10 cases of unnatural dentition

The teeth do not always grow in rtuInogda teeth can appear where they should not be. Sometimes these teeth can be very much. The following lists a number of cases completely unnatural arrangement of the teeth, and some of these cases, a truly frightening.

1. teenager removed 232 zuba

Doctors from the hospital JJ found a tooth in his mouth 232 17-year-old boy. They were removed during the operation, which lasted more than 6 hours. The dental department of the hospital decided to report this case to the Guinness Book of Records as the largest number of teeth extracted from the mouth of man. Boy, Ashik Hawaii, lives in one of the villages located in the area of ​​Amravati. About a year ago, his family noticed swelling on the boy's lower jaw, but local doctors have been unable to determine what the problem is. The family of the boy even feared that he had cancer. Then Ashik was diagnosed with "odontoma", that is a benign tumor composed of teeth. It could cause problems with eating, swallowing, and lead to ugly, but not dangerous facial edema. Because of the tumor in the jaw Ashiq doctors extracted 232 teeth. Calling it a "medical miracle", the doctors said that now the boy has a normal set of 28 teeth.

2. Doctors extracted a tooth from the nose cheloveka

Nosebleeds are common among both children and adults, but frequent nosebleeds one young man had a very unusual reason: his nose grew a tooth. 22-year-old man from Saudi Arabia, suffering from bleeding from the nose twice a month, for three years. In the end, he decided to see a doctor, who found in his nose white as ivory, bony mass, about 1 cm long. The doctor consulted dentists, and they came to the conclusion that bony mass is actually a tooth that for some reason, I grew up in the nose. After that, the tooth was removed.

3. Teen grew his teeth vampira

The Chinese boy grew two very sharp front teeth, causing him to become like a vampire. In December 2012, the mother named Wang Hui drove his son Wang Penfeya to a local hospital for examination. A boy from Chongqing Municipality after birth grew up very poor, and in his mouth there are two sharp fangs. Wang Hui tried to find out the cause of the mouth of the son of abnormal formations and visited countless doctors, but with little success to no avail. Doctors from Southwestern Hospital said that her son can do the operation, but when it becomes an adult. The cost of this operation can vary from 70,000 to 80,000 yuan, which is about $ 15,000. According to Wang Hui, her son is becoming more and more withdrawn and often fights with his classmates, who were whispering about him, or look askance at him.

4. A rare brain tumor baby appeared zubom

4-month baby of Maryland may be the first person who had the brain tumor, which turned out a tooth. For the first time doctors have suspected that something was wrong when the baby's head seemed to start to grow faster than it is typical for children his age. A brain scan revealed a tumor that contains a structure is very reminiscent of human teeth normally found in the lower jaw. The tumor was removed, and now he feels well.

5. A blind man recovers sight after implantation tooth glaz

Englishman Martin Jones was blind for a decade. However, in 2009, the year he received his sight. It happened after a very unusual medical procedure, doctors implanted him in the eye tooth fragment. It was a canine that doctors removed from his mouth Jones. At the base of the canine doctors introduced an artificial eye lens, and put the whole structure in the eye, thereby allowing the lens to grow to the desired size. More Martin's mouth was taken by a small piece of skin from which later was made a special flap with its own circulatory system. Coma, the doctors had to reduce the hole in the cornea of ​​the eye, so that it flows into the eye is less light. This procedure has helped restore sight to the six patients.

6. The dentist pulled all the teeth out of his mouth patsienta

A person suffering from autism, was left without teeth after a dentist removed from his mouth all the 32 teeth in the course of the procedure, which was to be the most common. 21-year-old Christopher Crist from Indianapolis went to the dentist to treat all three teeth, with whom he had some problems. The young man says that after the dentist gave him painkillers, there was a "misunderstanding" that led to the removal of all of his teeth.

7. The man removed a tooth from the ear, which tormented him for 3 desyatiletiy

The man from Sheffield, who for decades suffered from infections and pain in the ear, said that now all his suffering behind, because doctors finally removed a tooth from his external auditory canal. 47-year-old Steven Hirst initially complained of piercing pain in his right ear, and while still a teenager passed countless doctors who over the years have tried to find the cause of a mysterious illness incomprehensible. Steven says that the pain was sometimes so strong that made him cry. It was not until as long as the doctors from the Royal Hallamshire Hospital have found a tooth growing in his ear. Then they removed it. Doctors are still puzzled how a tooth could be in the external ear canal 47-year-old man.

8. The child was born with a 28 zubami

In 2010, the mother of many children in March Mathon shocked the residents of the county Nyanderua in Kenya, having given birth to a healthy baby boy with 28 teeth. According to Peter Mumero, local clinical officer, Martha gave birth to her son James Mwangi right at home. But once I found a surprising deviation, a mother and child were taken to a local medical facility. Now Mwangi has four years, it grows without any complications, and at the age of 8 months he has already eaten giteri (traditional dish Kenyan cuisine).

9. The surgeons found two teeth inside the eye opuholi

Nagabhushenem Siva, 23-year-old woman from India, one was very surprised, as did her doctors, when it was discovered that two fully formed tooth located directly within the tumor, which the woman was in the eye since birth. The tumor gradually increased in size over the years. When the woman's eyesight began to deteriorate, she went to the doctor. Since the treated tumor started late, she has managed to affect the optic nerve. This led to the fact that a woman permanently blind in one eye. However, surgeons removed the tumor, and during this procedure showed his teeth.

10. Fish with human zubami

Pak - a South American freshwater fish that lives in most of the rivers and tributaries of the Amazon basin, and the basin of the Orinoco River. We also know that the fish are in Papua New Guinea, but there it is bred artificially in order to help the local fishing industry. Pak is a relative of the piranha, although the eating habits of these fish are different. Piranha is exclusively carnivorous fish, while pacu fish is omnivorous and prefers vegetarian food. The difference can be seen in the structure of the teeth of these fish. Piranha teeth - sharp like a razor, while pacu teeth are straight, square, and frighteningly similar to human. Pak is not as aggressive and carnivorous as piranha, but her jaw possess crushing force. One child needed an operation after pacu bit his finger in the "Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World" in Scotland. Commenting on the incident, Matt Cain, chief zoologist of the "World of the deep sea," said: "Pak eat anything, even if it's for children wiggling fingers».

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