Five ways to avoid "accidental" crash

Parse 5 standard "random" accident.

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Situation 1. The danger arose from the "dead zone».
The term "dead zone" refers to the invisible area of ​​space. Obviously, if some nearby to your area of ​​the road is invisible to you, then you need to be prepared for the fact that from this "dead zone" may be someone or something to jump out or leave. But life often have to watch as drivers pass by parked the truck and do not even think about how to reduce the speed or increase the side of the interval. And suddenly from behind the truck on the road come a pedestrian?

Situation 2. Collision on departure to home.
The driver leaves a secondary road to home and passes the advantage of having a car. To do this, turn your head to the left and goes slowly, turning the steering wheel to the right. Approximately 70% of cases this maneuver fails, but on the right there is a "dead zone" (recall the driver's head turned to the left), and there may be other car - enter it simple. To prevent such an accident, you need to turn your head all the time, especially on the curvature of the road.

3. The situation of accidents due to lack of understanding of the laws of physics.
A classic case: a junction on the highway leaves the car. The driver estimates the distance to an approaching car on the main road, realizes that car is still far, and safely, slowly, enters the highway. But he did not consider that the driver moving on the main road at high speed and in a couple of seconds will close. The error is that instead of the speed estimated distance. This leads to disastrous consequences. Remember: a car moving at high speed in the distance, far more dangerous than a car that is moving close to you, but slowly. Therefore, to avoid such an accident, give walking on the main road cars more stock - even if you create a hindrance for him, at least he will see you and will have time to slow down or speed you type.

Situation 4. The reason for the accident was taxiing with one hand.
The driver of a passenger car was driving on a long road. Since the traffic situation has long been a fairly calm, he felt relaxed and was driving, supporting wheel with two fingers of one hand. Driving rounding roads, it also taxied one hand. But suddenly, in his way was the pit, which hit the front wheel of the machine. The blow wheel escaped from the hands of the driver, as he was not expecting it, could not hold the steering wheel with your fingers of one hand. As a result of uncontrollable car slid into a ditch on the side of the road.

Such situations are common. Despite the fact that the SDA in this moment is not registered, a simple logic dictates that taxiing with one hand can lead to tragedy (interrupted only allowed to change gear). In this example, this is what prevented the driver avoid accidents. If he had his hands on the steering wheel in the classic position "9-3" or "10-2" (mentally imagine the arrow on the dial of the watch), he would have been at any time mentally and physically ready for such a situation, would retain control of the machine After falling into the pit, and would go on. To understand how stress occurs when zooming in on a hole, get a friend in the passenger seat suddenly pull with all his strength behind the wheel (experiments can be carried out only in closed areas) can only hold the steering wheel with both hands.

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5. Incorrect assessment of the situation stranger speed.
The car was moving on the highway at a speed of 90 km / h (without violating the traffic rules). Front while moving the driver saw a slight curvature of the road. However, after steering the driver realized that entered a turn too quickly, I decided to play it safe and took his foot off the gas pedal. Immediately the car skidded and was thrown to the opposite side of the road.

Error - driver decided to slow down already when the wheels are turned, and the car was moving in an arc. Braking caused a redistribution of the weight of the machine with the rear wheels on the front and a weakening grip. The rate should be reduced before the turn! And if you missed, it is better not to touch the pedal - let a car rolling along an arc until it will be released on line.



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