowed the growth of tumors in laboratory rats injected with carcinogens. They fed the rats and mice that people would be in proportion to the pound and half a carrot. Five glasses (approximately need 2, 3-2, 5 kg of carrots), carrot juice every day, Ralph and I did it - it is the human equivalent dose of more than three times more than what Dr. Brandt gave rats. We hope that many individuals and organizations to help fund her work, which is still trying to find a strong financial support.

Best wishes to all health and happiness!
Anne Cameron


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