Wrong post leads to the fact that God leaves man

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Very often, wrong emphases during lent lead to the fact that God leaves the fasting person with his help and he falls into a gross violation of the post.

For example, strictly prestage apostilles two and a half weeks, the man suddenly furious shout at his wife or child, or quarrel with a colleague at work.

We know the patristic formula that where there was a decline, it was preceded by pride. In the case of relapses during lent we need to consider how we alienated ourselves from God, we need to reevaluate ourselves.

It is very important to find and renew lent some internal state that we are very excited that the Church is very grateful because we get important deep spiritual gifts. Remedy to this can be the Wednesday and Friday fast days at other times of the year.

If you look in the Helmsman book, we will see that in very many canons of lent, Wednesdays and Fridays are perceived by the Church in the same way. For violation of lent, in violation of Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the year are superimposed in the same penance.

It is clear that Wednesdays and Fridays we don't have to fast as strictly as lent, but it is important to strive for a unified mood. This, which occurs in Clean Monday: is a special state when you enter the world of lent. You to much ready, want to work, have a zeal. So do you need to feel on Wednesday morning and Friday morning.

The post for those who have been in the Church during the period of neophytes God gives to man precious gifts. As the traveler lifts it high and shows a wonderful city, which you need to walk to then he knew what to look for. And then again puts it down: go through the windbreaks, ravines, thorns and shrubs. And one begins to understand how he is far from the ultimate goal.

In the first period, in the period there is a neophyte burning, of God advance, we perceive ourselves completely inadequate. God covers and we do not see the extent of his sinfulness, his fall.

Therefore, we can say that the first our posts, which we recall as the miracle that has come into our lives when we discovered spiritual experience, tremendous culture of fasting – was God's gift to us, unearned, not deserved.

Now to such a perception need to come to, and it might take a lot of time. Christianity is a school.

The first of September in the first class gave you a gift, asked nothing the first month, did the maximum rewards, and you think you are an excellent student. And then went to a real school, and with her threes and deuces — you know what we have to work.

So there is nothing wrong if we ceased to feel the "burning" felt in the first post. Now I need to work.

God is the goal of our fasting, that we may be humbled. Mark the Ascetic there are wonderful words in which he says that God gives a person grace for goodness, not for works incurred for their acquisition, and for the humility gained during these works.

So the result of the post is, if we humble ourselves, that is, see ourselves as weak, as we really are.

God has to limit us, that we can work with humility. And then, sooner or later, the perception of the post, which was in the beginning of our Church life, will return.

If during lent you can't pacify anger, or other passion... is to Despair just do not. You have to believe that God is merciful, He knows in advance that we are sinners. But He educates us, keeps to Himself, cherishes, and loves us.

Actually, the question is not that lent itself to shake. Christian has a "shake" every morning, at least. Better – several times a day. To live in God's presence. Remember the words of David: "the Lord Prizren me take thou on my right hand are less, but not podvirya". That is, David always felt God series

The post holidays and March 8, 23 February and post

– I think those of our relatives, for February 23 and March 8, it is necessary to congratulate, to show affection.

As for family celebrations – my birthday is almost always during Great lent. And of course, we celebrate them. The meaning of the holiday is not to necessarily eat meat in lent, and that a close, loving each other came together. This is a luxury holiday.

To visit?

We can imagine how hard it was to St. Seraphim to come out of the gate. But the mother of God said to him, so he walked every day, took a few dozen people.

And that's up to him, the hermit, constantly staying in prayer, in meditation on God, the people went with such pain, filth, squabbles, squabbles, passions... What is Holy to us? We and the mother of God constantly pull on some of our not so important in a global sense concerns.

But they have not disdain, listening, prayer intercede before the Lord.

We don't want to, for example, Saint Nicholas or healer Panteleimon said, "you Know, the earth's health is not important, nothing with any nonsense." And we go to the saints with all my soul, disturbing.

So do we, ordinary people, will be something to oppose to our relatives, friends that are waiting for us, excited to see? Do we cause them pain, arguing that now is post?!

Okay, no need to ring up friends and say, "something I post, invite me to have fun." It's about something else.

I repeat, the man is given the luxury of communicating with loved ones. And communicate with them without violating the Charter of the post. But if for love it is necessary to violate the Statute, you need to break it, and then repent of it. This also happens. We know such examples, including from the lives of saints, such as Saint Spyridon.

Or that's the story: St. Philaret of Moscow, not having time on Shrove Tuesday to bless the house of some nobleman, had suddenly arrived in the first week of lent. When sprinkled the house, walked into the kitchen and there prepared meat dishes: the nobleman did not expect the Saint today.

The Saint – a monk, who for several decades had not tasted meat. Standing before him was a dilemma not just to break the fast, and the whole monastic tradition (Russian monks don't eat meat), or to reproach the person and to glorify him for the whole world that here, as in the post takes.

The Saint took an unmistakable decision: it came, tasted the meat, praised the cooks and went to sprinkle on. This is a Great post! But he was able to show that love means to the person. Moreover, even just looking at his icon, it is possible to understand what he was fasting.

The post and the "media" "Media post" is very important. Please note: the first thing we ask of God first Actinia almost any service "on sysnam world", that is the world of God descending from above. Virtual space dramatically the world is destroying.

Wasting time in social networks, commentary, correspondence, dive into someone's posts (the word seems the same, but its meaning is different) internally greatly impoverishes man. Lent should move away from it. If very hard to refuse – run headlines once a day

And do not be afraid to fall out of the information space, miss something. Of news lately is very hard, and maybe post is more important to strengthen the prayer of reconciliation, because when Christians pray, they are much more active in this world than when they're worried about bad news. If we just nervous, worried, so the space nedobity got to us and beat us.

If we are unable to resist such internal devastation, being in the information space, it is better to dissociate itself from him for a while.

Moreover, I think that now so many people fell under the strongest dependence on the Internet, which can be compared to alcohol or drugs.

So try after work, not to sit in the evening in front of the screen. Maybe your teen will play less computer games? Yes, at first it will seem difficult, but it will get better and there will be other interests, more useful. For example, family conversations, family communication...

And those who simply do not eat meat and does not go to Church? Neglect, of course, should not be. Even if the person decided to keep the post, just limiting themselves in some products, it can be so unconscious step towards the God, and this is very important.

Remember, the kids were on sports training at the temple and I'm waiting for them, talking to one person. Just was a Great post. This man is very powerful, athletic, tells me "can Not live without meat. At least during lent? How long is it? Forty days and week?! You what?!"

Then I suggested to try to refrain at least Holy week. "Seven days? I'm afraid that I can not", – said the source. "But if three days," I suggested. The man thought hard and said, clearly gathering in a fist will, "I'll try".

I realized that if this powerful athlete will pomoshtitsa, it works is more than all my posts and the lean days for the year.

The Lord is not outside but on the inside looks and sometimes such attempts are much more than our share of complete fasting, where we judge the other person!

Of course, if a person asks us, we can point him to the goal post. But not that "you sin, you're wrong", but to show how much he loses without visiting such wonderful worship post. It is such a loss that nothing can fill up.

If you come just for the Easter service, then you will feel and understand less than if the visit to Holy week services, which is a real treasure. Can you tell us how you first discovered this treasure. To tell about service of the 12 Gospels, about why good Friday no Liturgy...

So those who first begin lent, I would advise you to think about what you will be able to limit myself. Maybe it is not necessary to take all the rigor of fasting, which are long-practising Christians. It is necessary to choose less heavy, but you soak the entire post.

Definitely need to discover the divine services of Great lent. At least once to be on the reading of the Penitential Canon to understand what it is like on Sundays, on weekdays, to pray in a half-empty Church during the Lenten services. Be sure to prepare for communion on Holy Thursday. published /

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