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Finland - the homeland moderate, slow and thorough people. Finns appreciate the work, they know how to count money, but the love and know how to relax. Sauna for them - is sacred. In the words of the Finns are not scattered, and if we say something short and to the point.

< Website gathered favorite proverbs and sayings, which can be seen the charm of "hot Finnish guys».
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let us sit down and give a rush to pass. That's why puppies and blind, that light quickly appear. We hasten rare, and in the case - never did. No need to get up early is not. Sauna can use anyone who is able to reach it. Because of a bad head the whole body suffers. Bulls take by the horns, and the man caught on the word. Another fool in the day itself - for life. < In the world of live - that go with the quiet river Laugh at a man, not on his cap.. Individual donors will - the village will pick a nickname. Anger and hatred burned in the bath. < If wine, resin and sauna do not help, then the disease is incurable On the oil to lure guests, beer -. Friends. Without confusing the dog to bark lice. Handsome and stump when beautify. < sow field - then at least sit on the fence Pity we get for free, but still need to earn envy.. "Here we are together", - he said the grandmother as a wolf found herself in a hole. For the money and pop poplyashet. Who loves ass who the priest's wife, daughter and who Popov. < On land clever lot, when the sea disaster. In a foreign field with turnips road seems shorter. I'm not afraid of work - dare close to work even lie down to take a nap. Sauna - a pharmacy for bednyaka. Lazy rarely lucky. Do diligent happiness is different, from the lazy - one misfortune. Let me put a foot - all ass sit down. < tree with one blow of the ax will not fall down. The best bread in joy, than gold bullion in sorrow. < In each country they live in their own way.

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