Bike made of cardboard

Why reinvent the wheel? Right, not necessary. Only if you make it out of something quite unexpected and for only $ 15, as Israeli Sharom Gaffney.

His bike is a convenient, environmentally safe and durable, as it is unlikely you'll want to steal.

By the way, can also ride it in the rain. Do not worry, the cardboard softens — thought of Gaffney.

Moreover, if you weigh 300 pounds, and it's pouring outside, you can surely go to the road on the bike: rain will not hurt it and it can withstand 300 feet easily.

First, the Israelite wanted to make a cardboard canoe. Very long time working on it, drew a lot of schemes, but in the end all this long work to get a project bike. Well, and that's a huge thank you, as they say.

By the way, if you already want to buy this bike, it is possible to disappoint you, because they aren't selling — yet in the presence of a single unique instance (and this, of course, Bicycle the inventor)

"I want to make your bike even better, so not sure when I'll make a batch for sale. But I think if they are willing, it will speed up the production process," said Gaffney Sharom and collects cardboard, because for the whole lot of bikes will need more than one kilogram of cardboard.

But it has been estimated by Gaffney, is the fact that to produce one bike, considering all the resources will go $ 15. But this is without taking into account the work, so don't rejoice in advance!


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