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Let's bury the hatchet and smoke the pipe mira.Navernoe, no one will argue with the fact that Native Americans have a special look at the world and man's place in it. This calm wisdom to understand that core values ​​will remain forever on earth nature and life.

Website gathered for his paleface brothers and sisters Indian statements, which reflect the whole philosophy of the distant tribes.

Inside every man is a wolf fight evil with the good. Always wins the wolf that you feed. When the last tree is cut down when the last river is poisoned when the last bird is caught - only then will you realize that money can not be eaten. Great spirit is imperfect. He has a bright side and the dark. Sometimes the dark side gives us more knowledge than light. In order to listen to yourself, you need the silent days. Love the earth. It is not you inherited your parents, she lent you at your children. Do not walk behind me - I may not lead you. Do not walk ahead of me - perhaps I do not follow you. Go there, and we will be one. We do not want churches because they will teach us to argue about God. You do not need many words to tell the truth. When a person prays one day, and then sin six days, the Great Spirit is angry, and the Evil Spirit laughs. Even a dead fish can float downstream. A good man sees good signs. Strive for wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge - is the past. Wisdom - is the future. Let my enemy is strong and scary. If I requisitions it, I will not feel shame. One "take" better than two, "I give." A good heart and a good mind - that's what it takes to be a leader. The knowledge hidden in every thing. Once peace was the library. I suffer when I think how much has been said good words and how many promises have been broken. In this world too much to say those who do not have the right to speak. You can not wake a person who is pretending to be asleep. He who is silent, knows two times more than a gossip. The child - a guest in your house: feed, learn and let go. Well spoken word better aptly thrown ax. Why did you take the power that can not take the love? Life flows from the inside out. Following this thought, you yourself will become the truth. The white man too many chiefs. Do not believe the old people, who say that the young die honorably. While not everyone learns in his soul, can not be peace between nations. If you notice that you ride on a dead horse - tears! When you were born, you cried and the world laughed. Live so that by dying, you laughed, cried and the world.

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