Modern anti-theft devices for bicycles

Every day technology is moving along with progress. And technology anti-theft "alarm" for the bike is not standing still — to replace the locks for 200 rubles and a self-made chains come in a unique device: control of the bike through the phone, a Bicycle with a flexible frame, anti-theft velosipedisti helmet and others. Yerka

The Yerka is a bike, rather a bike that perfectly protects itself by disconnecting its frame, which, as it were, "hugging" the pole of wood or another post.

Vanhawks Valour Bicycle is controlled via the phone

Vanhawks Valour is another bike, which impossible to steal without the desire of its owner. But in this case the secret is not in the mechanical manipulation of the vehicle, and in digital.

Vanhawks Valour – it is one of the world's first "smart" bike, and some of its functions available to the user through a smartphone. For example, with your iPhone you can chat with other riders on the system, similar to car CAR 2 CAR Communication. That is, people can find friends with the same interests or simply company for travel.

But we Vanhawks Valour is interested in the possibility of using a mobile phone to block that bike. That is, no one will be able to get the bike to start until the command is given through the smartphone of the owner.

Anti-theft bike Bendy Bicycle

Bendy Bicycle – something similar to Yerka, as it protects itself, but the mechanism is a bit different is that during the stop frame becomes soft and the bike can be folded in half or bent around the tree.

Head-Lock – anti-theft helmet

Head-Lock is a bike helmet that can fold in half and snap around the wheels of the bike. And no professional theft of bicycles will be able to unlock this vehicle.

Unlock helmet Head-Lock by entering a four digit code on it, like any other combination lock.

Bike Denny

The main part of the Denny electric bike is its handlebars. Firstly, using this design element, you can control this vehicle.

Secondly, it is in the steering wheel is the on-Board computer Denny, with which you can activate and control many innovative features of the bike. For example, the computer in automatic mode while driving shifts gears, as well as the lighting system in the dark.

Third, the handlebar Denny – is its protection against theft. You just remove this little and easy detail, and the vehicle will not budge, even with pedals. Moreover, each wheel only works in conjunction with your own bike – it is impossible to insert it into a different bike.



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