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The Greek people - it is not only the creator of a great civilization, the author of several wonders of the world and the founder of the Olympic Games. It is also a good friend and witty counselor for every day.

We are in the Website is constantly reread their favorite proverbs and sayings come from Greece.

A woman who does not want to knead the dough, sift the flour five days. Little by little and unripe grapes will taste honey. Camel does not see his hump. Wine and the children were telling the truth. Where there is a sea, there are pirates. < Success - this is not the place where you are now, and the way that you went through Life as a cucumber, one eats and refreshed, the other eats and gagging.. Stara chicken, but the broth is sweet. Give the patient the medication, suffering - a kind word. Look for the old doctor and the old captain. < Curiosity - the beginning of wisdom Mill needs water, not promises.. You help me, I help you and together we will climb up the mountain. If your home does not esteem, your house and your ruin. Most deaf person who does not want to hear. What is good to disappear, it's better to belly burst. Clear Sky is not afraid of lightning. < Do you want to annoy the enemy? Be always in a good mood. A wife out of the house kicks and the other has her dress sewed. Good fellow and knows another track. Big rich but there are no guilty. Even crazy retreats, seeing drunk. Do not be ashamed to sweat at work, if you took to hunting. Donkey thinks about her, and mahouts from other plans. Who suffers a lot, learned a lot. The closer to the chicken coop, the more the fox worries. < On Fasolka bag filled Do not look for happiness -. It is always within you. Veliko or how little evil - it should not be done. < Now, when eaten ox tail really leave?

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