Every natural product has certain medicinal properties.

The ability of ordinary vegetables and fruits of the human body to treat disease has been known to people long ago. Nowadays, there are clinics in which patients instead of drugs given just eat natural foods and people are cured.

And even cured from diseases that conventional medicine is powerless to heal. Cancer is considered a disease of people leading unhealthy lifestyle. Cancerous tumors can be stopped only by surgery, by cutting it. If the cancer will metastasize, the disease is considered incurable. But incurable only from the point of view of official medicine.

The doctors, naturopaths (so call themselves doctors treating "natural" products) are not afraid of even such a stage of the cancer when the disease has metastasized. Healing Nature's products cope with this problem joking. And former patient will live more than a dozen years after the official doctors put him on the cross. Examples of this are not unique, it is a pity that the official medicine does not wish to accept them.

Draw the experiment. Take carrots, potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, garlic, dill, will cut it all to pieces, threw it into the pot, Fill the water and will boil for some time. What happens as a result, it can be called a soup, soup or simply stew. And now the question: What are the medicinal properties have soup? Nutritional soup is, it certainly but whether he is able to cure the disease?

Since soup is made from a large number of medicinal plants, it should just be a panacea for all ills, but in practice some reason this is not noticeable. Soup does not have healing properties. The question arises: where did they all go? After all, carrots, tomatoes, etc. a lot of healing properties, these properties should theoretically pass and the final product - the soup. But in practice it happens anyway. In the process of cooking all the healing properties of fading. Why?

Yes, simply because Nature has not provided the use of fire. With the help of fire products are heated to a temperature of over a hundred degrees Celsius, the majority of micronutrients can not withstand high temperatures and are destroyed. This wealth of trace elements gives vegetables and fruits healing power. The disease occurs when cells no longer have the necessary trace them.

In our complete disease while many diets out into the world, each of which offers a person the cure of certain diseases. Most often sit on a diet to lose weight. In this regard, one might think that a raw food diet is another newfangled diet. To thousands of diets was added one more.

However, it is not. It is not quite correct to consider a raw food diet, health food, or therapy. You only realize the fact that any of the existing diets invented this or that person, and the raw food diet - a way to Power, who came up with God himself. Eating fresh raw vegetables and fruit - this divine food, and in this it differs from all the multitude of diets devised by man.

Divine diet adhere to absolutely all living beings on the planet Earth and throughout the universe. And only a man considered himself the right to invent their own diets, but none of them is able to give people the absolute health and longevity. This is done only by the divine diet - raw food

. And the last. Natural food is not so much a method of treating a disease, as a way of life in which the very concept of "disease" thing of the past.


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