Do I need to remove a wisdom tooth?

Wisdom teeth are usually cut in adulthood – 18-25 years old, sometimes later. The jaw bone had already formed, and the tooth have to fight my way. Besides, he has no predecessor (milk teeth), which would have prepared the ground.

The peculiar structure of wisdom teeth in humans is that the root may have the wrong florid form. If we talk about the size, third molars, usually no more than the remaining teeth.

Sometimes the doctor recommends removal. The fact that the misaligned tooth is very difficult to clean well. Due to the accumulation of plaque the person will always be at risk: may develop tooth decay, periodontitis (gum disease) or infectious diseases. If the disease is run, it can bring great harm to not only the tooth but also the gums and surrounding bone.

Wisdom tooth can be left alone if he is in the right position or require the removal of the second molar, which would have made room for the development of the third. In other cases, most dentists recommend removing the wisdom teeth as early as possible. This is due primarily to the fact that with age, the third molar is stronger sits in the hole of the gums, which can cause serious oslojnenii remove it in the future. We are talking about the complication called paresthesia, which most often occurs in adults and is characterized by numbness of the lip, chin or tongue.A situation in which the removal of wisdom teeth is necessary: wrong position of the eighth tooth; wisdom tooth is causing acute or chronic inflammation in the wisdom tooth caries and its treatment is impossible for lack of access to it; it is the cause of the change of the position of other teeth; wisdom tooth affects the neighbouring teeth.

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